Mr. Lil One teams up with Lil Roy for "Los Enfermos" collaboration LP

Mr. Lil One & Lil Roy - Los Enfermos Chicano Rap

After releasing his banging "Ruthless" LP is San Diego legened Mr. Lil One already back with a new record. This time he teamed up with Lil Roy aka Lucky who was born in Mexico but raised in California to bring you a collaboration project called "Los Enfermos". 2 weeks ago the duo released a video for the song "Suave" which can be seen by clicking here. As usual these days you can buy the digital version from Amazon, Google Play, iTunes and all other digital music stores. In other Lil One related news you can also be on the lookout for the long awaited next collaboration album with Mr. Shadow called "Tha Mistahs Vol. 1". It's supposed to hit dealers end of October.

01. Los Enfermos
02. La Bandera
03. Manos En El Aire
04. Mi Destino
05. SD To Jalisco
06. Suave (feat. Manny Frezko)
07. Pleito
08. Cant Be Me
09. Pendejo
10. Las Calles

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B-Raw released his debut "The Confidential Files"

B-Raw - The Confidential Files Chicano Rap

Bakersfield based artist B-Raw released his album "The Confidential Files" through Field Boyz Musik August, 28th. On the LP you are going hear features by Magic Girl, Dee Lokzta, Westfella Assassin and Kat G. On YouTube you are going to find a video for the song "Real In The Field" featuring Magic Girl and one for the song "California Way" featuring Dee Lokzta and Westfella Assassin. Both can be seen by clicking on the respective link below. If you like what you hear and see you can buy the digital version from Amazon, Google Play or iTunes.

01. Golden State
02. Roll Wit Me
03. Real In The Field (feat. Magic Girl)
04. Always Into Something
05. Ready To Roll
06. Here For Tha Taken (feat. Dee Lokzta)
07. California Way (feat. Dee Lokzta, Westfella Assassin)
08. Together (feat. Kat G)

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Slow Pain passed away at the age of 47

Slow Pain Chicano Rap

The 5th of September marks another sad day in Chicano Rap history as one of its OGs, Slow Pain, passed away at the age of 47 as reported by the Whittier Daily News. Slow Pain who leaves behind his wife and 6 children was last heard on his album "The O.G" which was released by Silent Giant Entertainment in 2008. At that time Slow Pain has already been in the rap game for more than 15 years. He started his musical journey on Street Mentality's 1992 album "The Town I Live In". After that he went on to release one of the best Chicano Rap albums ever, "The Baby OG". Anoher group he's been part of are the G'Fellas originally consisting of him, A.L.T and Nino Brown. For a couple of years Slow Pain was also running his own label Old Town Records bringing us hits by artists such as Lil Demon, Jonny U and others. During his career his music has also been featured on numerous compilations. After quiting the rap game he became a baseball coach. His latest position was at El Rancho High School, the school he attended himself. Just a couple of weeks ago he posted a video of himself on his Instagram showing him in the studio recording new music after signing another deal with Silent Giant Entertainment. Too bad he was not able to finish at least one more record. My condolonces to his family and friends. Slow Pain, your music will live with us. R.I.P, you will be missed...

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Lil Sicko released "80's Baby" LP

Lil Sicko - 80's Baby Chicano Rap

Lil Sicko is keeping himself busy working on and actually releasing new music. This time he's back with his latest LP "80's Baby" which was released August, 23rd. Features include Doll-E Girl, Mister One, Swifty Blue, Ogami, Too3, Yung Jewl$ and more. Unlike with his last albums he also promoted the LP by putting out a video for the song "I Can't Breath" which can be seen by clicking here. If you like what you hear and see you can buy the digital version of the record from the known stores such as Amazon, Google Play or iTunes. I wouldn't be surprised if this wasn't his last album for 2020...

