Slow Pain - The Hit List Chicano Rap

After releasing his debut album and Chicano Rap classic "The Baby OG" through Thump Records it has taken Slow Pain 5 years to finally release his sophomore LP "The Hit List" through East Side Records. To be honest I don't even know if this CD should be called his "sophomore" album since most, if not all songs are also featured on his debut album or have been released elsewhere 1st. Features include Lil Blacky, ODM, Cisco aka Don Cisco, Nino Brown, Mr. Gee from the group Lawless, Frost, ALT, JV and Rocky Padilla. When it comes to the production you hear beats by ODM, Lil' Slim With The Brim, Carlo Zanella, Tony G, Frost, Julio G, ALT and Rocky Padilla.

The album starts with "Lex's & Hoes" featuring Lil Blacky and ODM. In my opinion it's a really good song to start the album with. From the vibe this cut could have also been featured on Slow Pain's debut album. The reason for that is the production by ODM who has also produced almost the half of "The Baby OG". The CD continues with "Baby OG" which is probably the best song he has ever released. The beat is banging, the raps are flowing and the chorus by Diane Gordon is catchy. The track, which was again produced by ODM, contains elements of Rick James' "Dance With Me". Whenever I hear this cut I have to put it on repeat at least once. "Saturday Night Ballin" is another showcase of the quality sound Slow Pain can come up with. The production was handeled by Carlo Zanella. "Rollers Only (Latin Rollers)" is a really nice track to listen to while cruising Whittier Blvd in your lowrider. After that the album continues with another Slow Pain classic called "Slow Pain Baby". I really like the beat by ODM. Talking about dope beats ODM brings you just that with "Wicked Ass Funk" coupled with some dope raps by Slow Pain. After "Shot Callers (Hustlers Ballers)" "Bump That Ass" is already the 2nd track on the album that year Slow Pain and Frost together on. To me they are a dope combination on the mic. To bad they've never released an album together. The last song I like to mention is "Money Maid", a really nice remake of "Could It Be I'm Falling In Love" by The Spinners.

Earlier I mentioned that most of the songs on this record have been released before. When it comes to "Lex's & Hoes" I'm not sure if the Slow Pain or if the Lil Blacky album "Big Ballin", where the track is also featured on, has been released 1st as both were put out in 2000. "Baby OG", "Saturday Night Ballin", "Slow Pain Baby", "Wicked Ass Funk" and "Money Maid" are also featured on Slow Pain's debut album "The Baby OG". "Hustlin Aint Dead" and "Rollers Only (Latin Rollers)" have already been released on a single by Thump Records in 1999. "Bump That Ass" and "One Night" are already featured on the Thump Records compilation "Lowrider Videosoundtrack 7" which was released in 1994. On there "Bump That Ass" is listed as a Kid Frost song while "One Night Stand" is listed as a JV song. According to my information "Homies", Just A Playa" and "Shot Callers (Hustlers Ballers)" are new songs. Overall "The Hit List" is still a dope album which shouldn't be missing in your collection, especially if you don't own "The Baby OG" and some of the other Thump Records releases the songs have been released 1st.

01. Lex's & Hoes (feat. Lil Blacky, ODM)
02. Baby OG
03. Homies
04. Saturday Night Ballin
05. Rollers Only (Latin Rollers) (feat. ODM)
06. Slow Pain Baby
07. Hustlin Aint Dead (feat. Cisco)
08. Just A Playa (feat. Nino Brown)
09. Shot Callers (Hustlers Ballers) (feat. Mr. Gee, Frost)
10. Wicked Ass Funk
11. Bump Dat Ass (feat. ALT, JV, Frost, Rocky Padilla)
12. Money Maid
13. One Night Stand (feat. JV, ALT)

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