Mr. Lil One released already classic album "Ruthless"

Mr. Lil One - Ruthless Chicano Rap

All the years I've been listening to Chicano Rap or rap in general I've learned that being a good rapper doesn't mean that you know how to create a banging album. Thinking about good rappers you can come up with the name Mr. Lil One who just released his new album "Ruthless" and who proved that he still knows how to produce a dope record from beginning to end. I bought the album the day it came out and it's been on repeat since then. I wanna go as far and say that this is Mr. Lil One's best album yet or at least my favorite one. On the LP you hear artists such as Mr. Shadow, Conejo, Young Diggy, Chunks and more. A video for the song "Oh My God" can be seen by clicking on the link below. If you like what you hear and see you can get the digital version from Amazon, Google Play or iTunes.

01. Mayhem (feat. Finis & Ari)
02. Oh My God
03. Tsunami
04. Devils Advocate (feat. Ari)
05. Judaz
06. Dynamic Duo (feat. Finis)
07. Execute
08. Toxic
09. Ruthless (feat. Mr. Shadow, Finis)
10. Fame (feat. Chunks, Panther, Ant Dog)
11. Sick In The Dome (feat. Young Diggy, Prada West, Lucky Aka, Lil Roy)
12. Bodies (feat. Conejo, Mr. Shadow)
13. Living Dead (feat. Young Diggy)
14. Krazy
15. Someway (feat. Ari)

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Stomper continues to not follow trends by releasing a new CD today

Stomper - 1SICKMAN76DEEP Chicano Rap

Stomper is really keeping himself busy when it comes to releasing music. The interesing thing is that he doesn't follow the digital trend and is only pressing physical copies of all his latest albums. A couple of days ago he received the copies of his new album "1SICKMAN76DEEP" which is officially out now. The LP features artists such as Sendog, Methoad Man, Bozo, Psycho Realm, Mr. Criminal, Lil Tweety, King Lil G, Conejo, Spice 1, 2Pac, Eazy-E and Sadboy Loko. Like mentioned you are not going to find this album on iTunes and so on. If you want to get it you have to buy it from Stomper directly by hitting him up on Instagram. I had the chance to listen to the album and there's not much I can say about besides "Go get it this banger while supplies last!". Interestingly the mixes were done by german artist One Eight Seven Music.

01. Shot Caller
02. Aint Nobody Safty (feat. Sendog, Method Man)
03. Are You With It (feat. Bozo, Psycho Realm)
04. Run The Block (feat. Mr. Criminal)
05. Varrio Pico Nuevo Gang
06. Surprise (feat. Lil Tweety, Mr. Criminal)
07. Better Way (feat. Mr. Criminal)
08. Open Fire And Kill (feat. King Lil G, Conejo)
09. Dont Fuck With Us (feat. Spice 1, 2Pac)
10. Menace 2 Society (feat. Mr. Criminal, Eazy-E)
11. On My Varrio (feat. Sadboy Loko, Conejo)
12. Hammer Close (feat. Conejo)

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Calmex Music Group continues to re-release classic Aztec Tribe music

Aztec Tribe - What If Chicano Rap

As you know has Calmex Music Group already re-released the Aztec Tribe classics "Straight From Tha Zone" and "Desperados". Besides that they also released Shade's solo album "Grey Skies". End of June they re-released the 3rd Aztec Tribe album called "What If". The LP which was originally released in the early 2000s (if I'm not mistaking) features artists such L. Foxy, Shandy, June Bug Spade, Michelle Ambriz and Nino. Since I don't think there will be pressed copies you can move over to Amazon, Google Play or iTunes to buy the digital version of this San Diego classic.

01. Intro
02. What If
03. Ask Someone (feat. L. Foxy)
04. Playaz And Hustlaz (feat. Shandy)
05. By Your Side
06. Everybody Bounce (feat. June Bug Spade)
07. Phonies (feat. Shandy)
08. Paranoid (feat. L. Foxy)
09. Make It Hot
10. Throw It Up
11. Changes (feat. Michelle Ambriz)
12. Desperados (feat. Shandy)
13. Currency (feat. L. Foxy)
14. Get Your Hustle On (feat. Shandy)
15. Break Beat
16. Whatcha Want From Me (feat. L. Foxy)
17. Come And Get It (feat. Nino)
18. Take A Ride (feat. Shandy)
19. Mind Games

