West Coast Certified

[2009, Street Hustle Records]

SSOL - West Coast Certified Chicano Rap

SSOL - West Coast Certified Chicano Rap

01. Cali Weekend (feat. Dominator) (Production: Docc Free)
02. Eight O Five (feat. Daze) (Production: Ese Spanky)
03. Perfect Day (feat. Delux, Dominator) (Production: Sovan)
04. Good Times (feat. Sara S, Lil Vandal) (Production: Docc Free)
05. Connected (feat. Two-J) (Production: Sovan)
06. Ride For The Coast (feat. Beebz) (Production: Docc Free)
07. Party High (feat. Daze, J-Locc) (Production: Docc Free)
08. California Paradise (feat. Weeto) (Production: Sovan)
09. West Coast Certified (Production: Docc Free)
10. Where Im From (feat. Lil Vandal) (Production: G-Dogg)
11. Light Your Blunts (feat. Daze, Weeto) (Production: Docc Free)
12. Just Getting Started (feat. Sara S, Dominator) (Production: Sovan)
13. Me Make That G-Funk (Production: Docc Free)
14. 805 To The 714 (feat. Casual) (Production: Docc Free)
15. At The Club (feat. Dominator) (Production: Sovan)
16. Aint A Damn Thing Changed (feat. J-Locc) (Production: Docc Free)

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