Check out the new and exclusive interview with Joker from LSD

Joker Chicano Rap

Our CalifaRap Community members ThaKriminalWA and Kultura714 teamed up to bring us a new and exclusive interview with Joker from LSD aka the Lyrical Sound Dealers. The former did the interview while the latter took care of the editing. Thank you both! For sure you get to know more about Joker's early rapping days with LSD and the N'Land Clique, his time at Familia Records which also includes his connection to other artists from the label. Another interesting topic includes his opinion about his "Southside Gangster (13)" album. But you do not only learn about his past as he goes on to tell you what he is currently working on including his son's music. Overall ThaKriminal and Kultura714 bring us an interview every true Chicano Rap fan shouldn't, so click here to listen.

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Mr. D's new solo album "West Coast Official..." is dropping today

Mr. D - West Coast Official... Chicano Rap

When it comes to new music it was kinda quiet about SL Entertainment as they have been busy working on their 1st ever movie "A Southland Tale". When and where this will be released remains to be seen. What's for sure is that Mr. D is releasing his new solo album "West Coast Official..." today. Interestingly it seems as he changed the writing of his name from "Mister D" to "Mr. D" as seen on the cover. The official press release reads like this: "Mr. D, the original Chicano Rap gangster returns with "West Coast Official..." that includes an all-star cast like Cold 187um, MC Eiht, Conejo, Bad Azz, Selo, Cuete Yeska & more. This album is the best of the best of gangster rhymes, dope old school beats and nothing but pure fire.". The digital version can be bought from Amazon, Google Play, iTunes and all other digital music stores. The physical copy can be bought from the official SL Entertainment eBay page by clicking here.

01. Cause Im Dope (feat. Knocturnal, Cold 187um)
02. If You Wanna Roll With Me (feat. Chino 40, Cino 100)
03. In The Streets (feat. Trouble P, Big Al, Loomis)
04. Banging On These Lames (feat. MC Eiht, Squeak Ru, Kryptonite)
05. Real Mfs (feat. Rappin 4 Tay, Big Al, Bobby Southland, Hillside)
06. West Side Gangster Shit (feat. Bad Azz, Big Al)
07. Southland To Japan (feat. Cold 187um, Lil Saint, Hillside)
08. Late Night Move (feat. Cold 187um, Trouble P, Big Al)
09. Don't Cross Me (feat. Frank V, Kryptonite)
10. Im Lost (feat. Cold 187um)
11. In The Eyes (feat. Big Al, Bobby Southland, Trouble P, Lil Saint, Cino 100, Miss Minky)
12. You Give Good Lovin (feat. Selo, Hillside, Criz Beetz)
13. Its Been Awhile (feat. Cold 187um)
14. You Think You're Lonely (feat. Big Al, Selo, Criz Beetz)
15. Please Don't Go (feat. O.G Triggs, Chino 40, Selo, Krystle)
16. Let Me Live My Life (feat. Frank V, Cold 187um)
17. End Of The Line [BONUS TRACK] (feat. Conejo, Cuete Yeska, Frank V)
18. Southland Thing [BONUS TRACK] (feat. Big Lazie, Big Al, Lil Saint, Trejo)
19. Down South Hustling [BONUS TRACK] (feat. Snoop Dogg, Thee Kas, Trouble P, Big Al)

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Shady Boy released sophomore album "On God"

Shady Boy - On God Chicano Rap

Over the last couple of months Shady Boy aka Lil Shady Boy has released 3 new videos to promote the release of his sophomore album "On God" which was released October, 15th. To watch the videos just click on the respective link below. Feaetures include artists such as YBe, Carolyn Rodriguez, Truth, IamBillyDee, Leo Galvan and more. If you like what you hear you can get your copy from the known digital dealers such as Amazon, Google Play or iTunes. Of course you can also stream the album on Spotify by clicking here. Don't forget to follow Shady Boy on Instagram if you aren't doing that already.

