[2004, Old Town Records & Thump Records]

Old Town Gangsters - L.A Blues Chicano Rap

Old Town Gangsters - L.A Blues Chicano Rap

01. Slow Pain - The 13 (feat. Sniper)
02. Weeto - California Riders (feat. Slow Pain, Lil Demon)
03. Slow Pain - Old Love (feat. Lil Demon, Sniper)
04. Weeto - Gangsterfied (feat. Lil Demon, Sniper)
05. Slow Pain - True (feat. Lil Demon, Sniper, Weeto)
06. Sniper - Let's Ride (feat. Slow Pain)
07. Slow Pain - Pimp It (feat. Sniper)
08. Slow Pain - Cold Lovin (feat. Lil Demon, Sniper, Weeto)
09. Sniper - Three Strikes (feat. Slow Pain)
10. Slow Pain - My Lady (feat. Jonny U)
11. Lil Demon - The News (feat. Slow Pain, Weeto, Sniper)

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