Ese Lil One brings us that pure "Gangster Funk"

Ese Lil One - Gangster Funk Chicano Rap

805 based artist Ese Lil One is back with his 3rd studio album called "Gangster Funk". Features include artists such as Diamond Ortiz, Sara S, S.S.O.L, Payaso, Loco Negro, D. Salas and more. What makes this album sepcial is that some of the songs do not feature any rapping parts at all as they are pure funk songs. The LP also includes Ese Lil One's hit single "Keeping It G" featuring Chicano Rap legend Payaso from the Dukes Click as well as Loco Negro. To watch the video click here. Overall it's a banging album which can be bought from all digital music outlets such as Amazon, iTunes or Tidal. According to Ese Lil One a limitied amount of pressed copies is supposed to be available soon. I would say the best way to find out when they are available is to get in contact with him through his official Instagram account.

01. Gangster Funk (feat. Diamond Ortiz)
02. Second Chance (feat. Maya Killtron)
03. Touch You Again (feat. B. Thompson, Sara S)
04. The DJ (feat. Winfree, Carmen Clayton)
05. Smoother (feat. Enois Scroggins)
06. Funky Nights (feat. Sara S)
07. Good Times (feat. S.S.O.L, Sara S)
08. Conversations
09. Can't Stay Away
10. Different Level
11. Get High (feat. Mr. Lento)
12. Bangin Shit
13. Back In The Days (feat. Payaso, Maldito)
14. The Weekend
15. Gangster Clicks
16. Exotik Weed (feat. D. Salas)
17. Keeping It G (feat. Loco Negro, Payaso)

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New Knightmare album "Silence Is Golden" is out now

Knightmare - Silence Is Golden Chicano Rap

After releasing "Dia De La Independencia" in 2019 is Knightmare back his new album "Silence Is Golden". The project which was released today features San Diego legned GPA, Romero from Clika 1, Kozme and more. According to Knightmare at least one video to promote the LP will be released in June. For now you can buy the digital version from Amazon, iTunes, Tidal and all other digital music stores. Pressed copies are supposed to hit the streets as well but at the moment there is no date set. Again, be on the lookout for a brand new video hitting the internet real soon, so keep an eye open...

01. Intro
02. Last Breath
03. In Control (feat. GPA)
04. Bouncing
05. California
06. Me Conocen
07. Superstar (feat. Romero)
08. Killa Cali (feat. Minded)
09. Memories (feat. Charms G)
10. Silence Is Golden
11. El Padrino [BONUS TRACK] (feat. YK 1)
12. Brighter Day (feat. Aminata)
13. Where I Belong (feat. Kozme)

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New Sara S album "Deja Vu" is already a classic right after the release

Sara S - Deja Vu Chicano Rap

All the way back in 1999 did Sara S release her debut album "Just 4 You" through Underworld 805 Records. She's also widely known for her features on songs by Central Coast Clique, Cali Life Style as well as a gang of other Chicano Rap acts. Yesterday she returned to the scene with her latest album "Deja Vu". The LP also marks the reunion with Underworld 805 Records aka Ocho Zero Cinco Entertainment. "Deja Vu" is fully produced by Dominator and features the Central Coast Clique, Cali Life Style, Sad Girl and Mr. Capone-E. Pressed copies are available at selected stores but can also be ordered by writing an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. The digital version can be bought from Amazon, iTunes or Tidal. I listened to the album yesterday and need to say that it's filled with nothing but dope music. Make sure to add this classic to you collection while supply lasts...

01. Get It While It's Hot
02. Somebody Told Me
03. Turn You Out (feat. Central Cost Clique)
04. We Got That G-Funk [REMIX] (feat. Sad Girl, Dominator)
05. It's Been A Ride (feat. Dominator)
06. Cali Love (feat. T-Dre, Deluxe)
07. Stunner
08. They Don't Even Know
09. It's You
10. Deja Vu (feat. Mr. Capone-E)

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Malvados Click released "Oldies Para El Barrio"

Malvados Click - Oldies Para El Barrio Chicano Rap

As you might know "Punta Trucha" by Malvados Click featuring Knightowl is one of my favorite Chicano Rap songs, a song that was released on an blum more than 11 years ago. Over the last 2 years they've been realy active releasing group projects as well as solo projects from the members. Late 2020 they also released an all oldies called "Oldies Para El Barrio". The album consists of 11 all new songs and brings you nothing but the vintage Chicano Rap oldies sound. As usual you can either stream the album over at Spotify or buy it from the known digital music stores such as Amazon, iTunes or Tidal.