01. Been A Minute (feat. EM3, IamBillyDee, Truth)
02. Days Like Today (feat. Anth'm, Truth)
03. Deep Shadows (feat. Leo Galvan)
04. Face The Sun (feat. IamBillyDee)
05. Ride Through My City (feat. Kid Vicious)
06. Pain (Interlude) (feat. Anth'm)
07. Fuck Your Feelings (feat. YBe, Carolyn Rodriguez)
08. Notice Me
09. Wino
10. Plead The 5th (feat. Truth, Makavis)
11. On God (feat. Leo Galvan)
12. Letter 2 God
13. In The Ring Of The Defeated
14. South Paw
15. Hopeless

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Sad day in Chicano Rap's history as Toker's death has been confirmed

Toker Chicano Rap

Yesterday marked another sad day in Chicano Rap's history as it was announced that Toker aka Mr. Brownside past away. A statement on his official Instagram page reads like this: "On behalf of the Brownside family we regret to inform you our brother, father, husband and friend Toker has passed away. Please respect the family and let them mourn in peace.". My condolences go out to his family and friends! His music will live with us forever including countless classic Chicano Rap jams such as "Do Or Die", "Eastside Drama", "Vatos In The Varrio", "Rest In Peace" and many more. R.I.P Gilbert "Toker" Izquierdo!

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Weeto's "Tales From The West" are out now

Weeto - Tales From The West Chicano Rap

After releasing his "Songs Of David Castanova" LP is Weeto already back with his 2nd album of the year called "Tales From The West". Featured artists include Premonition, A.L.T The Saint, Don Cisco, Mr. Sancho aka Estilo, David Castanova, Binky Womack and more. To buy the LP move over to Amazon, Google Play, iTunes or to wherever digital music is sold. I just finished listening to the record and need to say that it comes with some really good songs. My favorite one is called "Cali4ornia Love [REMIX]" featuring Don Cisco, K-Rider and Roger. For more information about Weeto you can also follow his official Instagram account.

01. Star In The Game (feat. Premonition)
02. Come Over Tonight (feat. A.L.T The Saint)
03. Just For The Night (feat. The Oowee, Premonition)
04. Drinking Last Night (feat. Don Cisco, Mr. Sancho aka Estilo)
05. Get A Dub (feat. Premonition)
06. Cali4ornia Love [REMIX] (feat. Don Cisco, K-Rider, Roger)
07. One Day Maybe (feat. David Castanova, A.L.T The Saint, Binky Womack)
08. Professional Love (feat. David Castanova)
09. She Likes My Flows (feat. Don Cisco)
10. Gangstas In Cali (feat. Don Cisco, K-Rider, Ronnie King)

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Al Gramz's "Game For Sale Vol. 2" is out now

Al Gramz - Game For Sale Vol.2 Chicano Rap

Earlier this month did Al Gramz release his first album of the year "Game For Sale Vol. 2". The new LP contains of 11 all new songs mostly produced by the artist himself. All the tracks carry a smooth, Gangster Rap vibe. Al Gramz says that he's been working on beats and learning the process and that he has close to 50 beats stacked ready for selection. Some of the cuts on "Game For Sale Vol. 2" are mixed by Ernie G from Proper Dos. As usual you can buy it from Amazon, iTunes and wherever digital music is sold. I just finished skipping through the record on Spotify and need to say I really like the vibe it provides.

01. Intro
02. 20 Past 4
03. Yellow Tape
04. Wouldn't Listen
05. Guilty By Association
06. Ghetto Fab
07. Certified
08. At The Round Table
09. Get Dat Bag (feat. Lil Weirdo)
10. Get In Where You Fit In
11. Ain't Done Yet

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Brand new and exclusive interview with Mr. Junebug

Mr. Junebug Chicano Rap

During the week we had the possiblity to sit down with rapper Mr. Junebug who released his 4th studio album "Runnin' Outta Time" August, 1st. For sure you get to know what you can expect from the new record but that's by far not all. Other topics that are getting touched include the reason why he has taken a break from the Chicano Rap game, when you can expect his debut album "Sittin In The Park" to hit digital stores, his opinion about the owner of Familia Records, Murry Brumfiled, and many more. If you ask me it's an interesting interview which can be found in the interviews section or directly on YouTube by clicking here.

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Crazy Boy's 2nd album of the year "Rezurrection" is out now

Crazy Boy - Rezurrection Chicano Rap

After releasing his debut album "Blue Reign" through High Rollers Entertainment back in 2004 it has taken Crazy Boy more than 10 years to release his sophomore album "Still In The Game". This year he seems to be on a mission since he his 3rd album "Better Dayz" in January and is now already back with a new album called "Rezurrection". The new LP features Annimeanz, King Trip, Bangthozz, Dominator and more. As usual you can get it from Amazon, Google Play and wherever digital music is sold. So far no visiuals to support the release hit YouTube yet but I'm sure we should keep an eye open for that.