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Malvados Click released self-titled LP digitally

Malvados Click - Malvados Click Chicano Rap

People that follow the website as well as the forum closely know that "Ponte Trucha" by the Malvados Click featuring Knightowl is one of my favorite Chicano Rap songs. The track appears on their self-titled album "Malvados Click" which came out years ago. I actually first heard it in the documentary "Welcome To The 619" which can be seen you clicking here. A couple of weeks ago the LP finally hit digital stores. Besides Knightowl other features include Necio, Lil Owl, Kozme, Knightmare, Eric, Snypes, Lil T and Baby Stocks. To buy it you can move over to Amazon, Google Play or iTunes.

01. Intro
02. Gangsta For Life (feat. Necio, Lil Owl)
03. Make That Ass Clap (feat. Kozme)
04. My Lady (feat. Knightmare, Knightowl)
05. Keep It Jumping
06. Ponte Trucha (feat. Knightowl)
07. To All My Ladies
08. I Know You Like It (feat. Knightowl)
09. Dreaming
10. Down The Block
11. Summer Loving (feat. Necio)
12. Shatter Dreams (feat. Kozme)
13. West Coast Cali G's
14. Back In The Mic
15. Rolling
16. V.I.P
17. Para Ti (feat. Lil Owl, Eric, Snypes)
18. At It Again (feat. Lil Owl, Lil T, Baby Stocks)
19. We In The Club
20. Outro

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Mister D once again teams up with Cold 187um to bring you "The 187 Album"

Mister D - The 187 Album Chicano Rap

After releasing it's long awaited 1st full movie "A Southland Tale" earlier this year is Mister D back with his latest solo album "The 187 Album". Besides Cold 187um aka Big Hutch from the legendary group Above The Law the album comes with features from Wicked (Brownside), Ese Daz (Spanish Fly), Saint, Hillside, Big Lazie, OG Ese Trouble, Chino 40, Trouble P, Cuete Yeska, DTTX, Bobby Southland, Clumsy Boy, Kid Frost, Malow Mac, Thee Kas and Frank V. 20 minutes before I started writing this article a new video for the song "Hustlers Anthem" hit YouTube. That's already the 4th video from the "The 187 Album". All can be seen by clicking on the respective link below. If you like what you hear and see you can get the digital version from Amazon, Google Play or iTunes. If you prefer a physical copy you can get it from the official SL Entertainment eBay page by clicking here.

01. So Clean (feat. Cold 187um, Saint, Hillside, Big Lazie)
02. Hustlers Anthem (feat. Cold 187um, Hillside, Saint, OG Ese Trouble, Chino 40)
03. Always Into Something (feat. Wicked, OG Ese Trouble, Trouble P)
04. Can't Tell Me Nothing (feat. Cold 187um, Ese Daz, Trouble P)
05. Repping The Streets (feat. Cold 187um, Trouble P, Cuete Yeska, Wicked, Og Ese Trouble)
06. Let Me Know [REMIX] (feat. Cold 187um, Trouble P, DTTX)
07. You Don't Want No Problems (feat. Cold 187um, Hillside)
08. Outlaws (feat. Hillside, Saint, Bobby Southland)
09. Sometimes (feat. Cold 187um, Trouble P, Saint, Hillside)
10. Too Gangster To Smile (feat. Clumsy Boy, Hillside)
11. Sugar Sugar (feat. OG Ese Trouble, Cold 187um)
12. I Can't Stop You (feat. Cold 187um, Trouble P)
13. Hold Me Down (feat. Cold 187um)
14. Something To Bump [REMIX] (feat. Hillside, OG Ese Trouble)
15. That Aint Me [REMIX] (feat. Kid Frost, Hillside, Malow Mac)
16. Riders Groove [REMIX] (feat. Thee Kas, Cold 187um, Frank V)

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Stomper pressed copies of "Soldier Dreamz" collaboration LP

Stomper - Soldier Dreamz Chicano Rap

Back when Stomper was still signed to Hi Power Entertainment he started recording songs with J.Hind. They were also working on an album called "Soldier Dreamz" which at least to my knowledge has never been released officially. People that follow Stomper on his Instagram know that he's been pressing CDs lately including his classic mixtapes but also the long awaited "Soldier Dreamz" LP. Artists that are featured on the record include Grumpy, J.M.G, Ese Vollen, Malow Mac, Big Tank Mistah Fab, Spanky Loco, Slush The Villain and more. If you want to get your copy hit up Stomper directly by clicking here.