01. Just Me & My Nine
02. Got Two (feat. Stilow Nasty)
03. You Cross My Mine (feat. Cisco)
04. Some Body Please
05. Sitting In The Park (feat. OG Lyrics)
06. One Summer Night
07. Money (feat. Necio)
08. La Quiero Kikiar (feat. Serio The One)
09. The Rebound
10. Tentaciones
11. Sexy Girl

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"My Way" LP by Lil Cuete is out

Lil Cuete - My Way Chicano Rap

The last time we heard from Norwalk's #1 gun Lil Cuete right here on CalifaRap was when he released his "The Smoking Gun" LP through Mr. Criminal's Crime Family Entertainment. Back in January he returned with his latest album "My Way". The record consists of 13 all new songs and features Dave Abrego, Fingazz, Tonio Dai and Ness. Also back in January he released a video for the song "Tell Me Please" which can be seen by clicking here. The song is something different, something you haven't heard from Lil Cuete before, so chekc it out. I think I don't have to tell you that you can buy your digital copy from Amazon, iTunes or Tidal.

01. Money Moves
02. Hustle Mentality
03. Give It Up (feat. Dave Abrego)
04. Uber Rich
05. Break'em Down
06. Sometimes
07. Best Feeling (feat. Fingazz)
08. Let Me Serve ou (feat. Tonio Dai)
09. Tell Me Please
10. Mine (feat. Ness)
11. Loco
12. She's Lost
13. Savages

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Joe Serious released collection of old songs on "The Hood Star"

Joe Serious - The Hood Star... The Best Of Joe Serious Chicano Rap

East L.A artist (Big) Joe Serious released his album "The Hood Star... The Best Of Joe Serious" right at the beginning for the year. The LP contains songs from his previous albums "Power Of The Tongue" as well as "King Of The West" (which was also released by High Rollesr Entertaiment as "Serious Business"). Features include Sara S, Qluso, Dominator and Forensic. If you want to buy the digital version move over to Amazon, iTunes or Tidal. At the end of 2020 he also released a video for his latest single "Heart Of A Hustler" which can be seen by clicking here. For more information about Joe Serious you can also check his official website

01. Power Of The Tongue
02. Rhymes Of Fury
03. Spittin' Bullets (feat. Big Qluso)
04. Out Of Control
05. Serious Times (feat. Sara S)
06. Demons Of Disciples
07. King Of The West
08. Afro Mex
09. Love To Hate Me (feat. Sara S)
10. Groove Getaway (feat. Dominator)
11. I'm Doing It Bigg
12. The East L.A Kid
13. Gangsters Playground (feat. Forensic)
14. The Wind Whispers
15. Baby Be Ready

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R.I.P Big Stomps

Stomper Chicano Rap

I know I'm late but I still wanted to inform you that Stomper, member of the infamous group Soldier Ink, passed away April, 2nd. Just a couple of weeks prior he posted a photo of himself being in the hospital due to a blood disease. My deepest condolences go to his family and friends! I was lucky enough to meet him in person at Lowrider Magazine ca show in Las Vegas back in 2006. His contribution to the game called Chicano Rap is massive and will live forever. His discography includes 2 Solder Ink albums, collaboration LPs with Spanky Loco and Conejo, various mixtapes and solo projects as well as a gang of compilations. He also started selling clothing through his official website Orders are still being processed so if you want to support you can still do so. On the website you'll also find some of his latest music. A gofundme to support the family can be reached by clicking here. R.I.P to Lonnie "Stomper" Mendoza!

