Ese Saint - Tribute To The Oldies Chicano Rap

Back in 2021 did Ese Saint aka Saint Music release his 1st all oldies album "Tribute To The Oldies" through West Koast Soldiers Ent. A part 2 was released a couple of months after the original release. Both albums were only released in the streets. Fans who haven't been able to locate a copy will be happy to hear that part 1 hit the digital world earlier today. So far I was only able to locate the Spotify and the iTunes link. Compared to the physical version there are 2 songs missing, as the digital one contains 18 songs. Overall the album is packed with classic Chicano Rap and features artists such as The K.A.S, Mister D, Hillside Banger, Jasper Loco and more.

01. Tribute To The Oldies
02. After Laughter (feat. The K.A.S)
03. Boy In Love (feat. L.A Rich)
04. Carried Away
05. Cruise With Me
06. Riding (feat. Sek 1)
07. Have You Seen Her (feat. Mr. Crow)
08. Just Cant Be With Out You
09. My Imagination
10. Keep Doing My Thing (feat. J-Knuckles)
11. Love Dont Live Here
12. All It Took
13. Put Your Head On My Shoulder
14. Rock N Roll Gangsters (feat. Mister D)
15. Strong Clicka (feat. Jasper Loco)
16. How Love Hurts
17. You Did Me Wrong (feat. Hillside Banger)
18. Young Free And Single (feat. Hillside Banger)

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