CalifaRap 4.0 brings you a new look and features

After some weeks of hard work on bringing you CalifaRap 4.0, the 4th design since its birth in 2004, I'm really proud to announce that its launch is officially here. If you use your mobile phone to visit CalifaRap you will like to hear that the new design is responsive, which means that it will adjust its look according to your device. Besides the new visiuals there are also some new sections and features in place. As you can see in the menu the interviews do have their own section again just like on CalifaRap 1.0 and CalifaRap 2.0. So far we have added all interviews which have been uploaded to our YouTube channel including current audio interviews, current video interviews as well as the CalifaRap Classics. As a little goody we also added our old written interviews. Chicano Rap music videos do now have their own section as well. If you click on the "Tags" item in the menu you will see a list of all keywords which are tagged to our content. Clicking on one of the keywords will display a list of all articles which are tagged with the respective keyword. Depending on if you visit CalifaRap with your regular/ tablet computer or your mobile phone there's also a box with random tags either on the right side of the content or below. It might be that there will still be some minor changes to the design within the next few weeks such as a new logo (Teknikz, where are yout at?!) or some additional features. In the meantime I hope that you enjoy the new look and features! Your feedback is highly welcome...

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Mr. Capone-E album #8 out of 12 is out now

After releasing his July release "Just A Player" which brought you a more mainstream kind of sound is Mr. Capone-E back with his August LP "A Hi Power Story". This month's album brings you a more vintage Hi Power Entertainment sound as it features artists from the past such as Lil Tweety, Bozo and Mr. Criminal as well as artists from the current Hi Power roster including Crazy Loc, Miss Lady Pinks, Tyrant and Clumsy Beatz. There's an additional guest appearance by Maldito from the 805 Clicka who has been featured on some of the latest Mr. Capone-E releases. As usual you are able to get your digital copy from Amazon, Google Play or iTunes. So far we have no idea if there will be pressed copies or not. If you are interested into a physical copy keep checking the official Hi Power Entertainment website where you can order all the latest Mr. Capone-E CDs.

01. Hi Power (Intro)
02. Hitting Them Streets (feat. Crazy Loc)
03. Dynasty (feat. Lil Tweety, Miss Lady Pinks)
04. Sounding The Same (feat. Miss Lady Pinks, Bozo)
05. Hi Power Story Roll Call
06. Can't Stop Me
07. Hi Power Over Everything (feat. Miss Lady Pinks, Tyrant)
08. Bow Down (feat. Mr. Criminal)
09. Standing Alone
10. This The Time (feat. Bozo, Maldito)
11. They Wanna Join (feat. Clumsy Beatz)
12. What Happened
13. Hi Power (Outro)

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Download new Baby Wicked & Wicked Babyboll album "Malvadas" for free

We haven't heard any new music from Baby Wicked since the release of her last solo album "Story Telling Part 2" in 2013. A couple of days ago a new collaboration LP with Wicked Babydoll called "Malvadas" hit the internet. Back in April they released a video for the track "Loca" featuring Gatiz which can be seen by clicking here. More videos supporting the album are supposed to be released the next couple of weeks, so keep an eye open. To download "Malvadas" for free head over to Wicked Babydoll's official website In other Baby Wicked related news we are able to report that she started her own recording studio called Monroe Recording Studio near Los Angeles. To book time you can contact Baby Wicked directly through her official Facebook or through her official Instagram.