01. From The Bottom (feat. Too3)
02. All Gas No Breaks (feat. Nocap909)
03. For My O.G'z
04. I Can't Breath
05. Came A Long Way (feat. Yung Jewl$)
06. MAke It (feat. Too3, Yung Jewl$)
07. G'z In The Hood (feat. Swifty Blue, Too3)
08. See The Difference (feat. Swifty Blue)
09. Left Behind (feat. Swifty Blue, Yung Jewl$)
10. Stay High (feat. Doeboi909)
11. Ups And The Downs (feat. Swifty Blue)
12. Been In The Game (feat. Doll-E Girl)
13. Held It Down (feat. Jung Jewl$)
14. No Matter (feat. Mister One)
15. Dangerous (feat. Ogami, Infinite Tgm)

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Krazy Race's "Greatest Hits" project is out now

Krazy Race - Greatest Hits Chicano Rap

After being part of the L.A Hip Hop scene for more than 15 years Krazy Race is entitled to release his "Greatest Hits" project. The CD consists of 20 songs featuring artists such as Kam, Sick Jacken, Smokey Rob, 2Mex, or Capital I-Man. A limited vinyl version which will be out late September or early October is going to feature 13 songs. A digital version is not available. If you want to buy it you have to buy it directly from Realizm Rekords. A promotional video can be seen by clicking here. Below you are going to find links to videos he shot for songs that made it on the "Greatest Hits".

01. City Of Angels
02. True Story
03. Hole In His Soul
04. Street Life (feat. Kam)
05. Do U (feat. Sick Jacken, Smokey Rob)
06. Street Renegade
07. Fire (feat. 2Mex, Jizzm High Definition)
08. Murder Fest (feat. Capitol I-Man)
09. The Movement
10. The Last Hour (feat. Global City)
11. Dedicated
12. I Do
13. Chemtrails
14. I've Been Known
15. Live & Learn (feat. Rakaa)
16. Together We Shine
17. The Culture (feat. DJ Dramadik)
18. Operation Lockdown [BONUS TRACK]
19. Tell It Like It Is (feat. Dom Ramirez) [BONUS TRACK]
20. Keep Pushing (feat. Ekuip One, Mesidge) [BONUS TRACK]

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Trigga Happs released new EP "My Brothers Keeper"

Trigga Happs - My Brothers Keeper Chicano Rap

The last time we heard from West L.A native Trigga Happs on the frontpage was when he released his collaboration LP with Doll-E Girl called "G-Files". Now he's back with a new EP called "My Brothers Keeper". Features include Big Row, Kre8tor, Doll-E Girl and Jun Clint. About a year ago the video for the song "Day Ones" featuring Doll-E Girl und Jun Clint was released. To watch it click here. According to Trigga Happs he will shoot a video for "This Is For My Gee'z" the next couple of days. If you like what you hear and see you can buy "My Brothers Keeper" from Amazon, Google Play or iTunes.

01. The Block
02. Sky Is The Limit (feat. Big Row, Kre8tor)
03. This Is For My Gee'z (feat. Big Row, Doll-E Girl)
04. My Brothers Keeper (feat. Big Row)
05. I Don't Wanna Die (feat. Kre8tor)
06. Day Ones (feat. Doll-E Girl, Jun Clint)

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"A Southland Tale" movie is now available on YouTube

A Southland Tale Chicano Rap

As most of you probably already know did Mister D release his long awaited movie "A Southland Tale" late February. At that time only physical copies of the movie as well as the soundtrack were available. Late May we reported that the movie hit Vimeo and that the soundtrack hit digital music stores. Now we are back once again to let you know that you can know watch the full movie for free over at the official SL Entertainment YouTube page by clicking here. I have no information on how long it will actually available for free but my recommendation is to watch it as soon as possible. If you like you can still support them by buying the physical copies over at eBay.

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Lari The G's new album "West Coast Bizness" brings you just that

Lari The G - West Coast Bizness Chicano Rap

Orange County based artist Lari The G released his new solo album "West Coast Bizness" mid July. Features include Jazz, Jay R, Scrizzy Santana and DV. Despite releasing a couple of videos over the last couple of months no video for a song from the new album has been released yet (at least if I'm not mistaken). I hope that he will release at leat one visual for it soon since I need to say that the LP is really dope. The title "West Cost Bizness" sets the tone as it's filled with nothing but old fashioned West Coast bangers. If you want to buy the record move over to Amazon, Google Play or iTunes.

