The 187 Album

[2020, SL Entertainment]

Mister D - The 187 Album Chicano Rap

Mister D - The 187 Album Chicano Rap

01. So Clean (feat. Cold 187um, Saint, Hillside, Big Lazie)
02. Hustlers Anthem (feat. Cold 187um, Hillside, Saint, OG Ese Trouble, Chino 40)
03. Always Into Something (feat. Wicked, OG Ese Trouble, Trouble P)
04. Can't Tell Me Nothing (feat. Cold 187um, Ese Daz, Trouble P)
05. Repping The Streets (feat. Cold 187um, Trouble P, Cuete Yeska, Wicked, Og Ese Trouble)
06. Let Me Know [REMIX] (feat. Cold 187um, Trouble P, DTTX)
07. You Don't Want No Problems (feat. Cold 187um, Hillside)
08. Outlaws (feat. Hillside, Saint, Bobby Southland)
09. Sometimes (feat. Cold 187um, Trouble P, Saint, Hillside)
10. Too Gangster To Smile (feat. Clumsy Boy, Hillside)
11. Sugar Sugar (feat. OG Ese Trouble, Cold 187um)
12. I Can't Stop You (feat. Cold 187um, Trouble P)
13. Hold Me Down (feat. Cold 187um)
14. Something To Bump [REMIX] (feat. Hillside, OG Ese Trouble)
15. That Aint Me [REMIX] (feat. Kid Frost, Hillside, Malow Mac)
16. Riders Groove [REMIX] (feat. Thee Kas, Cold 187um, Frank V)

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