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Chitty Cobain worked with NillaBeats for …

Latest 16-07-2024 By Funkadelic

Chitty Cobain - California Backdrop Chicano Rap

For his latest single "California Backdrop" did Chitty Cobain work with producer NillaBeats. If you ask me they released a real banger with this really smooth cut, the typical sound you can expect from Chitty Cobain. If you want to stream it move over to Spotify or Tidal . To buy the song mover over to ... Read more

YBe released new album "Pemex" including …

Latest 12-07-2024 By Funkadelic

YBe - Pemex Chicano Rap

Exactly 2 weeks ago did YBe release his latest solo album "Pemex". The LP comes with features from artsits such as G Perico, Fingazz, Rich G and more. The videos for "What Would You Do" and "Real Ones" can be watched by clicking on the links below. If you like what you hear and see you can stream the album over ... Read more

Lil Rob keeps on bringing nothing but cl …

Latest 09-07-2024 By Funkadelic

Lil Rob - Keep On Chicano Rap

In November did Mr. Chicano Rap Lil Rob release his latest studio album "All To The Bueno". Now he's back with a brand new single called "Keep On". The Fingazz produced cut is best described by Rob himself when he raps: " i take an oldie and loop it/ then add some base to that bitch/ than add a snare and ... Read more

Sal Capone is back in the game with rele …

Latest 08-07-2024 By Funkadelic

Sal Capone - Let It Ride Chicano Rap

July 4th, also my birthday, marks the return of Sal Capone, about 20 years after he dropped his only album "Gangsters Only" on Hellafyde Records. People that follow him on Instagram already knew that he's been working on new music from the material he posted on there. With the release of his single "Let It Ride" featuring Baby Bounce ... Read more

Mister D's latest single "Cali Girls" co …

Latest 21-06-2024 By Funkadelic

Mister D - Cali Girls Chicano Rap

Mister D is back with the 2nd single of his upcoming album and what a song that is! The track is called "Cali Girls" and features Criz Beetz, up and coming artist D Romeo and Royal T. Yes, Royal T the owner of Low Profile Records, the same person and label Southland was heavily beefing with back in the days. In ... Read more

Brown Boy released 8 new singles over th …

Latest 15-06-2024 By Funkadelic

Brown Boy Chicano Rap

April, 26th marks the return Chicano Rap legend Browny Boy aka "Mr. Superman". That day he released a brand new single called "Cruzzin Ain't A Crime". In total he has released 8 new songs with the latest "Mexican Funk" hitting the net yesterday. Besides new music he also dropped some visuals for 5 of the sonsg which can all be seen ... Read more

"Silence Is Golden" physical copies are …

Latest 10-06-2024 By Funkadelic

Knightmare - Silence Is Goden Chicano Rap

All the way back in 2021 did Kngithmare release an album called "Silence Is Golden". After disappearing from digital streaming services as well as digital stores for a while it was re-released last year. A couple of videos hit YouTube and were also posted in our Videos section. Last week Knightmare announced that he's now selling digital copies which ... Read more

Eternal is still on a "Old Skool Trip" …

Latest 02-06-2024 By Funkadelic

Eternal - Old Skool Trip Chicano Rap

SGV based artist Eternal released his latest single "Old Skool Trip" May, 30th. The song which is produced by Nano brings you, as you can expect with that title, a funky tune inspired by the typical Santa Ana/ OC Funk. Spotify and Tidal provide the stream while you can also buy the audio over at ... Read more

Cali Life Style released another hit cal …

Latest 31-05-2024 By Funkadelic

Cali Life Style - Git Yurz Chicano Rap

The legends out of the 805 Cali Life Style aka CLS are back with single #4 which was not on the the "Street Dreams Vol. 1" EP. The new song is called "Git Yurz" and is released by Silent Giant Entertainment. The video can be seen by clicking here . If you ask me "Git Yurz" is another banger by ... Read more

Spanky Loco states that "Locos Don't Cry …

Latest 20-04-2024 By Funkadelic

Spanky Loco - Locos Don't Cry Chicano Rap

Spanky Loco teamed up with Bishop Snow for his latest and newest single "Locos Don't Cry". It shouldn't surprise you that you can stream it on Spotify or Tidal as well as all other streamsing services. The download can be found over at Amazon or iTunes and so on. According to posts on ... Read more

"To The Moon And Back" physical copies a …

Latest 05-04-2024 By Funkadelic

SSOL - To The Moon And Back Chicano Rap

Late January saw the release SSOL's double disc LP "To The Moon And Back". Back then it was only released to the digital world but Lil Chino also already announced that physical copies are in the works. This week the CDs finally arrived and are ready to be sold. To order your copy of this banging album you can hit up ... Read more

New Mister D single "I've Had Some Probl …

Latest 22-03-2024 By Funkadelic

Mister D - I've Had Some Problems Chicano Rap

At the end of 2023 we exclusively reported that Mister D is set to release 3 albums in a row. The 1st one, "Come Back To Me Part 1", was released right before Christmas. Today the 1st single of album #2 "I've Had Some Problems" hit digital music stores and streaming services. The single features OG Ese Trouble and Cold 187um. ... Read more

MC Peps started selling "Livin' In The B …

Latest 25-02-2024 By Funkadelic

MC Peps Chicano Rap

In the Summer of 2023 did MC Peps from legendary group Brown Pride return to the Chicano Rap game. Now a couple of singles and videos later he has the 1st physical release ready, the 30 year anniversary edition of their 1993 classic "Livin' In The Barrio". Compared to the original album the special edition contains an additional bonus song and ... Read more