01. Borre Cassette (feat. Bibi)
02. Boy High (feat. Bibi)
03. Controlarme (feat. Bibi)
04. El Estudio Autotune
05. El Estudio Original
06. Hustler
07. Imbecil (feat. Estilo)
08. Loca (feat. Gatiz)
09. Secreto
10. Struggling
11. The Call
12. Una Noche (feat. Estilo)
13. Ye Te Olvide (feat. Mia Diamond)

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New Malow Mac album "Notorious" hits the internet

After releasing no fresh music in 2016 is Malow Mac back with his brand new album "Notorious". The LP which is distributed through M.O.B.G Entertainment features artists such as Outwest, Rigo Luna, King Lil G, Samantha (Latino) and his Legendary Mafia. Over the last couple of weeks Malow Mac already released 2 videos. The 1st video he released is for the track "To Live And Die In I.E" featuring the Legendary Mafia. If you haven't seen the video yet click here. The 2nd video he released is for the track "Unfadable" featuring Outwest. If you haven't seen the video yet click here. For now you can get the digital version of the album on Amazon and Google Play. According to Malow Mac himself pressed copies should be available next week.

01. Real Talk
02. California Murder Case
03. Do You Wanna Get High
04. Notorious Malow Mac
05. Ratchets
06. Unfadable (feat. Outwest)
07. Cruising The Streets
08. Who's Talking Beef
09. My Homie (feat. Rigo Luna, King Lil G)
10. I'm A Ryda (feat. Samantha)
11. Smooth Operator
12. Thoughts Of A General
13. Lowriders
14. To Live And Die In I.E (feat. Legendary Mafia)

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Mr. Capone-E album #7 out of 12 is out now

Today we are able to announce that Mr. Capone-E is back with his 7th release of the year called "Just A Player". The album, which brings a sound we haven't really heard from Mr. Capone-E before, features J-One, Joe, Pranxs, Jah Free, Clumsy Beatz, J-Reyez, Flash, Tucker Lives, Miss Lady Pinks, King Trip and Roach Killa. So far no video for the LP has been released yet, but as usual you should expect at least one video for the album to be out soon. If you want to buy "Just A Player" head over to Amazon, Google Play, iTunes or every other online store. As usual you can also stream the album on Spotify. In other Mr. Capone-E related news he once again teamed up with German rapper and actor Eko Fresh to bring you a new song and video which can be seen by clicking here.

01. Intro Player
02. Feel It In The Air (feat. J-One)
03. Nothing New (feat. Joe, Pranxs)
04. Knock Me Out (feat. Jah Free, Clumsy Beatz)
05. Know You Like That (feat. J-Reyez, Flash, Tucker Lives)
06. Bad Bitches
07. I Rather
08. Bitches Roll Call
09. Player For Life (feat. Miss Lady Pinks)
10. Round It Up (Clumsy Beatz)
11. Play With Them (feat. J-One, King Trip)
12. Rarri (feat. Roach Killa)
13. Player Outro
14. Bonus Player

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High Caliber Records released new Loco Negro album "Street Wise"

July 8th High Caliber Records released Loco Negro's new album "Street Wise". The LP which is mainly produced by legendary Ernie G (one half Proper Dos) features artists such as Ernie G himself, Dee The Great, Ronin Gray, Unclue Rude and Bozo. If you want to preview some of the songs from the album you can head over to Loco Negro's official Youtube account where he uploaded some songs yesterday. If you like what you hear you can get your digital copy from the known stores such as Amazon, Google Play or iTunes. If you want to preview the other tracks which are not on Youtube you can do that on Spotify. If you ask me it's really good record with some nice and classic samples so check it out!

01. Can You Feel It (feat. Ernie G)
02. Jiggawatts
03. You And I (feat. Dee The Great)
04. Lost L.A
05. Judas
06. Cold World
07. Anita Baker (feat. Ronin Gray)
08. Did It 4 Jesus
09. Tongue Of Fork (feat. Uncle Rude)
10. British Knights N Cocaine (feat. Bozo)

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"The Grind" by Doll-E Girl is out now

Yesterday Doll-Girl released her new album "The Grind" through All Day Everyday Records. Features include Seven, Juan Gambino, Baby Bounce, Cricket, Trigga Happs, Huero Snipes, Eric Tucker, Rick Rider, Lyrik and Angie B. Back in Apirl Doll-E Girl released a video for the song "All Day In The West" featuring Seven which can be seen by clicking here. As usual these days you are able to pick up your digital copy from Amazon, Google Play, iTunes or wherever digital music is sold. If you prefer a physical copy you can get it directly from Doll-E Girl's official website under I listned to the album on Spotify yesterday and let me tell you that it's definitely worth checking out. Here's the "The Grind" tracklist:

01. Welcome II The Grind
02. You Can Be A Hustler
03. All Day In The West (feat. Seven)
04. Money (feat. Juan Gambino)
05. East Side (feat. Baby Bounce)
06. The Grind
07. Stay Loyal (feat. Cricket)
08. Run Up Or Shut Up (feat. Trigga Happs, Huero Snipes)
09. Critics (feat. Eric Tucker)
10. You Don't Know Me (feat. Rick Rider, Lyrik)
11. Hold It Down (feat. Eric Tucker)
12. Rep Your City (feat. Eric Tucker)
13. Kid In Me (feat. Angie B)

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Da Rebal's "The Struggle" is out now

It's been about 3 years ago since we have last heard about Orange County based artist Da Rebal right here on CalifaRap when he released his smash hit "Ridin' On Crome" featuring Mr. Criminal. Now he's back with latest album/ mixtape called "The Struggle" which can be downloaded for free from If you want to support him you can also buy "The Struggle" from CDBaby for now by clicking here. Here's a press release that we found: "Da Rebal is a hip hop artist that expresses himself with music. He writes about what he sees thru his own eyes and tries to give his fans the best music he can make. Da Rebal was born in Orange County, California, with his originated style that he developed thru out his own career, Da Rebal is becoming known more and more every day.".

01. Make A Difference
02. The Struggle
03. Life's No Game
04. In The Cut
05. Times Change
06. Times Change [CHOPPED & SCREWED]
07. Girl
08. Summertime
09. Life Of An Ese
10. Westside Story
11. Ima Rider
12. Rollin On Big Wheels
13. Give It All
14. Brown Crowd

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Mexica Aztlan released new LP "J.A.V.I.E.R"

After releasing his EP "Born Into Poverty" for free to the internet at the beginning of 2017 is Cell Block Entertainment already back with Mexica Aztlan's next release (if you haven't heard the EP yet click here to download it). This time it's his debut album "J.A.V.I.E.R... Just A Very Intelligent Egotistical Rapper" which was released July, 4th. To promote the release they also released a video for the song "I Sold Dope To The President" a couple of days ago. If you haven't seen the video yet click here to watch it. If you like what you hear and see you can pick up the album from all digital stores including Amazon, Google Play and more. If you want preview it you can also head over to Spotify. Here's the "J.A.V.I.E.R" tracklist:

01. Intro
02. Scared To Death
03. Gangster Tale
04. I Sold Dope To The President
05. So Rough
06. Indigenous Resistance
07. Wild Wild
08. Familiar Faces
09. Fake God
10. Skanless Streets
11. Travel Through My Universe
12. Civil Disobedience
13. Life Is
14. Finally Able To Dream
15. Outro

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Mr. Lil One released new LP "Roxx With Me"

Some Chicano Rap fans are really waiting for the "Tha Mistahs II" LP, Mr. Lil One's and Mr. Shadow's 2nd collaboration album. Unfortunately we haven't heard anything about the release ever since the CEO of Pimp Rollin Records got locked up a few months ago. To bridge the time we are able to report that Mr. Lil One released a brand new album called "Roxx With Me" through Domesick Muzik and East Side Records featuring 17 all new songs on June, 30th. "Roxx With Me" features artists such as Knightowl, Estilo previously known as Mr. Sancho, Silencer and more. As usual you can get your digital copy from Amazon, Google Play and iTunes. We have no information if there will be pressed copies or not.

