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Some of you probably already started wondering about what's up with the website since there haven't been any updates since November. I didn't take a brake, I've just been focused on adding stuff to the discographies section. Over the last couple of weeks I've added a lot of stuff to it including exclusive scans you are only going to find on CalifaRap. Since I also started a discogs account I added the titles there as well, but the artwork you are only going to find here. As you know I don't promote single updates of this section on here but I started a topic in our the CalifaRap Community where I enter every single update of the discographies section.

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Ms. Sancha released new single and revealed true identity

Ms. Sancha - Baddest Bitch In The Neighborhood Chicano Rap

People that follow the official CalifaRap Instagram account as well as people that follow the official Low Profile Records Instagram account already knew that Ms. Sancha has returned to the Chicano Rap scene with her new single "Baddest Bitch In The Neighborhood" last Friday. Yesterday she also relased a video for the single and gave Tony A a visit with Royal T to get interviewed for Roadium Radio. To watch the video just click here. To watch the interview click here. It's a really interesting interview that also reveals her true identity. There have always been rumours about her being Diamonique, which finally gets adressed. If you like what you hear and see you can buy "Baddest Bitch In the Neighborhood" from iTunes or Tidal. Of course you can also stream it on Spotify. You can also be on the lookout for more new Ms. Sancha music dropping soon!

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Lil Sicko remastered his classic debut "My Neighborhood"

Lil Sicko - My Neighborhood Remastered Chicano Rap

After releasing new music by dropping his latest album "80's Baby" is Chicano Rap legend Lil Sicko back with a real classic, the remasterted version of his debut album "My Neighborhood". At a time where physical copies of some titles are harder and harder to get or only for a huge amount of money this is your chance to own this banging LP. Features include Mr. Fern, Wreck, Lil Blacky, Hectic, Pops and more. To buy "My Neighborhood" move over to Amazon or Tidal. If you ask me it was about time that this classic is finally available again, so go get it!

01. Kingpin Cholos
02. Whos That (feat. Mr. Fern)
03. Runnin From The Police (feat. Wreck)
04. 6 Shots (feat. Mr. Fern)
05. Summer Time (feat. E-Man, Lil Blacky)
06. Dream Come True (feat. Mr. Fern)
07. My Neighborhood (feat. Wreck, Mr. Fern, Danny G)
08. Bangin On the Streets (feat. Lil Blacky, Lucky, Mr. Fern)
09. Fuckin With My Business (feat. Hectic, Lil Blacky)
10. Hoo Bangin (feat. Wicked Minds)
11. For The Fuck Of It (feat. Lucky)
12. 6 Shots [REMIX] (feat. Pops)
13. Telling Me Something

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M.O.B.G Entertainment released new Misfit Soto record "Lost Angel"

Misfit Soto - Lost Angel Chicano Rap

Misfit Soto teamed up with M.O.B.G Entertainment to release his latest solo album called "Lost Angel". The LP which was released in October features Baby Bounce, Yung C, Skeem, Danger From The B, P3, Trouble P, Getel 1 and Baldacci. As usual you can buy the digital version from the known digital dealers such as Amazon, iTunes and Tidal. Music wise you can expect some dope hip hop influenced songs. In other Misfit Soto related news a new interview with him has been released on the Lets Chop It Up podcast which can be seen by clicking here.

01. Know The Name
02. 5150
03. L.A
04. Long Time (feat. Baby Bounce)
05. Roots
06. The Youngins (feat. Yung C & Skeem)
07. What You Know (feat. Danger From The B)
08. Put In Work
09. Fly Mutha (feat. Baby Bounce)
10. All Eyes On Me (feat. Baby Bounce, P3)
11. Hit A Lick (feat. Trouble P)
12. Speak No Evil
13. Done Deal (feat. Baby Bounce, Getel 1)
14. Cold Wit It (feat. Baldacci)

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Young Uno released his debut album "King Of The South..."