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"California Legend" LP by Young Trav is out since February

Young Trav - California Legend Chicano Rap

Back in February Young Trav released his long awaited LP "California Legend". The album which was released by All Day Everyday Records features artists such as Glasses Malone, Snoop Dogg, Yukmouth, Bad Azz, Kurupt, Mr. Lil One, Seldom Seen, E-40, Lil Sicko, Bizzy Bone and Mr. Shadow. About half of the songs were produced by Tha Chill from Compton's Most Wanted. Below you find the tracklisting of the physical version which has one more song compared to the digital release. Right now you can get the CD from eBay by clicking here. As usual you can buy the digital version from Amazon, Google Play, Tidal and so on.

01. With A Bang (feat. Glasses Malone)
02. Shit Is Craccin (feat. Snoop Dogg)
03. West Coast All Day (feat. Yukmouth)
04. Bleed Just Like Us (feat. Bad Azz)
05. And I (feat. Kurupt)
06. Make It Look Easy
07. Waiting On the Call (feat. Mr. Lil One, Seldom Seen)
08. Where The Money At (feat. Bad Azz)
09. California Mentality (feat. E-40, Lil Sicko)
10. Who We Fuck With (feat. Bizzy Bone, Seldom Seen)
11. Smokeout (feat. Mr. Shadow)
12. I Ain't You (feat. Lil Sicko)

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Jorge G returns to the Chicano Rap game with new LP "Family Muzik"

Jorge G - Family Muzik Chicano Rap

After taking an extended break from the Chicano Rap game is San Diego based artists Jorge G aka Ese G back with his newest LP called "Family Muzik". The record features Luci Lampe, Nasty-O, Hustle Mac, Mackvillin, Dos Caraz, Tony Aguirre, Lil Solo and Mona Lace. A video for the 1st song "Lowriders N Barbecues" can be seen by clicking here. The digital version of the album which is distributed by Thump Records can be bought from Amazon, iTunes, Tidal and all other digital music stores. Pressed copies can be bought from Jorge G by hitting him up on Instagram.

01. Lowriders N Barbecues
02. When I Met You (feat. Luci Lampe)
03. Close To Me (feat. Luci Lampe)
04. Pedafyles
05. Losing Hope
06. Family Man (feat. Nasty-O, Hustle Mac, Mackvillin)
07. Madrecita
08. You Reap What You Sew (feat. Nasty-O, Mackvillin, Dos Caraz)
09. Los Niños (feat. Luci Lampe)
10. Mi Abuelita (feat. Tony Aguirre)
11. My Pretty Wife (feat. Luci Lampe)
12. Aztec Warrior
13. No More Love (feat. Lil Solo, Mona Lace)

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O.G Kid Frost finally released classic mixtapes to the digital world

Frost Chicano Rap

If I remember correctly it was between 2011 to 2013 when the godfather of Chicano Rap, O.G Kid Frost, released 3 classic albums/ mixtapes called "All Oldies", "All Oldies 2" and "Old School Funk". These days the hard copies are harder and harder to get and if you are lucky to find one, you may have to pay one of the insane prices some Chicano Rap releases are going for these days. Back in 2014 Frost and Big Tank released a video for their song "Backstabaz" which is taken from "All Oldies 2" and which can been seen by clicking here. The good news is that all 3 titles were released to digital stores earlier this year, so if you haven't been able to pick up any of the CDs you can now just move over to the known dealers such as Amazon, iTunes or Tidal.

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Mr. Capone-E's "The Gold Album" hit digital stores

Mr. Capone-E - The Gold Album Chicano Rap

Last year Mr. Capone-E relased his strictly limited LP "The Gold Album" on CD only. 2,000 copies were available but sold out fast. When the album was released no digital version was available. At the beginning of 2021 "The Gold Album" finally hit digital stores. So if you didn't get a copy last year you can buy or stream the digital verson now. The LP which consists of 13 songs features Momo HPG, DoggyStyleeee, Adrain Crush, Ohno and JMG. Below you find 2 links to videos Capone-E released last year. To buy the album move over to Amazon, iTunes or Tidal.