01. G Boogy (Gangsta Boogy)
02. West Coast Bizness
03. Cold Hearted (feat. Jazz)
04. Day Ones (feat. Jay R, Scrizzy Santana)
05. Let's Get It
06. Blink Of An Eye
07. Mama (feat. Scrizzy Santana)
08. California Sunshine (feat. Jazz)
09. Let's Get High (feat. DV & Jazz)
10. Click Clack Bang

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Loco Negro's EP "Madera Buena" is out now

Loco Negro - Madera Buena Chicano Rap

Loco Negro released a brand new EP called "Madera Buena" already a couple of days ago. The album which consists of 7 all new songs features Krooks The Felon, Mr. Shadow, Ojay The Great, Robbs The One, Misfit Soto, Wednesday Adams and Bozo. I listened to the record the other day and need to say that it's another solid release from Loco Negro. My favorite song is the Ernie G produced but "In The Streets" featuring Robbs The One. I think I don't have to tell you that you can buy "Madera Buena" from Amazon, Google Play, iTunes and all other digital music stores.

01. Madera Buena
02. Danger-Us (feat. Krooks The Felon, Mr. Shadow, Ojay The Great)
03. In These Streets (feat. Robbs The One)
04. Money 4 Nuthin
05. Aint Gotta Try Hard (feat. Misfit Soto)
06. Im Gone (feat. Wednesday Adams)
07. Immortalized (feat. Bozo)

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3rd Omar Cruz re-release is out now

Omar Cruz - Blow Chicano Rap

After bringing you the re-release of "The Cruzifixion" as well as the re-release of "City Of Gods" is Omar Cruz aka Blunts LLA already back with his 3rd re-release for 2020. This time he and B.Y.I Entertainment re-released his classic LP "Blow". If you don't own the album yet you can now buy it from Amazon, Google Play or iTunes. If I'm not mistaking not all his music is available digitally as of now so maybe we can be on the lookout for even more re-releases coming soon. In the meantime you should have enough Omar Cruz music to bump in your ride.

01. Blow Intro
02. I Reminisce
03. See The Colors
04. Mister Cartoon Speaks
05. L.A Wolves
06. Estevan Oriol Speaks
07. Directors Cut
08. The Odyssesy
09. It's Lonely At The Top
10. Just When I Thought I Was Out
11. The 44 Flow
12. Mr. Clutch
13. Life As You Know It
14. Farewell Blunts LLA
15. Termination

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Malvados Click member Serio released solo album

Serio - Serio The One Chicano Rap

Back in June we reported that Malvados Click member Stilow Nasty released his solo album "Dirty Money". Just a couple of days ago we reported that the group also re-released their self-titled LP. Now we are back to report that group member Serio (The One) also released a brand new solo album called "Malvados Click Presents... Serio The One". The LP includes features by Necio, Stilow Nasty, Mz. Gatiz, O.G Lyrics, Lil Owl, ThugAngeln9na, La Secncilla Lopez and more. To buy the digital version move over to Amazon, Google Play or iTunes.

01. Back On The Mic
02. Andamos En El Viaje (feat. Necio)
03. Aki En Califas (feat. Mz. Gatiz, ThugAngeln9na)
04. Back In The Days (feat. La Sencilla Lopez)
05. Love Dedication (feat. La Sencilla Lopez)
06. El Homie
07. Ya No Hay Tiempo
08. Se Esconden (feat. Necio, Stilow Nasty, O.G Lyrics)
09. Pa Que Hablen
10. Asalto (feat. Stilow Nasty)
11. La Vida (feat. Jessi V, Demon Loko, Stilow Nasty)
12. 619 A La 664 (feat. Lil Owl, Dreamer, Stilow Nasty)
13. Oldie Jam (feat. Ese Wacho, Necio, Stilow Nasty)

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Pressed copies of O.G Big Wicked's "The Lost Tapes" are available now

O.G Big Wicked - The Lost Tapes Chicano Rap

As some of you probably already know, Orange County based artist O.G Big Wicked released his album "The Lost Tapes" digitally a couple of weeks ago. Unfortunately it's not available at the moment but the good news is that pressed copies are available now. To order the CD which features artists such Primo, Joker, Mistah X, Stalker, Pops, Big J, Mr. Happs and more move over to the website of his clothing line Real Onez Apparel by clicking here. If you haven't done it yet make also sure to watch O.G Big Wicked's interview with Tony A.