Young Uno - King Of The South... Chicano Rap

Young Uno, one of the Southland's most buzzing artists, released his debut album "King Of The South..." through SL Entertainment a couple of days ago. The only 2 features are Mister D and Saint. About 2 weeks ago a video for the song "Southlands Coming" hit YouTube. To watch it click here. If you like what you hear and see you can buy the physical version from the official SL Entertaiment eBay page. Since the digital version has been submitted to the distributor yesterday it's not available everywhere yet. For now you can get it from Amazon but more digital retailers will follow the next days.

01. Intro
02. Don't Push Me
03. In The City
04. Southlands Coming
05. Waiting For You
06. Wanna Freak (feat. Mister D)
07. Laugh Now, Cry Never
08. Life Is Good
09. Lay Down, Stay Down (feat. Saint)
10. Wanna Be A Gangster
11. Run A Muck
12. Addicted
13. Don't Wanna Feel Like This
14. I Miss You
15. Outro

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Introducing Echo Park artist Jo-Ski

Jo-Ski Chicano Rap

About 2 years ago I first heard about Echo Park based artist Jo-Ski who has released 2 albums so far. His 1st album "Tha Struggle" was released in 2005 and followed by his sophomore LP "Brown Phobia" in 2006. It took me some time to locate at least "Tha Struggle" on eBay but wasn't able to find "Brown Phobia" for a reasonable price. Thanks to his daughter I linked up with him on Instagram and asked him if he still sells copies of his albums. Luckily he still does, and so I was able to finally get my physical copy of the missing record. If you are interested in buying his music get at him by clicking here. He also told me that he has been featured on the Proper Dos song "Fifty Pour". Due to legal issues he went with the name Loco Joe.

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Mr. Criminal's "Soldier To A Boss" LP is out now

Mr. Criminal - Soldier To A Boss Chicano Rap

Mr. Criminal released a new album called "Soldier To A Boss" on October, 20th. Features include J. Stone, Mitchy Slick, Diablo, Sinner, Nate Dogg's son N Hale, Ralphy The Plug, G Rask, Lil Boosie, RG, Rich Rabbit, Lil Weirdo, Takeoff Lil A, Young Dopey, Conejo and Mr. X. So far videos for the title track "Soldier To A Boss" and for "Frio" have hit YouTube. Both can be seen by clicking on the respective link below. To buy the digital version you can move over to Amazon or iTunes. To buy the physical version move over to the official Crime Family Entertainment website by clicking here.

01. Soldier To A Boss
02. Gangsta Anthem (feat. J. Stone, Mitchy Slick, Diablo, Sinner)
03. Understand I'm Paud (feat. N Hale)
04. Eye Buster (feat. Ralphy The Plug)
05. 100 Packs In Foreign
06. Nobody Does It Better (feat. N Hale)
07. Forever On Sight (feat. G Rask)
08. Frio (feat. Lil Boosie, RG)
09. My Passion
10. Law Of Attraction
11. Forgiato Flow
12. Keep That Away From Me (feat. Rich Rabbit)
13. She A Freak (feat. Lil Weirdo, Takeoff Lil A)
14. Dreams Come True
15. 211 In Progress (feat. Young Dopey, Conejo)
16. Classic Sunday (feat. Mr. X)

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Spanky Loco continues to release good music

Spanky Loco - Real Loco Vol. 1 Chicano Rap

After releasing a really good album called "Loco OG" in 2018 is Spanky Loco back with some new music. This time he released a brand new album/ EP called "Real Loco". Besides Spanky Loco we are going to hear GT Garza and Seven on the record. Late October a video for the song "Attitude" hit YouTube and can be seen by clicking here. If you like what you hear and see you buy the album from Amazon or iTunes. I said it before but I say it again, over the years Spanky Loco's music has been getting better and better, "Real Loco" is no exception, so check it out!