01. I Slide (feat. Momo HPG)
02. Pull Out The AK (feat. DoggyStyleeee)
03. Outlawz 2020
04. Day One (feat. Adrian Crush)
05. Doe
06. Pay My Dues (feat. Momo HPG)
07. R.I.P Kobe Bryant [REMIX] (feat. Ohno)
08. HotBoy
09. Back In The Dayz
10. Trust Issues
11. Wifey With A Bottle
12. In The Air [REMIX] (feat. JMG)
13. Lifestyle (feat. Momo HPG)

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"All Life Is" by GD Funkster is a must have album

GD Funkster - All Life Is Chicano Rap

Right at the beginning of the year did Oceanside based artist GD Funkster release his album "All Life Is" through Mid Valley Records. The LP comes with features by Throwback Zack, Kevin Egan Devvlov and Brother Cuban. Last year GD Funkster already released 2 videos which can both be seen by clicking on the respective link below. If you like what you hear and see you can buy the digital version from Amazon, iTunes or Tidal. If you prefer a pressed copy hit him up directly over his official Instagram account. I highly recommend this album to all fans of the laid back West Coast sound, a must have in your collection.

01. January 1st, 1995 (Introduction)
02. It's Goin' Down (feat. Throwback Zack)
03. (I Got That) Funk (feat. Throwback Zack)
04. Rollin' Wit Tha Funk
05. Like This
06. Kevin's Groove (Interlude) (feat. Kevin Egan)
07. All Night Long
08. Heartbreakerz (feat. Throwback Zack)
09. Keep It Player
10. All Life Is (feat. Devvlov, Brother Cuban)

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Namek released vol. 3 of "Blackout" album series

Namek - Blackout III Chicano Rap

As you know Namek released a banging G-Funk album called "No Dress Code" last summer including hits such as "Change", "Lovely California", "Long Time Coming" or "Summertime In The SGV". A little over 2 months later he already returned with volume 3 of his "Blackout" album series. The LP features artists such as Sloan Bone, Baldacci, Tha Chill, Crooked I, K-Dee, Kiki Smooth, Kokane, Loco Negro and more. I think I don't need to tell you that you can buy it from Amazon, iTunes or Tidal. A couple of weeks ago Namek also released a new and video for "Keep It Poppin'" featuring up and coming female artist Bella which can be seen by clicking here.

01. Here We Come (feat. Sloan Bone, Baldacci, Tha Chill)
02. Frequency (feat. Crooked I, Sloan Bone)
03. Just Chillin' (feat. K-Dee, Yog Westwood)
04. Fear & Loathing In L.A (feat. Patrick, Antonian)
05. When I Pull Up (feat. Kiki Smooth, S Gee)
06. Envy (feat. Sonik 420, Remik Gonzalez, Sloan Bone, B Raster)
07. Then & Now (feat. Baldacci, Kokane)
08. Locked In (feat. Loco Negro, Kiki Smooth)
09. Los Raiders (feat. McGrady OG, T.U.S)
10. Grimey (feat. Zekey Freaky)
11. Raider Nation
12. Blackout (feat. Sloan Bone, Money Stack)

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"Gang Of Love" EP by Spanky Loco is out now

Spanky Loco - Gang Of Love Chicano Rap

Late 2020 Spanky Loco blessed us with his album/ EP "Real Loco". Late February he already released another brand new EP called "Gang Of Love". Features include Dayo G, Ceslee G and Patty B. The video he released for the song "Heart Break Hotel" can be seen by clicking here. Spanky Loco himself describes "Gang Of Love" like this: "It’s a project that’s short but sweet. An EP dedicated to those that find comfort in the simple things in life.". If you ask me it's another dope album by him and I'm already looking forward to the next one. If you want to buy your digital copy move over to the known online stores such as Amazon, iTunes or Tidal. Pressed copies can be ordered from his official website by clicking here.

01. Say
02. Get Lifted
03. Heart Break Hotel
04. Ride Out (feat. Dayo G)
05. Juss Hustling (feat. Ceslee G)
06. Vibing
07. Ridas (feat. Patty B)

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Discographies section keeps on growing and growing

CalifaRap Chicano Rap

Some of you probably already started wondering about what's up with the website since there haven't been any updates since November. I didn't take a brake, I've just been focused on adding stuff to the discographies section. Over the last couple of weeks I've added a lot of stuff to it including exclusive scans you are only going to find on CalifaRap. Since I also started a discogs account I added the titles there as well, but the artwork you are only going to find here. As you know I don't promote single updates of this section on here but I started a topic in our the CalifaRap Community where I enter every single update of the discographies section.

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