01. Walking Through Your Hood (feat. Primo, Joker, Mistah X, Stalker)
02. 714 Life (feat. Big Looney)
03. 781 Redrum (feat. Cyclone)
04. Lokos (feat. La Gran Llajta, Mr. Ophir)
05. Been There Done It (feat. Big Yogie, Woody)
06. Gangster Shit
07. G'd Up (feat. Pops)
08. Party (feat. Casper, Tiny, Cyclone)
09. Undefeated (feat. Cyclone, Casper)
10. Uno Tres (feat. La Gran Llajta, Mr. Ophir)
11. Blinded Wayz (feat. Cyclone, Casper)
12. Knuckleheads
13. Real Mother Fuckers (feat. Mr. Happs, Cyclone, Casper)
14. Pandillero Regeton
15. Crystal
16. Hypnotized (feat. Big J)
17. Fucc Haters (feat. Big J)
18. Too Gangster (feat. Big Yogie, Big Trigger, Stalker, Mistah X, Realize, Joker)
19. Posted (feat. Pops, Big Yogie)
20. Lazed (feat. Cyclone, Casper)
21. Good Times (feat. Big J, Lazy)
22. GeeLaxin (feat. Cyclone)

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Wicked Babydoll's new album "Tunnel Vision" bangs from beginning to end

Wicked Babydoll - Tunnel Vision Code Chicano Rap

After releasing a video for her single "You" featuring Dominator and Crazy Boy back in 2019 is female MC Wicked Babydoll back with her new album "Tunnel Vision". Interestingly the LP doesn't feature the just mentioned song, but it does feature artists such as Jorge Quema, Steadfast, J Dynasty and Infinite TGM. I have heard the album twice and have to say that I am pleasantly surprised, especially by the quality of beats. To buy the album move over to Amazon, Google Play or iTunes. Don't forget to give her a follow on Instagram if you aren't doing that already.

01. Intro
02. Tunnel Vision
03. Welcome (feat. Jorge Quema)
04. Nela Beast (feat. Steadfast)
05. Die High
06. Doing Bad
07. Be Free
08. What Do You Want (feat. J Dynasty)
09. Cups In The Air (feat. Infinite TGM)
10. Commitments

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The original G-Funk sound returns on Namek's "No Dress Code" LP

Namek - No Dress Code Chicano Rap

SGV based artist Namek released his brand new album "No Dress Code" late July through Thump Records. Featured artists include Nate Dogg's son N. Hale, Y-Be, Sloan Bone, The Dove Shack's own Bo Roc, Fedie Demarco and MDotTaylor. To promote the album album released he also put out a video for the song "Change" feat. N. Hale which can be seen by clicking here. Overall it's another really dope record by Namek, an artist that deserves to be in the spotlight more. "No Dress Code" is filled with G-Funk hits from beginning to end. As usual you can get it from Amazon, Google Play or iTunes.

01. Intro (Interlude)
02. Mind Blown
03. Change (feat. N. Hale)
04. Lovely California
05. Paper Chase
06. Stay Lit (feat. Y-Be)
07. Can't Say Nothing (feat. Sloan Bone)
08. Interlude
09. Long Time Coming (feat. Bo Roc)
10. Coming Home With Me
11. Summertime In the SGV (feat. Bo Roc)
12. Eastside
13. Living In the Last Life (feat. Fedie Demarco)
14. Like It Or Not (feat. Fedie Demarco, MDotTaylor)
15. We Smoke Good (feat. MDotTaylor)
16. 24/8 (RIP Kobe)

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Veneno released part 2 of "Art Of War" album series

Veneno - Art Of War: Manifesto Dos... The Synthesizer Chicano Rap

Late 2019 did Veneno release his album "Art Of War: Manifesto Uno". Now the Tattoo Ink member is back with volume 2 called "Art Of War: Manifesto Dos... The Synthesizer" to be exact. As usual with his releases there hasn't been any promotion. The new LP consists of 12 songs with 2 of them being instrumental versions. When it comes to features there are none. If you want to buy it you can do so over at Amazon, Google Play or iTunes. I listened to the album the other day and need to say that it comes with some bangers while "Children Of The Night" is my favorite song.

01. No Antidote
02. Its All Good I Aint Mad
03. Chilrden Of The Night
04. The Last Of Us
05. Wrong Turn
06. Boom Bap Trap
07. Peace Of Mind
08. Story Time
09. Look In Your Soul
10. New Heat
11. Boom Bap Trap [INSTRUMENTAL]

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