01. Show Me
02. Drive [OG VERISON]
03. Attitude
04. Inhale
05. Zenith Wires (feat. GT Garza)
06. Monry & Yayo
07. Moon Roof (feat. Seven)
08. Thirteens

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Mr. Lil One & Mr. Shadow finally released new Tha Mistahs project

Tha Mistahs - Tha Mistahs Vol. 1 Chicano Rap

All the way back in 2003 did two of San Diego's best rappers combine to form the group The Mistahs and to release the self-titled album through Low Profile Records. 17 years later Mr. Lil One and Mr. Shadow finally released the 2nd Mistahs project called "Tha Mistahs Vol. 1". People might remember that they were supposed to release a new group album through Pimp Rollin Records which still hasn't been released despite being finished for years. To promote the new album they already released a video for the song "Statik" which be seen by clicking on the link below. Accodring to Mr. Lil One we can be on the lookout for more visuals dropping soon. As usual you can buy the album from Amazon or iTunes.

01. Statik
02. Stay True
03. Free
04. Wdgaf
05. Old Shit
06. Do You Believe It Tho
07. This Is Ours
08. Slayer
09. Shovel

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SL Entertainment released "Fear Of A Brown Planet" by Proper Dos

Proper Dos - Fear Of A Brown Planet Chicano Rap

SL Entertainment released a brand new Proper Dos aka Frank V album called "Fear Of A Brown Planet". The album consists of 14 songs and features Criz Beetz and Mister D. Not all songs are new as some of them have already been released on Frank V's independent LP "Chicano Rap's Finest". However in most cases the songs on the Frank V release haven't been the final mixes are even have different beats. A couple of weeks ago SL Entertainment put the song "Brown Pride" on their official YouTube account. If you want to listen to it click here. You can get the physical version of "Fear Of A Brown Planet" from eBay while the digital version can be bought from iTunes.

01. Big Creep (Intro)
02. Mobsters
03. Losing My Mind (feat. Criz Beetz)
04. Vato Loco (feat. Criz Beetz)
05. Firme Hina [REMIX]
06. Maybe Dedication
07. The Border Song
08. Brown Pride (feat. Mister D)
09. Hardest In Chicano Rap
10. Riding On My Enemies
11. Is This The End
12. Doctor Green
13. This Goes Out
14. That Vato Could Rap [BONUS TRACK]

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Creep Nastie reveals his untold story

Creep Nastie - My Untold Story Chicano Rap

San Jacinto based artist Creep Nastie released his debut album "My Untold Story" a little more than a month ago. The album comes after he beat a 21 to life in 2008-2010. He got sentenced for 9 years but was released in 2016. "My Untold Story" features artists such as Big Mando, Travie So Sick, Big Temps, Tattum Up and more. To promote the LP he also released a couple music videos which can all be seen by clicking on the respective link below. A mini documentary can be seen by clicking here. If you like what you hear and see you can buy the album from Amazon, Google Play or iTunes.

01. Intro - Wise Words From A Legend (R.I.P Toker)
02. The Only One
03. Losing Control
04. Angels & Demon's (feat. Big Mando, Travie So Sick)
05. Lord Help Me
06. Real Ones
07. Sweetest Thing (feat. Travie So Sick)
08. One's Before Me (feat. Big Mando, Big Temps)
09. Come From The Citty (feat. Shady 951)
10. Streets Are Calling (feat. Big Mando)
11. Grinding $$$ (feat. Big Mando, Tattum Up)
12. You Still Loved Me
13. From The Heavens Above
14. Fuck Out My Face (feat. Brownman)
15. Carnalito
16. Killed The Lil Homie
17. This Fucked Up World
18. Days Of The Past
19. Outro - Love My City

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Mr. Lil One teams up with Lil Roy for "Los Enfermos" collaboration LP

Mr. Lil One & Lil Roy - Los Enfermos Chicano Rap

After releasing his banging "Ruthless" LP is San Diego legened Mr. Lil One already back with a new record. This time he teamed up with Lil Roy aka Lucky who was born in Mexico but raised in California to bring you a collaboration project called "Los Enfermos". 2 weeks ago the duo released a video for the song "Suave" which can be seen by clicking here. As usual these days you can buy the digital version from Amazon, Google Play, iTunes and all other digital music stores. In other Lil One related news you can also be on the lookout for the long awaited next collaboration album with Mr. Shadow called "Tha Mistahs Vol. 1". It's supposed to hit dealers end of October.