01. Intro
02. Reppin'
03. Stop My Grind (feat. Annimeanz, Shorty Doo Wop)
04. Soy Player (feat. King Trip)
05. Come Over (feat. Bliss, Bangthozz)
06. Like Me Skit
07. Like Me (feat. P Luvv, Sinkek Loco)
08. In The Streets (feat. Sinkek Loco, Bangthozz)
09. In The Shade (feat. Chitty Cobain)
10. Hold Up (feat. Abzurd, King Trip, Lil Bones)
11. Who Run It (feat. Blue Dream, King Trip, Abzurd)
12. Pull Up (feat. Lil Bones Tello, Dominator)
13. Crazy Stick
14. Still High (feat. Boo Boo, J Pro, King Trip)
15. Outro

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Cuete Yeska released 2nd album of the year "Your Thoughts Dont Count"

Cuete Yeska - Your Thoughts Dont Count Chicano Rap

Earlier this year Cuete Yeska released volume 5 of his "Love Stories" album series. A couple of days ago he released his 2nd album of the year called "Your Thoughts Dont Count". The LP which was released through his own record company Round Towne Music features artists such as Chino Grande, Lil Uno aka Mr. Lil One, Opie The Animal, Conejo, Juan Gotti and Looney Tunes. The digital version can be bought from Amazon, Google Play and iTunes. I have no information on if there will be pressed copies or not, but since there are physical copies of "Love Stories 5... It's Complicated" I would say keep an eye open if you prefer the actual CD.

01. Intro (feat. Chino Grande)
02. Your Thoughts Don't Count
03. Dead On Every Channel
04. Brains
05. Lower The Casket (feat. Opie The Animal)
06. Insomnia (feat. Lil Uno)
07. You're Gonna Die (feat. Opie The Animal)
08. Die (feat. Looney Tunes)
09. Gangster (feat. Conejo, Juan Gotti)
10. Walking Nightmare
11. Mi Vida Loca
12. Raw (feat. Chino Grande)
13. Trust No Bitch (feat. Opie The Animal)
14. Puddle Of Blood (feat. Opie The Animal)
15. Run Up (feat. Opie The Animal)
16. Understand Me

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Conejo released album #4 "Hood Star"

Conejo - Hood Star Chicano Rap

Compared to the time before he beat his case Conejo hasn't been releasing album after album. However that doesn't mean he hasn't been working on new music ever since his release. With "Hood Star" he released his already 4th album of the year. The digital copy can be bought from Amazon, Google Play, iTunes and so on. If you prefer a physical copy don't forget that they will be available on Amazon as well, just with a little delay, so keep an eye open. I wouldn't be surprised if we also see a new video hitting YouTube to promote the release the next couple of days.

01. El Ache Uno
02. Bandolero Autentico
03. KastNFame
04. Fuck With Me
05. Cooking Meth
06. Hate The Flow
07. Bullet Riddled Bodies
08. Experimental
09. Fools Wishing
10. Hood Star

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Mr. Toro finally released his solo album "Directo De Los Angeles"

Mr. Toro - Directo De Los Angeles Chicano Rap

An LP which has been in the making for years, Mr. Toro's debut album "Directo De Los Angeles" was finally released September, 16th. The record of the former Charlie Row Campo affiliate was put out by Steel Banging Musick and comes with a lot of features including artists such as Midget Loco, Chino Grande, Spanky Loco, Huero Snipes, Doll-E Girl, Cecy B, Baby Jokes Seven, MC Magic and more. The digital version can be bought from Amazon, Google Play or wherever digital music is sold. People that prefer a physical copy can order it from the official Steel Banging Musick website by clicking here.

01. Intro
02. Los Angeles (feat. Spanky Loco, DI)
03. Tu Sabes Que Te Amo (feat. Lady V, David Salas)
04. Do You Wanna To Bang (feat. Spanky Loco, Huero Snipes)
05. Light Em Up (feat. Roscoe)
06. Amor (feat. Cricket)
07. Between Me And You (feat. Doll-E Girl, Cricket)
08. Born To Bang (feat. Young Brown, Cricket)
09. Junto A Ti (feat. Cecy B)
10. You’re The Only One (feat. Doll-E Girl, David Salas)
11. We Run The Streets (feat. Angel, Big Rob, Seven)
12. We Bang For The Gang (feat. Chino Grande, Baby Jokes)
13. We On That Gangsta Shit (feat. Midget Loco, Young Brown)
14. Everything To Me (feat. Midget Loco, MC Magic)
15. (Outro) Directo De Los Angeles

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Loco Negro keeps coming with heat in 2018

Loco Negro - Validated Chicano Rap

After releasing his solo album "The Lost Tapes Pt. 2" and after releasing a collaboration LP with Bozo called "BAM" is Loco Negro already back with his "Validated", his 3rd title for 2018. The LP which was released by High Caliber Records features Geneses, Sporty Loco and Frisco Cook. Loco Negro says about the album: "Tthis album is a reflection of my life in the past recent years in southern Los Angeles. Honestly written, detrimental and raw.". Earlier today I was skipping through the record on Spotify and need so say that it has some banging songs. As usual you are able to buy the digital version from Amazon, CDBaby, Google Play or iTunes by clicking on the respective link.

