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MC Peps is "Blessed"

Latest 17-09-2023 By Funkadelic

MC Peps - Blessed Chicano Rap

Like promised MC Peps is already back with his 2nd single after his return called "Blessed". The song which features Becca J singing the chorus can be streamed on Spotify and bought from Amazon, iTunes and all other digital music stores. If you ask me it's another banger by Peps. A video which was shot ... Read more

Lil Rob finally released new music for y …

Latest 13-09-2023 By Funkadelic

Lil Rob - Too Much Chicano Rap

Mr. Chicano Rap aka Lil Rob is finally back with fresh music as he released a new single called "Too Much" a couple of days ago. The last couple of years Rob was touring but hasn't really released any music for some time. The Fingazz produced song finally marks his long awaited return to the microphone. As usual you can stream ... Read more

Check out the "American Dream" by Chino …

Latest 09-09-2023 By Funkadelic

Chino Grande - American Dream Chicano Rap

At the end of 2022 Chino Grande released a single called "Let Me" and now he's back with some more fresh music. The new cut which is called "American Dream" was released by Urban Kings Music Group on August, 22nd. Spotify and Tidal provide the stream while Amazon and iTunes provide the download ... Read more

Mister One teams up with Royal T on new …

Latest 08-09-2023 By Funkadelic

Mister One - They Trying Chicano Rap

End of August Chicano Rap legend Mister One released a brand new single called "They Tryin" featuring none other than the CEO of Low Profile Records, Royal T, on the hook. I can only take a guess but I wouldn't be surprised if that song was recorded at the time Mister One was working with Low Profile Records under the name ... Read more

Mr. Criminal states that "Tortas Need Lo …

Latest 08-09-2023 By Funkadelic

Mr. Criminal - Tortas Need Love Too Chicano Rap

August, 26th Mr. Criminal released his latest single "Tortas Need Love Too" featuring Suave Chicos. The video for the song can be found by clicking here. If you like what you hear and see you can buy it from Amazon or iTunes. Of course you can also stream it on Spotify . The other ... Read more

Lighter Shade Of Brown's newest hit "Sun …

Latest 07-09-2023 By Funkadelic

Lighter Shade Of Brown - Sunsets Chicano Rap

Lighter Shade Of Brown is back with a new single called "Sunsets". As ODM says in the beginning of the song they are giving us "... that classic, timeless Lighter Shade. The culture wants it, so it's time to give it to 'em.". To stream the audio move over to Spotify or Tidal . To buy ... Read more

MC Peps released 1st new audio after his …

Latest 06-09-2023 By Funkadelic

MC Peps - It's A Matter Of Pride 2

In July we reported that MC Peps is going to release his first solo album in 2024, more than 30 years after the release of Brown Pride's "Livin' In The Barrio" LP. Since then he decided that he will release a couple of singles before the album will see the light of the day. The first single "It's A Matter Or ... Read more

Mister D returned with 2nd single of the …

Latest 05-09-2023 By Funkadelic

Mister D - I've Been Waiting Chicano Rap

Earlier this year Mister D released his single "Round & Round" featuring Cold 187um aka Big Hutch and Ese Saint to which he also released a video which can be seen by clicking here . A couple of days ago D released his 2nd single of the year called "I've Been Waiting". The song features and is produced by Criz ... Read more

The Aztec Tribe is finally "Back In Tha …

Latest 04-08-2023 By Funkadelic

Aztec Tribe - Back In Tha Zone Chicano Rap

20 years after releasing their last studio album "What If?" is the legendary San Dieso based Chicano Rap group Aztec Tribe back with a brand new LP called "Back In Tha Zone". The title is a homage to their debut album "Straight From Tha Zone" which was released back in the mid 90's. "Back In Tha Zone" which was put out ... Read more

With "Vato Loko" Mr. Lil One released a …

Latest 29-07-2023 By Funkadelic

Mr. Lil One - Vato Loko Chicano Rap

Mr. Lil One just released a brand new single called "Vato Loko", and what a single that is, from the sound a true West Coast anthem. The song features another S.D legend with Mr. Shadow, with Kokane the man that has sang the most hooks in Gangster Rap and Finis. A video was also released and can be seen by ... Read more

"The Reset" was released earlier today a …

Latest 28-07-2023 By Funkadelic

Conejo - The Reset Chicano Rap

There it is, Conejo's new album "The Reset". Features include Lana Parrilla, Rachel Hale, Love Ghost, Prayer, Tedious, B-Real and Nadia Younes. If you ask me the album is nothing but heat. I've already listened to it 4 times and need to say there is no reason to skip just one track. The promised "Young God" video will be out later ... Read more

"Abandoned Love" EP by Bella is out now …

Latest 27-07-2023 By Funkadelic

Bella - Abandoned Love Chicano Rap

After giving birth to her first child is female artist Bella (The Rapper) back with a new EP called "Abandoned Love". Features include Ryan Yates and LucidStayWoke. Despite coming with 5 cuts it is interesting to note that there are only 3 full songs as "Oblivious" and "Pandoras Box" are poems. She also released a really interesting video for "Oblivious" which ... Read more

Conejo released one more single for upco …

Latest 27-07-2023 By Funkadelic

Conejo - Young God Chicano Rap

Tomorrow will be the day where Conejo's long awaited new solo album "The Reset" will see the light of the day. Earlier this week he released one more single called "Young God" featuring Lana Parrilla and Rachel Hale. A video for the song is supposed to hit YouTuve tomorrow. Spotify and Tidal provide the stream while you ... Read more