Kid Frost teams up with MC Magic for 2nd …

Latest 18-02-2024 By Funkadelic

Kid Frost - Lowrider Girl Chicano Rap

"Take Me For A Ride" was Kid Frost's 1st single of his upcoming album "Whittier To Atlantic". His 2nd, "Lowrider Girl", was released a couple of days ago. The song features MC Magic and Claudia Liz. A video was released as well and can be seen over at YouTube . It should not surprise you that you can also hear ... Read more

Cali Life Style keeps on putting out fre …

Latest 18-02-2024 By Funkadelic

Cali Life Style - Quiet Storm Chicano Rap

As you know did Cali Life Style release an EP called "Street Dreams Vol. 1" at the end of 2023. They also already released a single called "Nuthin Less" which wasn't on Vol. 1. Now they are back with their newest joint called "Quiet Storm". The production was handeled by T-Dre himself and Dominator. You can watch the video by ... Read more

The K.A.S released new single and will b …

Latest 17-02-2024 By Funkadelic

The K.A.S - Thick Hipz & Banan Klipz Chicano Rap

The K.A.S aka Lil Kasper teamed up with Criz Beetz for his single "Thick Hipz & Banana Klipz". Spotify is providing the stream while Amazon and iTunes do also provide the download. Fans that want to see him perform live have the chance to do so next week at Sesh Up Whittier and March, 3rd ... Read more

"El Chicano" by Mr. Lil One is out now …

Latest 17-02-2024 By Funkadelic

Mr. Lil One - El Chicano Chicano Rap

Mr. Lil One's long awaited latest solo project "El Chicano" finally hit the digital world earlier today! Features include Norman Carter from The Delfonics on his hit single and title song "El Chicano", Finis, Mr. Shadow and Ari. The video for "Just My Imagination" can be seen by clicking here . If you like the audio you can stream the ... Read more

El Indio released 2nd single of the year …

Latest 04-02-2024 By Funkadelic

El Indio - From The Ghetto Chicano Rap

Shame on me but I didn't even notice that El Indio, formerly known as Baby Jokes, returned to the Chicano Rap game after focusing on his acting career the last couple of years. His 1st single "Made Men" featuring YelloHill and Young Doepy was released mid January. Just 2 days ago he released another banger called "From The Ghetto". A visualizer ... Read more

If you like the funk check out "Funk Tow …

Latest 01-02-2024 By Funkadelic

Big E - Funk Town Chicano Rap

For his latest single "Funk Town" did Big E team up with SlumpBoyz and CamDaGuapo. The title of the track tells you what to expect from the song, nothing but a funky tune. It's been on repeat in my playlist for a couple of days already. If you want to stream "Funk Town" move over to Spotify or ... Read more

SSOL released 28 new songs on "To The Mo …

Latest 28-01-2024 By Funkadelic

SSOL - To The Moon And Back Chicano Rap

Yesterday 805 based group SSOL aka Smooth Stylez Of Life returned to the Chicano Rap game with a brand new album called "To The Moon And Back" containing 28 songs! Features include artists such as Lil Vandal, Bona Bones, Sara Shine, Djflo24 and more. Currently the LP is only available digitally but pressed copies are supposed to be available in February. ... Read more

Music videos

Brown Boy - Low Low Ride'…

Videos 09-07-2024 By Funkadelic

Brown Boy - Lowrider Boo Thang

Videos 09-07-2024 By Funkadelic

Young Uno - Last Of A Dying Br…

Videos 08-07-2024 By Funkadelic

Mr. Capone-E feat. Jasmine Cru…

Videos 08-07-2024 By Funkadelic

YBe feat. Rich G - Real Ones

Videos 08-07-2024 By Funkadelic

Spanky Loco - Disculpa

Videos 28-06-2024 By Funkadelic

Spanky Loco - Famous

Videos 28-06-2024 By Funkadelic

Midget Loco & MC Peps feat…

Videos 22-06-2024 By Funkadelic

Mister One - Program Time

Videos 22-06-2024 By Funkadelic


Old Town Gangsters - Old Town Gangsters …

Throwbacks 23-10-2019 By 2xDope

Old Town Gangsters - Old Town Gangsters 2... Hood Patrol Chicano Rap

Slow Pain's decades long prolific career has brought so many projects into fruition. Everything from solo to group albums, collaborations and compilations; you name it and Slow Pain has done it. Some 10 years ago, a random person sent me a question on YouTube. He asked if I could help him figure out a song playing in a video of... Read more

Mr. Shadow - Born Without A Konscience

Throwbacks 25-05-2019 By 2xDope

Mr. Shadow - Born Without A Konscience Chicano Rap

Undoubtedly, the 1990's served as the most prolific era of West Coast rap. No one can deny that. Chicano Rap was on hit, too, and San Diego was cranking out hit after hit like a Julio Cesar Chavez pay per view match. In my middle school years, formative time when I was developing my taste for music, I was hanging... Read more

Cali Life Style - Mexican Invasion

Throwbacks 26-08-2018 By 2xDope

Cali Life Style - Mexican Invasion Chicano Rap

If there’s one truth that was said on "Mexican Invasion", it was “West Coast on hit, & C.C is legit”. Often overlooked for their contributions to the Chicano Rap game, the Central Coast shares much of the sentiment that Orange County and the Inland Empire have: we are quick to give praise to San Diego and Los Angeles for their... Read more

VA - 805 Locos

Throwbacks 14-12-2018 By 2xDope

VA - 805 Locos Chicano Rap

This project is a hidden gem. Overshadowed by the popularity of other regions, the 805 often goes overlooked in its endowment to Chicano Rap. I know, I keep reiterating this, but I give these homies props where props are due. I've owned this copy for a number of years and never realized the force behind the production was Pocos Pero... Read more

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