VA - Tha O.C Connection Project Chicano Rap

Mr. Clever released a brand new compilation called "Mr. Clever Presents... Tha O.C Connection Project". The album features a gang of artists out of the Orange County including rappers at least I haven't heard from for a while. Rappers you hear on the compilation include Mr. Clever himself, Young Drummer Boy, O-Creep, Enfamis 1, Chito Perro, Mr. Vic, Tiny Loco, Raider, Tha Kid Dream, Lonely One, Lefty, Lil Wicked, CrossxBones, Lil Chino, Sinek, Organized Cartel, Butch Cassidy and Kultura 714. Yes, Kultura 714 our forum member who also wrote some articles for our Throwbacks section. If you want to buy the LP move over to Amazon, Google Play or iTunes.

01. Tha O.C Connection (feat. Young Drummer Boy)
02. Rare Breed (feat. O-Creep)
03. All Night Long (feat. Enfamis 1, Bogo, Chito Perro)
04. Greatness (feat. Mr. Vic, Chito Perro)
05. Carteleros Way (feat. Tiny Loco, Chito Perro, Raider)
06. Charlie Sheen (feat. Chito Perro, Tha Kid Dream)
07. O.C Boogie (feat. Lonely One)
08. Fiesta En Santana (feat. Lefty)
09. Money Power Lust Fame (feat. Kultura 714, Enfamis 1)
10. Sipping On This Hennessy (feat. Lil Wicked)
11. Murda On My Mind (feat. Chito Perro, CrossxBones, Lil Chino)
12. Santana Ghetto (feat. Sinek)
13. Keep It O.G (feat. Organized Cartel, Lifestyle, Enfamis 1, Mr. Vic, Butch Cassidy)

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