01. Here Comes Lil One
02. RedRum
03. Domesick
04. Freak
05. Land Of The Lost
06. Strangers In The Dark
07. Go Ahead
08. County Jail
09. Dear Roxxane
10. Feel Good Musick
11. Never Come Back
12. No No No
13. Under The Boardwalk
14. Ride By The Ocean
15. No Vas A Poder
16. Yo Vivo
17. One Day

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Chicano Rap discographies section started in the CalifaRap Community

Already a couple of weeks ago we started a new one of a kind project in our forum, the CalifaRap Community. If you ask me something which has been missing in Chicano Rap is a discography where you can find all albums that have been released ever since Chicano Rap started. To start this project we opened a special section in the CalifaRap Community and already added a couple of discographies including the ones of O.G Spanish Fly, Madogg, Cali Life Style (aka CLS), Central Coast Clique (aka Triple C), Spanish Fly, Silencer, Ese Lil Joker, Jasper Loco, Proper Dos, G'Fellas, Old Town Mafia, Nino Brown, Old Town Gangsters and many more. Each CalifaRap Community member is able to participate by posting a complete discography of an artist or by adding releases to arleady existing, but incomplete discographies. A discography is supposed to consist of each album an artist has released including the cover artwork as well as the full tracklist and features as written on the back of the CD or somewhere in the booklet. If you are not a member of the CalifaRap Community yet you can click here to register your free account. We would really like to see this project grow and to be a one of the kind source for Chicano Rap.

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Mr. Capone-E album #6 out of 12 is out now

As you know is Mr. Capone-E releasing 1 album per month this year. Earlier today he released album #6 called "California... All Eyez On Me". Featured artists include Maldito from the 805 Clicka, Pranxy, G-Wicks, Most Wanted, Vallejo Tunes, Young Egypt, Magic Girl, J-One, Al Gramz, Jay Crook, Tucker Lives and Fatal Flash. A couple of days ago he already released a video for the song "L.A.C To 805" featuring Maldito, Pranxs, G-Wicks and Most Wanted which can be seen by clicking here. Another video for the title song "All Eyez On Me" featuring Magic Girl is supposed to be out later today, so keep an eye open. You can get your digital copy from Amazon, Google Play or iTunes. Pressed copies should be available in the streets or from their official website.

01. Cali Love
02. L.A.C To 805 (feat. Maldito, Pranxs, G-Wicks, Most Wanted)
03. Going Back (feat. Vallejo Tunes)
04. I'm A Ridah (feat. Young Egypt)
05. All Eyez On Me (feat. Magic Girl)
06. Under The Sung (feat. J-One)
07. Talk About Cali
08. House Party
09. Smoke While I'm Drving (feat. Al Gramz)
10. Valley Girl (feat. Jay Crook, J-One)
11. Live 'N Die In L.A 2 (feat. Tucker Lives, Fatal Flash)
12. Love Women Like I Love Cali
13. Cali Love Outro
14. Bonus Plug

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Selo released promised 2nd album "Stay"

On Monday we brought you the news that Selo released a new album called "The Gentleman" and announced that another album called "Stay" was just about to be released. Now we can report that "Stay" actually was released on Tuesday, just one day after our update. The new LP features artists such as Sykk One, Nikki Diaz, Lil Bandit, Royal T, Bizz, Mob Fam, Criz Beetz, Meg'n, Zig Zag of NB Ridaz, Dave Biggs aka Big Dave and Phillip Lanos. As usual you can pick up your digital copy at Amazon, Google Play, iTunes and all other online stores or stream it for free over at Spotify. In other news Selo also released 2 brand new videos. The 1st video he put out is for his single "Touchin'" featuring Damon Reel. The single was originally released in 2015. To watch the video click here. The 2nd video he released is for a song which is on his compilation "Selo Presents... Late Night Requests". The song is called "Guilty" and features Phillip Lanos. To watch the video click here. There's a remix for the song on the new album "Stay".

