Brown Royal Rider

[2000 ???, Brown Royal Entertainment]

Pops - Brown Royal Rider Chicano Rap

01. Brown Royal Rider
02. You Know (feat. Lil Blacky, ODM)
03. How Ya Like It
04. Hustling For My Baby
05. Like I Want You (feat. ODM, Lil Sicko, Fingazz, Ambrosia)
06. Backseat (feat. ODM, Nino Brown)
07. Slide That Clip In
08. Turn Snitch (feat. Lil Sicko, ODM)
09. Bad Inluences (feat. Mr. Shadow, ODM)
10. You Can Run (feat. Nino Brown)
11. Haters
12. Watch What Your Saying
13. Whatcha Want Want (feat. Ambrosia, Hectic One, ODM)

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