01. Los Enfermos
02. La Bandera
03. Manos En El Aire
04. Mi Destino
05. SD To Jalisco
06. Suave (feat. Manny Frezko)
07. Pleito
08. Cant Be Me
09. Pendejo
10. Las Calles

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B-Raw released his debut "The Confidential Files"

B-Raw - The Confidential Files Chicano Rap

Bakersfield based artist B-Raw released his album "The Confidential Files" through Field Boyz Musik August, 28th. On the LP you are going hear features by Magic Girl, Dee Lokzta, Westfella Assassin and Kat G. On YouTube you are going to find a video for the song "Real In The Field" featuring Magic Girl and one for the song "California Way" featuring Dee Lokzta and Westfella Assassin. Both can be seen by clicking on the respective link below. If you like what you hear and see you can buy the digital version from Amazon, Google Play or iTunes.

01. Golden State
02. Roll Wit Me
03. Real In The Field (feat. Magic Girl)
04. Always Into Something
05. Ready To Roll
06. Here For Tha Taken (feat. Dee Lokzta)
07. California Way (feat. Dee Lokzta, Westfella Assassin)
08. Together (feat. Kat G)

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Slow Pain passed away at the age of 47

Slow Pain Chicano Rap

The 5th of September marks another sad day in Chicano Rap history as one of its OGs, Slow Pain, passed away at the age of 47 as reported by the Whittier Daily News. Slow Pain who leaves behind his wife and 6 children was last heard on his album "The O.G" which was released by Silent Giant Entertainment in 2008. At that time Slow Pain has already been in the rap game for more than 15 years. He started his musical journey on Street Mentality's 1992 album "The Town I Live In". After that he went on to release one of the best Chicano Rap albums ever, "The Baby OG". Anoher group he's been part of are the G'Fellas originally consisting of him, A.L.T and Nino Brown. For a couple of years Slow Pain was also running his own label Old Town Records bringing us hits by artists such as Lil Demon, Jonny U and others. During his career his music has also been featured on numerous compilations. After quiting the rap game he became a baseball coach. His latest position was at El Rancho High School, the school he attended himself. Just a couple of weeks ago he posted a video of himself on his Instagram showing him in the studio recording new music after signing another deal with Silent Giant Entertainment. Too bad he was not able to finish at least one more record. My condolonces to his family and friends. Slow Pain, your music will live with us. R.I.P, you will be missed...

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Lil Sicko released "80's Baby" LP

Lil Sicko - 80's Baby Chicano Rap

Lil Sicko is keeping himself busy working on and actually releasing new music. This time he's back with his latest LP "80's Baby" which was released August, 23rd. Features include Doll-E Girl, Mister One, Swifty Blue, Ogami, Too3, Yung Jewl$ and more. Unlike with his last albums he also promoted the LP by putting out a video for the song "I Can't Breath" which can be seen by clicking here. If you like what you hear and see you can buy the digital version of the record from the known stores such as Amazon, Google Play or iTunes. I wouldn't be surprised if this wasn't his last album for 2020...

01. From The Bottom (feat. Too3)
02. All Gas No Breaks (feat. Nocap909)
03. For My O.G'z
04. I Can't Breath
05. Came A Long Way (feat. Yung Jewl$)
06. MAke It (feat. Too3, Yung Jewl$)
07. G'z In The Hood (feat. Swifty Blue, Too3)
08. See The Difference (feat. Swifty Blue)
09. Left Behind (feat. Swifty Blue, Yung Jewl$)
10. Stay High (feat. Doeboi909)
11. Ups And The Downs (feat. Swifty Blue)
12. Been In The Game (feat. Doll-E Girl)
13. Held It Down (feat. Jung Jewl$)
14. No Matter (feat. Mister One)
15. Dangerous (feat. Ogami, Infinite Tgm)

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