01. I Get The Money
02. Hour Of Death
03. This Is My Soul (feat. D-Lo)
04. Not Like Me (feat. J.M.G)
05. Call Me Krazy (feat. Kokane)
06. We On Fire (feat. Grafik, Feel Good)
07. Marijuana (feat. Demolition)
08. Go Loco (feat. Mistah F.A.B)
09. Destiny (feat. A.R Styles)
10. H.U.S.T.L.I.N.G (feat. Malow Mac)
11. Parking Lot (feat. Grumpy)
12. The Missing Element (feat. Grumpy, JT The Bigga Figga)
13. Rolling With A Glock (feat. Ese Villen)
14. Lies
15. Blaze It Up (feat. J.M.G)
16. Lets Get This Paper (feat. Dre Infinate, Lil Zane, Badazz)
17. We Bang Wicked (feat. Spanky Loco, Topp Dogg)
18. The World Is Mine (feat. Big Tank)
19. Aint No Sence (feat. Slush The Villain)

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Introducing 805 based artist Lil Joe

Lil Joe Chicano Rap

I wanted to introduce you to 805 based artist Lil Joe. So far he has released 2 singles. The 1st one was released in 2019, is called "Have You Ever" and features Ese Lil One as well as 805 Clicka member Maldito. The 2nd one was released this year, is called "You Got It" and features Sara S. Both singles are produced by well known Chicano Rap producer D. Salas. I contacted Lil Joe a couple of weeks ago on his official Instagram account and asked him if he's working on a full album but unfortunately this is not the case at the moment. For now you can listen to both singles over at Spotify or buy them from all digital music stores.

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Sicc 2 Sicc's "Blaze It Up... The EP" is out now

Sicc 2 Sicc - Blaze It Up... The EP Chicano Rap

Despite being in the Chicano Rap game for many years there's not that much music with the own Sicc 2 Sicc (Gangsters) name on it. However, a couple of weeks ago Smilone and Tazz released a brand new EP called "Blaze It Up... The EP". Back in 2019 they already released a video for the title song "Blaze It Up Pt. 2" which can be seen by clicking here. As you can expect from the title of the EP it comes with fresh music for all you smokers out there. If you like what you hear and see you can buy it from Amazon, Google Play or iTunes.

01. Blaze It Up Pt. 2
02. Puños De La Verde
03. Roll Out
04. Bomb Bud
05. Smoke Session

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Conejo released new EP but attention is on his return to the big screen

Conejo - Malefico Chicano Rap

After releasing his banging album "West Adams" in March did Conejo release a project called "Malefico EP". The EP consists of 5 new songs and can be bought from the known digital stores such as Amazon, Google Play or iTunes. As you probably Conejo has also been working on his acting career lately. After being featured in the Fox TV series "Deputy" is Conejo getting ready to feature on the big screen in David Ayer's upcoming movie "The Tax Collector". Click here to watch the trailer of the movie which is sheduled to be released August, 7th.

01. Este Verso Maldicion
02. Kilos
03. That's When I Heard
04. Made A Pact
05. Noticiero A Las Once

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Promised "City Of Gods" re-release is out

Blunts LLA - City Of Gods... Based On A True L.A Story Chicano Rap

Like announced and just a couple of weeks after re-releasing his classic mixtape "The Cruzifixion" is Omar Cruz aka Blunts LLA arleady back with another classic which finally hit digital stores. This time he and B.Y.I Entertainment re-released his album "City Of Gods... Based On A True L.A Story". If you don't own the physical version you can get the digital one from Amazon, Google Play or iTunes. In the tracklist below I included the title track despite not being available on the German digital version. To me this is a minor flaw as it's my favorite Omar Cruz song.

