VA - Southside Rider Christmas

VA - Southside Rider Christmas Chicano Rap

The final chapter in the Southside Riders saga, and quite frankly the least of my favorites, is obviously a marketing ploy by none other than Murry, aka Mexicali Slim. You ever watch something so bad it's actually quite good? Take for instance "Blood In Blood Out", the film is so cheesy but has become a cult classic. Well asi es la cosa con este disco.

At just 11 tracks and with the usual roster (actually the 805 dominated this one), we get enough holiday themed titles to entertain us for an afternoon. Monteloco's "Homicide B4 Christmas Nite" is rather good, the instrumental makes it worth it (also sampled by NWM and LSD). I've said it before and I'll say it again, dude is hella underrated and an even greater story teller, reminiscent of the way Slick Rick told "Children's Story".

The other song that stands out in this record is "Santa Never Came To The Projects" by Madogg. It's a barrio story so polarizing it's bound to leave you melancholy, imagine being a small child opening hand-me-downs for Navidad, and "instead of a Christmas tree, we had a cactus plant".

Now, at this time of the year we can't help by hear cheerful Christmas carols on the radio and at department stores, but imagine hearing some about homicide, or should I say "rap devils strapped with bow and arrows"? Lucky for us Mr. Lil One has us covered with some of the sickest flows ever laced on wax "Homicide Carols".

Again, the Little hits us with some wicked rhymes, along with his trustee sidekick the Knightowl. "It's The Little & The Owl" doesn't fit the Christmas cheer, but it's part of the seasonal holiday (Halloween) line up. Winding down the album, Monteloco counts down to welcome the new millennium, "New Year 2000" with a little Prince sample.

01. Monteloco - Homicide B4 Christmas Nite
02. Lil Blacky - Merry Sickness (Here Comes Santa Claus) (feat. Hectec)
03. E/S Pantos - Better Watch Out
04. Ferocious Squad - Mary Jane Christmas
05. Madogg - Santa Never Came To The Projects
06. Brown Intentions - Christmas In Colonia
07. Mr. Lil One - Homicide Carols
08. E/S Clique - Colonia Gettin' Ruthless
09. Spanish Fly - Christmas Blues
10. Hollow Point - Halloween's Past - It's the Little & The Owl
11. Monteloco - New Year 2000

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