01. One For Me (feat. Sykk One)
02. Can You (feat. Nikki Diaz)
03. Hey Lady (feat. Lil Bandit, Royal T, Bizz)
04. Stay (feat. Mob Fam, Criz Beetz)
05. Rendezvous
06. Meet Me (feat. Meg'n)
07. Come Back (feat. Zig Zag, Sykk One)
08. After (feat. Mob Fam, Dave Biggs)
09. If You Really Love Me (feat. Mob Fam, Meg'n)
10. Baby Come Back (feat. Lil Bandit, Bizz)
11. Stay [REMIX] (feat. Mob Fam, Criz Beetz)
12. Guilty [REMIX] (feat. Phillip Lanos)

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Crime Family Entertainment artist Diablo released new LP "T01200"

With Diablo's new album "T01200" Crime Family Entertainment released it's first none Mr. Criminal LP on Thursday. Features include artists such as Blackie Fontana, Blacky Montana, Mr. Shadow, Mac Lucci, Rikee West, Sick Minded Criminals and more. About 3 weeks ago they released a video for the song "From A Gang" which can be seen by clicking here. You can get your digital copy from all online stores including Amazon or Google Play. If you prefer to stream it then move over to Spotify by clicking here. Pressed copies should also be available in the streets or directly from Diablo himself as he is currently touring with Mr. Criminal's tour bus. Just keep an eye open or check his official Instagram account for locations.

01. Intro
02. Running (feat. Blackie Fontana)
03. Gangsta (feat. Blacky Montana)
04. Doowa Ditty
05. Deathrow Days (feat. Mr. Shadow, Blacky Montana, Mac Lucci)
06. Skit Solo B.M.T
07. Million Dollar Mission (feat. Blacky Montana)
08. The Takeover (feat. Rikee West, Sick Society Bams)
09. One Time (feat. Lil Ricky, Mac Lucci)
10. From A Gang
11. Ride For My Homies (feat. Sick Minded Criminals)
12. Like That (feat. Bullet On The Beat)
13. West Coast Banging (feat. Necio)
14. Im A Thug (feat. Smash G)
15. Outro Big O Lennox13

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"Mexicans Making Moves" compilation is out now

May, 8th was the official releaste date of a compilation called "Mexicans Making Moves". People that follow our social media platforms have already seen a video for the track "SD Originals" by Obnoxious featuring Chunks and LX. If you haven't seen the video yet click here. Earlier today I also stumbled across a video for the song "Regulators" by Silly Vicious which can be seen by clicking here. Overall the compilation features a huge list of artists such as Obnoxious, Royal T, Lil Grifo, Stalker Loco, Juan Carlos, Crhymes and many more. If you like the videos and songs you can get your digital copy from Google Play or iTunes. Physical copies should also be available in the streets. Here's the full "Mexicans Making Moves" feature and tracklist:

01. Obnoxious - Intro
02. Obnoxious - SD Originals (feat. Chunks, LX)
03. Obnoxious - Making Moves
04. Jodie Joe - South Bay
05. Ghost SBG - 805 On Mines (feat. Oxnard Pugz, Villain, Roudy)
06. Posterchild - Another Day
07. Chunks - Late Nite Thuggin
08. Lil Grifo - Welcome To SD (feat. Stalker Loco)
09. Silly Vicious - Regulators
10. Dmise - Bounce (feat. Rage)
11. Ricasshay - Waste No Time (feat. Obnoxious)
12. Obnoxious - Gangsters Don't Play (feat. Royal T)
13. Nando Q - In The Scope
14. Bang Thozz - Profiled (feat. YK, Talentd)
15. Milli Mike - Hard Life (feat. Jaz)
16. Cash Fraze - Only This Weekend
17. 3D - Chosen Few
18. Frank Peezy - Ain't The Same
19. Eddie B - Money On My Mind (feat. Crhymes, Bubba Tokes)
20. Juan Carlos - Here We Go Again
21. Savy D - Nothing Was The Same
22. Too Rask - Siguen Hablando (feat. Don Aero)
23. LX - Borderline (feat. Chunks)
24. Juan Carlos - Summertime Music (feat. Obnoxious)

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