Check out Big Al's debut album "Raised By G's"

Big Al - Raised By G's Chicano Rap

Despite starting his professional rap career with SL Entertainment did Big Al release his debut album "Raised By G's" through Famfirst Empire May, 10th. The Canoga Park native teamed up with Leatherface and Famfirst, who are the only featues on the 9 track LP. If you want to get your digital copy move over to Amazon, Google Play or iTunes. If and when he's going to release an album with SL Entertainment remains to be seen, but for sure we will keep you updated. For more information about Big Al you can also follow his official Instagram account by clicking here.

01. Raised By G's
02. West Side
03. No Stopping
04. Stupid Wit It (feat. Leatherface)
05. Live My Life
06. Hating
07. Dollar & A Dream
08. Bang Your Clique
09. Got The Squad (feat. Famfirst)

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Compilation "Selo Presents... Radio Requests" is out now

VA - Selo Presents... Radio Requests Chicano Rap

Selo put out a new compilation called "Selo Presents... Radio Requests" a couple of weeks ago. The compilation includes a mix old and new love songs. Featured artists include Selo himself, Lil Cuete, NB Ridaz, Sykk One, Fingazz, Nino Brown, Slow Pain, Rigo Luna, Brown Boy, Baby Bash, Dave Biggs, Lyrik, Lil Blacky, Jah Free, D. Salas and more. If you ask me that's a really good line-up of artists. You can buy the digital version from Amazon, CDBaby, Google Play, iTunes and all other digital music stores. To stay up to date with Selo and his music you can also follow him on Instagram by clicking here.

01. Selo - You (feat. Lil Cuete, Pangie)
02. Selo - Unforgettable (feat. NB Ridaz, Sykk One)
03. Johnny C - So Good (feat. Paige, Fingazz)
04. Nino Brown - Love U Down (feat. Slow Pain, Rayleen)
05. Brown Boy - Smile For Me (feat. Rigo Luna)
06. Selo - Intro You (feat. Clint Gamboa)
07. Sykk One - My Everything (feat. Duece L)
08. Ruben G - Bonnie & Clyde (feat. Fingazz)
09. Brown Boy - Alone Tonight (feat. Selo, Clint Gamboa)
10. Nino Brown - Eye Candy (feat. Baby Bash, Princess Mia)
11. Selo - Body Sang (feat. Sykk One)
12. Selo - Whenever (feat. Pangie)
13. Dave Biggs - Neon Lights (feat. Lyrik)
14. Selo - Anything For You (feat. Lil Blacky, Pangie)
15. NB Ridaz - Missing You (feat. Selo, Paige)
16. Brown Boy - Wifey (feat. Big Meech, Doujah The Kid, Jah Free)
17. Zig Zag - Come Back To Me (feat. Selo, D. Salas)
18. Selo - Let Me Show You (feat. Lil Blacky, Sykk One)
19. Paige - You Ain't The One (feat. Johnny C, Sykk One)
20. Johnny C - Thinkin' Bout Ya (feat. Paige)
21. Selo - Turn Off The Lights (feat. Sykk One)

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Mister D released new single and video featuring all-star lineup

Mister D - Repping The Streets Chicano Rap

A couple of weeks ago SL Entertainment released Hillside's new album "King Of The Hill". Now they are already back with a real Chicano Rap banger, Mister D's new single "Repping The Streets" featuring Cold 187um aka Big Hutch (Above The Law), Trouble P, Cuete Yeska (Wicked Minds & Hit Squad), Wicked (Brownside) and O.G Ese Trouble. Yesterday they also premiered the video for it. Due to problems with the HD version they had re-upload it earlier today. To watch it just click here. If you like what you hear and see make sure to get the single from Google Play or iTunes. If you ask me it's a really interesting collaboration between Chicano Rappers we should see more often...

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Sykoalition released debut album more than 20 years after original recordings

Sykoalition - Born Again Chicano Rap

Sykoalition, a San Diego based group, released their debut album "Born Again" more than 20 years after the songs were recorded. Some fans might still remember that one of their songs was featured on the Familia Records compilation "Chicano Rap Volume 3" back in 1999. The official press statement reads like this: "Sykoalition - Old School Rap & Hip Hop at it's best!!! Southern California is were it all started for us. If you like Old School Rap/ Hip Hop, Chicano Rap, Latin Rap or even old school dance club rap, this is the album. Guaranteed to change your soul if you listen long enough! Bringing you back to the 90's with these rap hits.". You can buy the LP from Amazon, CDBaby, Google Play, iTunes or wherever digital music is sold. You can also be on the lookout for a review by 2xDope coming the next days, so stay tuned!