MC Peps from legendary group Brown Pride …

Latest 25-07-2023 By Funkadelic

MC Peps Chicano Rap

All the way back in 1993 did Brown Pride release their classic debut album "Livin' In The Barrio" through Familia Records. To my knowledge they were supposed to release a 2nd album through Murry Brumfield's label but at the end only a few copies hit their hood, Wilmington. 30 years after "Livin' In The Barrio" MC Peps aka MC Pep, the ... Read more

Sawed Off Records is back with some fres …

Latest 18-07-2023 By Funkadelic

Lady Sawed Off - Cruising Chicano Rap

That's right ladies and gentlemen, Sawed Off Records, the label founded by non other than Chicano Rap legend Knightowl (R.I.P), released a new single by Lady Sawed Off called "Cruising". The song features fellow female MC 2DNK from San Diego and J Dubb. To stream it move over to Spotify . If you prefer to buy the audio you can ... Read more

Weeto lets us know that he's "doing that …

Latest 17-07-2023 By Funkadelic

Weeto - I Do That Shit Chicano Rap

After missing the releases of 3 singles since our last update about Weeto I'm finally back on track to let you know that his new drop "I Do That Shit" is available now. Like for most of his latest songs K-Rider was involved as well. Spotify as well as Tidal are the places for the stream while ... Read more

Seven keeps on releasing heat

Latest 17-07-2023 By Funkadelic

Sevens Muzik - I'm A Foo Chicano Rap

Last month did Seven release 2 banging singles, this month he was busy working on some more new music and other stuff over here in Europe. Now that he's back in L.A he released another single called "I'm A Foo" which features Kable The Don. If you want stream it then move over to Spotify or Tidal ... Read more

Fillmore artists unite for new song "F T …

Latest 16-07-2023 By Funkadelic

Synz One - F Town Chicano Rap

Synz One, who has been on my radar since the release of his debut album "Summer Madness" back in 2020, teamed up with Street Hustle Records artists SSOL (Smooth Stylez Of Life) and Lil Vandal. Since all artist rep Fillmore it's no surprise that the single they released is called "F Town". You can stream it on Spotify or ... Read more

Crazy Boy released some heat for the sum …

Latest 16-07-2023 By Funkadelic

Crazy Boy - Come Roll With Us Chicano Rap

805 veterean Crazy Boy released his latest single "Come Roll With Us" through his own label Blue Reign Music a couple of days ago. The song which is something to cruise to during the summer season features Triple C's Dominator as well as El Gran. The production was handeled by Bako L and RTN. Spotify or Tidal ... Read more

Conejo keeps on releasing new music from …

Latest 24-06-2023 By Funkadelic

Conejo - Villain Chicano Rap

Don't forget that Conejo's upcoming and highly anticipated album "The Reset" is set to be released next month. After "Hometown" and "Shootaz" he just released another single from the LP called "Villain". The song which includes rock elements can be streamed on Spotify or Tidal . In case you want to buy the single you can move over ... Read more

Music videos

Aztec Tribe - Back In Tha Zone

Videos 20-09-2023 By Funkadelic

MC Peps - It's A Matter O…

Videos 10-09-2023 By Funkadelic

Eternal feat. Chris Gee - Stil…

Videos 07-09-2023 By Funkadelic

Lighter Shade Of Brown - Sunse…

Videos 07-09-2023 By Funkadelic

Slinks feat. Sevens Muzik - Go…

Videos 06-09-2023 By Funkadelic

Mr. Criminal feat. Suave Chico…

Videos 05-09-2023 By Funkadelic

J.Me - This Is Magic

Videos 05-09-2023 By Funkadelic

Lil Grifo - Let Me Ride

Videos 28-08-2023 By Funkadelic

Lady Sawed Off feat. 2DNK …

Videos 26-08-2023 By Funkadelic


Mr. Shadow - Till I Die

Throwbacks 02-09-2018 By 2xDope

Mr. Shadow - Till I Die Chicano Rap

No one can deny that Mr. Shadow was one of the best voices in Chicano Rap. He dropped a classic anthem for the 619 when he came stomping through the underground with his biggest and most unforgettable song, "Till I Die". While I strongly adhere to the notion that his sophomore album is better than his debut, I must admit... Read more

VA - Southside Riders Volume 3

Throwbacks 17-11-2017 By 2xDope

VA - Southside Riders Volume 3 Chicano Rap

By far the most enjoyable volume in the entire saga, in my opinion. When compared to other installments, this sounded the most well put together and most polished in terms of production quality. The album art was my favorite among the 7 volumes, worthy of being framed. I hold this album to a high standard and am very fond it... Read more

Mr. Lil One - Once In A Decade

Throwbacks 24-04-2018 By 2xDope

Mr. Lil One - Once In A Decade Chicano Rap

The king of horror-core Chicano Rap, the Lyrical beast from the Southeast, the Lil' O-N-E from the big G.H.P, a man who carries a big name but needs no introduction... Mr. Lil One. If you don't understand the first sentence, let me break it down in laymen terms: horror-core is a genre best attributed to the likes of Brotha Lynch... Read more

VA - Brown & Proud Vol. 1

Throwbacks 23-05-2020 By 2xDope

VA - Brown & Proud Vol. 1 Chicano Rap

I want to start this off by saying "thank you" to Amazon for fucking up on my order. Thanks to their logistic error, I got the album for free. Now, long ago, in my quest for Chicano Rap, I randomly came across the Aztec Tribe. I remember I first I heard "Commin' In Stalkin'" from their 1996 album and the... Read more

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