01. Gettin' Good (feat. Geneses)
02. Redemption
03. WTF
04. Role Model (feat. Geneses, Sporty Loco)
05. Mexicano
06. Actin' Like A Puto (feat. Frisco Cook)
07. Purple Lipstick
08. R.I.P Yesterday
09. Smoke Bubbles

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Brown Boy returns to the Chicano Rap scene

Brown Boy - V... Five Chicano Rap

When it comes to new music we haven't heard from Brown Boy for a while. Yesterday he returned to the Chicano Rap scene with his new LP called "V... Five". "Brown Boy brings you his 5th studio album titled "V". With production from D. Salas and Simes Carter this album is full of all new hits with that classic BB sound. The album features the hit songs "IYWM" and "Treat You Right". Brown Boy brings you an all-star line-up of features including MC Magic, Zig Zag of NB Ridaz, Nino Brown, Selo, Marty Obey, SC of Mob Fam, both lead singers from Nu Flavor (Rigo Luna & Pangie) and more." You can buy the digital version from CDBaby, Google Play or iTunes. I've also seen pictures of pressed copies on Instagram if you prefer the physical version.

01. Intro
02. Roll Out (feat. Zig Zag)
03. If You Were Mine (IYWM)
04. Treat You Right (feat. Selo, Zig Zag)
05. Always (feat. MC Magic)
06. The One I Need
07. Stay (feat. SC)
08. Dolla Signs (feat. Nino Brown, GT Garza)
09. My Everything (feat. Marty Obey)
10. RockWitchu (feat. Johnny C)
11. Better Man (feat. Selo)
12. My Heart Bleeds

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Lil Chino's dope solo debut "Smooth Stylez Of Life" is out now

Lil Chino - Smooth Stylez Of Life Chicano Rap

Ever since S.S.O.L member Lil Chino announced that he's going to release his 1st solo album I've been waiting for it. The wait is finally over as the album, which is called "Smooth Stylez Of Life", is out now. Features include Sara Shine, Lil Vandal, Two-J, Mr. Criminal, DJ Chulo and Phonk Gee. The official press release reads like this: ""Smooth Stylez Of Life" is the debut solo album of Lil Chino of S.S.O.L. Bringing the same 805 vibes as any other of S.S.O.L album, perfect for a midnight cruise or a Sunday bbq. "Smooth Stylez Of Life" will have your speakers bumping and your head nodding from start to finish.". I bought it earlier and need to say that it's a really good record bringing you nothing but the true 805 sound. The digital version can be bought from Amazon, CDBaby or Google Play. For the physical version you can move to CDBaby as well or hit up Lil Chino through his official Instagram account.

01. The Letter (feat. Sara Shine)
02. Chevy Bow Tie (feat. Lil Vandal)
03. 805 Style (feat. Lil Vandal, Two-J)
04. West Side (feat. Lil Vandal, Mr. Criminal)
05. Pais De Suenos
06. Not Enough
07. Feeling Fine (feat. Sara Shine, Lil Vandal)
08. Move With You (feat. DJ Chulo)
09. The Circle
10. Old School Music (feat. Phonk Gee)
11. Loyal (feat. Sara Shine)
12. Summer Time
13. Krazy (feat. Lil Vandal)

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Check out Youngsta's "Gucci... Print Mixtape"

Youngsta - Gucci... Print Mixtape Chicano Rap

Orange County based artist Youngsta released his latest project "Gucci... Print Mixtape" to digital stores September, 3rd. Back in August he released a video for the song "Foreign Whips" which is also featured on the album/ mixtape/ EP. You can click here or on the link below to watch it. If you are interested you can get the project from Amazon, Google Play or iTunes or check it out on Spotify. For more information about Youngsta you can also check out his official Instagram profile. Earlier this year he released another video for the song "We Getting Money" which is not featured on "Gucci... Print Mixtape".

01. Intro (Freestyle)
02. Foreign Whips
03. Steady On The Grind
04. Solo
05. First Coince - Fct Song
06. Game Tight
07. How To Hustle (Outro)

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