01. Tell Me Why
02. Materialize
03. Can't Let Go
04. Games You Play
05. Ill Funky Flow
06. Southern Cal
07. Get Up
08. Kung Fu Fighting
09. Groovin (feat. Frankie J)
10. Doin It All Over
11. Junior (feat. Trevor Davis)

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Annimeanz's "The Architect" out now

Annimeanz - The Architect Chicano Rap

I'm sure that it raised at least some eye brows when Annimeanz announced that he signed a contract with Mr. Criminal's Crime Family Entertainment. Last week he released his brand new album "The Architect" featuring artists such as Young Note, Chunks, Anthony John, Garret Douglas and Bucket. 3 videos already hit YouTube including one for my favorite song from the album called "No Safe Button". All videos can be watched by clicking on the respective link below. If you like the audio make sure to get your digital copy from Amazon, Google Play or iTunes.

01. No Safe Button
02. Every Night
03. Grown Man Business
04. Rage (feat. Young Note)
05. Keep Trying (feat. Chunks)
06. When You Looked
07. What You Need To Know
08. My Fears (feat. Anthony John)
09. Best Thing (feat. Garret Douglas)
10. No Safe Button 2
11. Fuck Is You Saying (feat. Young Note, Bucket)

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SL Entertainment released promised Hillside album

Hillside - King Of The Hill Chicano Rap

Late 2018 Hillside released his solo debut "13 Shots 2 The Dome". Like promised back then he released his 2nd LP "King Of The Hill" through SL Entertainment in March. The album which is packed with 19 songs features Mister D, Big Al, Travi SoSick, Trouble P, Thee Kas, Frank V, Criz Beetz, Frank V, Cold 198um, Lil Saint, Chino 40 Lazy, Lady Diva, Bobby Southland and Conejo. A video for the track "Player Song" featuring Big Al, Mister D and Criz Beetz can by seen by clicking here. The digital version can be bought from Amazon, Google Play and iTunes. If you prefer a physical copy you can get it from the official SL Entertainment eBay page.

01. This Is Southland
02. Dont Try To Test (feat. Big Al, Travi SoSick)
03. King Of The Hill
04. California (feat. Trouble P, Thee Kas)
05. Player Song (feat. Big Al, Mister D, Criz Beetz)
06. Come Home (feat. Trouble P)
07. Mortal Combat (feat. Frank V)
08. Running (feat. Criz Beetz)
09. We Stay On Top (feat. Cold 187um)
10. Fool Out Of You
11. On Some Hood Shit (feat. Lil Saint, Chino 40)
12. Let It Swing (feat. Lil Saint, Mr. D)
13. You Get Me Thinking (feat. Lil Saint, Lazy, Big Bal)
14. You (feat. Lil Saint)
15. Gangster Lovin (feat. Lady Diva)
16. Got To Keep Moving (feat. Bobby Southland)
17. Something To Bump [BONUS TRACK]
18. Superman [BONUS TRACK]
19. Not A Player [BONUS TRACK] (feat. Conejo, Mr. D)

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Ese Lil One's new single "Keepin It G" marks the return of Payaso

Ese Lil One - Keepin It G Chicano Rap

After releasing his debut album "The Way Of Life" and after releasing his sophomore album "California Raised" is 805 based rapper Ese Lil One back with his newest single "Keepin It G". The single features Logo Negro and insterestlingly Payaso from the Dukes Click. Honestly, I can't remember when we last heard some new music from this Chicano Rap legend. Yesterday they also released a video for it which was filmed and edited by Maldito form the 805 Clicka. To watch it just click here. If you like what you hear and see you can get the single from Amazon, CDBaby, Google Play and iTunes.

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Misfit Soto's LP "Embrace The Breakdown" is out now

Misfit Soto - Embrace The Breakdown Chicano Rap

The last couple of months Misfit Soto has kept himself busy by releasing video after video and being on stage at the Latin Lockdown Tour. Mid April he also released a brand new album called "Embrace The Breakdown" featuring Conejo, Stomper, King Neeko, Lucky Luciano, Jokes and more. Below you find the links to 4 videos he released to promote the LP. As usual you can get your digital copy from Amazon, Google Play or iTunes. If I'm not mistaking you can get a pressed copy directly from him by hitting him up on his official Instagram account by clicking here.

