#01 Califarap.net is proud to bring you a written interview with Mr. Capone-E for his new double disc album "Dedicated 2 The Oldies 2". So how are you doing?

Firme homeboy, doing the dam thing! Right about now keeping myself busy doing the right things staying away from the cops and shit asking me questions about some stupid shit but other than that, once again it's on! Finished my album chow!

#02 Let all the chicano rap fans out there know what they can expect from your new album.

If you like oldies you are going to love this masterpiece, if you like gangster shit you are going to love this masterpiece, if you like radio jams you are going to love this masterpiece and if you want to hate, you going to hate it more ouhh!

#03 Alot of people were really waiting on that release since they really liked part 1 and the "Stritcly To The Streets" album. What took you so long to come up with part 2?

Just waiting for me to get out of some wack ass deal that i had. Saving it for 9/11 but it didn't get finished on time so it came out 9/25 after the 2 twin towers came crumbling down with their albums (Kanye and 50). Well everyone knows i run the streets so it's time for the Capone-ster to come up after they had their drop! Oh yeah, 50 Cent you owe this Cyclonero some shit so get at me with your changed number! We didn't get to chop it up at the Interscope party, too many lames hanging around so we bounced

#04 With "Ryder Music" Mr. criminal also released a double disc album not that long ago. How did you come up with the idea of releasing a double disc set as well?

Well Criminal did it which was a great fucking idea. Much props to Crime Time. I did a 3 album disc on "Soldier Story" so we are always trying some new shit. Criminal did this album in which is selling like crazy so i kept the house burning with the same shit! We are ready to give you a 13 disc set soon! Chow! Hi- Power

#05 What about the features?

Well i got two features from one artist, the famous Latino Legend who is embraced by Latinos around the oldies the Legendary Joe Baattan. We did the song "My Cloud" which we might do a video to. It's talking about smoking that you know..... Also, "Ordinary Guy" you got to check those out. All the veteranos trip out when i play them the jams. I got homies upstate already giving me props. Also, we got Ron Ellison of the Delphonics "Didn't I Blow your Mind" and the list goes on and on on the oldies side. Also, WC of the "WestSide Connection" it was good that we did that. It seemed he had some things he wanted to let out his chest about the Ese's you know. So we called him up, put him in the Crime Lab two on two, with Crazy Toons and WC next to Me and Mr.Criminal to see if the Blacks are hating on the Ese's but we had our discussions and we let it be known who we are and we are coming up and he respected us and gave us respect. He had some issues i guess with some New West Coast fools, black rappers, that isn't giving him and Cube the respect. So it's all good WesT WesT will see later if Cube comes through and puts money behind the Ese's or what. We aren't trying to be in movies getting beat down, we hand the beat downs you feel me! So stay tuned.

#06 Who handeld the production besides Fingazz who is responsible for the 1st single "Summertime Anthem"?

Lots of producers like the homie Mr. Criminal, Fingazz, DJ Ak the next big thing coming up. Shit the list goes on 36 plus tracks!

#07 Let's talk about "Summertime Anthem" more detailed and especially the video you shot for that song.

Just an average day in the park with hynas and homies just i wanted to change it up a little. I wanted to embrace all aspects of people in L.A., Southern Califas that is why you will see a melting pot of styles, cars, people, etc... This is for everyone a summertime that everyone can relate to. Ain't nothing wrong, i love every lady asain, white, whatever clever! A dog sees no color! Bow wow !

#08 Well it seems like you really invested some money in that one. How important is it have a good quality out there?

Well shit, fuck investing i had people do that shit for me i just collected. We are doing bigger things so we expect bigger things day to day. Well also, if we make companies millions and billions of dollars we need more fucking videos and shit i have to choke the white boys until they give us ours you know.

#09 Let us know what's your favourite song from the album and especially why.

"Trippen" is one of my favorites. Listen to the lyrics, man... And some of the oldies make me want to go out and make love to a firme lady get passionate with every song on the album i can bump. Straight up Ceah!

#10 Is there anything else that you want to say at the end of the interview?

Pick up "Dedicated 2 The Oldies 2" in stores everywhere. Sept 25th in all major stores Celebration Time! Sorry my homie is tired of typing this shit and I got to get back on the streets, roll out in my new gangster convertible so catch you on the streets. Pick up the new cd all my supporters long live Hi Power. Mr.Capone-E a.k.a The Realest is going to catch you on the rebound! Everyone read this so i can teach you a little game you love this! Funk give me a call give me the feedback and what that girly gossip is so we can laugh at the haters online while i am getting mine stay up. Shout outs to Hi Power all the Good homies that are doing it everyone else can Suck My Dick! Like your sister did! Cyclones all day! SouthSide to the Fullest from now on everything i do will be legendary so take notes and do what you got to do to keep making me famous! Chow!

The Realest
Mr.Capone-E number 1 since 2001 till your death

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