Namek - No Dress Code Chicano Rap

SGV based artist Namek released his brand new album "No Dress Code" late July through Thump Records. Featured artists include Nate Dogg's son N. Hale, Y-Be, Sloan Bone, The Dove Shack's own Bo Roc, Fedie Demarco and MDotTaylor. To promote the album album released he also put out a video for the song "Change" feat. N. Hale which can be seen by clicking here. Overall it's another really dope record by Namek, an artist that deserves to be in the spotlight more. "No Dress Code" is filled with G-Funk hits from beginning to end. As usual you can get it from Amazon, Google Play or iTunes.

01. Intro (Interlude)
02. Mind Blown
03. Change (feat. N. Hale)
04. Lovely California
05. Paper Chase
06. Stay Lit (feat. Y-Be)
07. Can't Say Nothing (feat. Sloan Bone)
08. Interlude
09. Long Time Coming (feat. Bo Roc)
10. Coming Home With Me
11. Summertime In the SGV (feat. Bo Roc)
12. Eastside
13. Living In the Last Life (feat. Fedie Demarco)
14. Like It Or Not (feat. Fedie Demarco, MDotTaylor)
15. We Smoke Good (feat. MDotTaylor)
16. 24/8 (RIP Kobe)

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