01. Cochise
02. Avalanches (feat. King Neeko)
03. On Me
04. Get It Back
05. Slippin Into Darkness
06. Never Slackin (feat. Lucky Luciano)
07. Love Is A Uzi
08. Mama Knows (feat. Kujo)
09. You Know It
10. 100 (feat. Jokes, Baby Bounce, Tr3s)
11. Street Lights
12. Hell Raiser (feat. Conejo, Stomper)
13. Demons
14. The Soundtrack To Love
15. Ride
16. Stronger
17. Don't Let Us Fall Apart (feat. Jokes)

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Cuete Yeska released volume #6 of his "Love Stories" series

Cuete Yeska - Love Stories 6 Chicano Rap

Late February former Wicked Minds and Hit Squad member Cuete Yeska released volume #6 of his popular "Love Stories" series entitled "Love Sick" through his own label Round Town Music. The LP features Chicano legends Tierra, D. Salas, Jon, Stanford Griffin and Carolyn Rodriguez. To get your digital copy move over to Amazon, Google Play or iTunes. For sure you can also hear it on Spotify by clicking here. So far I haven't seen physical copies but wouldn't be surprised to see them soon as he also pressed copies of volune #5 "It's Complicated", keep an eye open...

01. Take Your Time (feat. Jon)
02. Dream (feat. Tierra)
03. My 2nd Most (feat. Stanford Griffin)
04. Breaking My Heart (feat. Jon)
05. The Dopest
06. Lately (feat. Jon)
07. All This Love
08. If You Can't Love (feat. D. Salas)
09. I Love Your Way
10. Our Day (feat. D. Salas)
11. Thinking About My Ex (feat. Stanford Griffin)
12. Lovely Day
13. I Like It
14. 3002
15. Every Time You Go Away (feat. Carolyn Rodriguez)

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Godforsakes & K Fushuz released collaboration LP "The Master's Plan"

Godforsakes & K Fushuz - The Master's Plan Chicano Rap

I know we are a little bit late on this but I guess it's better late than never. Earlier this year Godforsakes and K Fushuz released their collaboration LP "The Master's Plan". Featured artists include Shady Boy, Kozme, Lil Vampz and more. An official statement about the album reads like this: "Our music is real underground positive poetry. None of that fake it till you make it stuff. If your a hard working father trying to balance real life and a dream that lives in you then this might be for you or perhaps a single mother looking for something unlike that radio rap that really makes no sense at times. I guess what i am trying to say is take a chance on some solid hip hop. Give it a listen you won't be disappointed. Thank you for taking the time appreciate it very much.". To buy the album move over to Amazon, CDBaby, Google Play or iTunes. Here's the tracklisting including the links to 5 videos they have released:

01. Stompin Intro
02. The Master's Plan
03. Sola (feat. Shady Boy, Terco)
04. Nine 2 Five
05. Educate (feat. Drasticone)
06. One 2 Ten (feat. Big Silenca)
07. Everyday (feat. Kozme)
08. No Honor (feat. Knowa Lazarus, Lil Vampz)
09. It's Never Over
10. Angel Dust
11. What We See
12. Dreamz
13. F With Me

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Chicano Rap classic hits digital stores 24 years after original release

Slow Pain - The Baby OG Chicano Rap

All the way back in 1995 Thump Records released Slow Pain's debut solo album "The Baby OG". 24 years after the original date Thump Records finally released it to digital music stores earlier this year. If you ask me it was more than overdue to have one of the best Chicano Rap albums available online. If you don't own a physical copy of this masterpiece move over to Amazon, Google Play or iTunes to get it now! In case you haven't done it yet, click here to read 2xDope's exclusive review of this Chicano Rap classic. We still hope that Slow Pain will return and give his fans what they want, a final record...

