Bella - Abandoned Love Chicano Rap

After giving birth to her first child is female artist Bella (The Rapper) back with a new EP called "Abandoned Love". Features include Ryan Yates and LucidStayWoke. Despite coming with 5 cuts it is interesting to note that there are only 3 full songs as "Oblivious" and "Pandoras Box" are poems. She also released a really interesting video for "Oblivious" which can be seen by clicking here. Spotify and Tidal are the places if you want to stream it the EP while Amazon and iTunes are the places in case you want to buy it.

01. Crush On You (feat. Ryan Yates)
02. Oblivious
03. I Just Need Love (feat. LucidStayWoke)
04. Pandoras Box
05. Toxic

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