01. Intro - The Funky Funk Bomb
02. Baby OG'z
03. Slow Pain Baby (To The Left To The Right)
04. Money Maid (Fallin' In Love)
05. Ride Wit Me
06. Saturday Night Ballin'
07. Wicked Ass Funk
08. So Many City's
09. If You Get High
10. My Trigger Finger
11. We On A Mission
12. Saturday Night Ballin' [REMIX]

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Check out Diablo's 3rd Crime Family Entertainment LP "True Stories"

Diablo - True Stories Chicano Rap

Back in March Diablo released his latest LP "True Stories" through Mr. Criminal's Crime Family Entertainment. The album, which is already his 3rd Crime Family Entertainment release, features artists such as Mr. Criminal, Paul Daniel, Y-Be, Obnoxious, Ojay The Great, Krooks The Felon, Oxnard Pugz and more. It also includes the remix to to his hit "From A Gang". Besides working on the music he was also busy putting out 4 videos to promote the LP. To watch the videos click on the links below. To buy the digital version move over to Amazon, Google Play, iTunes or to wherever digital music is sold.

01. What They Want (feat. Paul Daniel)
02. Bout It
03. On A Mission (feat. Y-Be)
04. Still Tripping (feat. Obnoxious)
05. All Blue
06. Back In The Day (feat. Ojay The Great)
07. From A Gang [REMIX] (feat. Krooks The Felon, Oxnard Pugz, Mr. Criminal)
08. Backwoods N Hennessy (feat. Obnoxious)
09. True Stories (feat. Mr. Criminal, Sinner)
10. Set It Off (feat. King Trip)
11. Don't Make Sense
12. Not The Same (feat. Krooks The Felon)
13. In The Field

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Hi Power Entertainment brings you the "Sounds Of The Calles" with new compilation

VA - Sounds Of The Calles Chicano Rap

March, 8th Hi Power Entertainment released a compilation called "Sounds Of The Calles". Ever since digital music downloads and streams got more popular compilations like this have been a rare occurrence. The release features artists such as Soldier Loks, Bugzy, Boxer Loko, Big E, Ese Criminal and more. A video for Bugzy's "Do Or Die" as well as a video for Big E's "Bang Bang" can be seen by clicking on the respective link below. If you like what you hear and see you can get your digital copy from Amazon, Google Play or iTunes. As a little side node, the cover somehow reminds me of the old Hi Power Entertainment compilations, a time when Chicano Rap buzzing.

01. Soldier Loks - You Know What It Is
02. Bugzy - Do Or Die
03. Boxer Loko - Narcos & Blue Raggers (feat. King Pharaoh)
04. Myster - Cali Aint Sweet
05. Big E - Bang Bang
06. Soldier Loks - Doing My Thang
07. Tattd F - Tattd 1K
08. Poison - On Me
09. Young Chach - Like Why Me
10. Ese Criminal - Bounce (feat. Lucky G)
11. Young Spooks - Still Active (Feat. Young SG, Slick)
12. Soldier Loks - Idgaf

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Conejo and Kast N Fame teamed up once again

Conejo - Vendetta II Chicano Rap

In the 4th quarter of 2018 Conejo and Kast N Fame brought you a collaboration LP called "Vendetta". Now they are back to bring you another EP called "Vendetta II". To promote the release Conejo released a video for the song "No Love" featuring Stomper, who is also the only guest on the entire album. If you ask me it's a really nice video. To watch it click here or on the link below. I'd also like to mention that Kast N Fame did a really good on the cover as well. As usual you can by the digital version from all digital music stores including Amazon, Google Play and iTunes.

01. No Love (feat. Stomper)
02. Chase Story
03. Can't Live This Way
04. Game Over
05. Shine
06. Kast 'N' Fame Meditation

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The K.A.S goes "All Or Nothing" with latest LP

The K.A.S - All Or Nothing Chicano Rap

March, 21st The K.A.S aka Lil Kasper released his 3rd solo album "All Or Nothing". The LP which is fully produced by Crizbeetz has been in the making for some time. Back in 2016 he released a video for the 1st single "Welcome To L.A", a video which was followed by 3 more with the latest being "Fronting". All visiuals can be seen by clicking on the respective link below. If you like what you hear and see you can get the digital copy from Amazon, Google Play, iTunes and all other digital music stores. If you are interested in picking up a pressed copy hit up The K.A.S over at his official Instagram account by clicking here.

01. All Or Nothing
02. Leather-N-Kush (feat. Christina)
03. Conspiracy Theory (feat. Crizbeetz)
04. Higher (feat. Milano, Crizbeetz)
05. Eyes Ridin' Low
06. Meant 2 Be
07. Faded (feat. Laro)
08. Fronting
09. Pull Up (feat. Crizbeetz)
10. Welcome To L.A
11. Tired
12. 3 Wheel Motion

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