01. Live
02. City Of Gods
03. 1234 Shots
04. Dreams
05. Armed Robberz
06. Incredible Freestyle
07. Look At Us Now
08. Fall Back
09. Struggle Continues
10. I Remember
11. Here Comes Blunts LLA
12. Some Story On The Block
13. Interlude
14. Soufle
15. Introduction To The Game
16. Interlude 2
17. Officially In It
18. We Made It
19. Libertad
20. Trust Nobody
21. Forsaken
22. La Ultima Canción

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Bozo's new album "Goon Play" comes with banging single

Bozo - Goon Play Chicano Rap

Bozo returned with his latest project called "Goon Play" earlier this month. Features include Dowtr Lowks, Kujo The Savage, Nueve, Loco Negro and Em4. At the end of May he also released a video for the song "Blue In Blue Out" featuring Dowtr Lowks Kujo The Savage and Nueve. Of course I can only speak for myself but I'm really feeling this song as it comes with a really dope sample and sick flows. To watch the video click here. If you like what you hear and see you can buy the record which consists of (only) 8 new tracks from Google Play or iTunes.

01. Blue In Blue Out (feat. Dowtr Lowks, Kujo The Savage, Nueve)
02. Flawless (feat. Loco Negro)
03. The Vision
04. Say A Prayer (feat. Nueve)
05. Celebrate
06. They Notice It (feat. Em4, Loco Negro)
07. I Like (feat. Loco Negro)
08. Foo-Gazi

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Lil Wicked found "The Lost Tapes" and released them

Lil Wicked - The Lost Tapes Chicano Rap

We haven't heard from Orange County veteran Lil Wicked for some time on CalifaRap but now he's back with newest release "The Lost Tapes". The new LP which consists of 18 songs features artists such as Uno, Sinek, Ese Grouch, Westside Cartel, MC Magic, Dat Raskal, Samantha Latino, Sara Shine, SSOL, Crazy Boy, Mr. Sancho, Y-Be, Lyrical, DJ Ak, Lil Bandit and more. I listened to the record a couple of days ago and let me tell it's good that "The Lost Tapes" aren't exactly just yet. The album comes with some good music which you shouldn't miss out on. To buy it move over to Amazon, Google Play or iTunes.

01. Westside (feat. Uno)
02. Game Over (feat. Sinek)
03. On My Mind (feat. Ese Grouch, Westside Cartel)
04. Come & Take A Ride (feat. Dice Loks, MC Magic)
05. Take A Walk (feat. Dat Raskal, Dice Loks, Samantha Latino)
06. We Can Make It (feat. Sara Shine, SSOL)
07. I Want To Be Down (feat. Dice)
08. No Love (feat. Crazy Boy, Derty B)
09. Make Them Bounce (feat. Ese Grouch, Mr. Sancho)
10. California Living (feat. Ese Grouch, Dat Raskal)
11. Cash On My Mind
13. Come Up (feat. Dat Raskal, YaBoy Ceez)
14. Always Ready To Ride (feat. Y-Be, Lil Weapon, Lyrical, Westside Cartel)
15. G'z (feat. Casual, Dat Raskal, DJ Ak)
16. Tell Me Why (feat. Lil Bandit)
17. Gloves Podcast
18. Italia 2 OC (feat. Westside Cartel, Italianos Intocables)

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Crazy Boy released banging album "El Nino Loco"

Crazy Boy - El Nino Loco Chicano Rap

805 original Crazy Boy released his new record "El Nino Loco" a couple of days ago. So far you can get the digital version from Amazon, Google Play and iTunes. Pressed copies are supposed to be out in a couple of days as well, so keep an eye open. Featured artists include Kujo The Savage, King Trip, Lari The G, Triple C (Dominator and Rebel), Carolyn Rodriguez, Loelitah, Mr. Criminal and more. A video for the song "Test Me" can be seen by clicking here. I bought the album the day it came out and after giving it a close listen I need to say that this is my personal favorite Crazy Boy LP so far.

01. No Love (feat. TakeOffLila, Julius Caesar, Bako Loco)
02. Blessings (feat. Kujo The Savage)
03. LAX To HNL (feat. Aye Eyez, Chu Cho)
04. Test Me
05. Dead Prezidents (feat. Rascal Loco, Dinero)
06. One Day (feat. Shanice Armenta)
07. O.G Rap Shit (feat. King Trip, Lari The G)
08. We Move (feat. Aye Eyez)
09. Get It In (feat. Triple C)
10. Who Is Out Tonight (feat. Triple C, King Trip)
11. Relax (feat. Dominator, Carolyn Rodriguez)
12. Somethings Wrong With You [REMIX] (feat. Cracshot, Loelitah, Dominator, Mr. Criminal)
13. Superstar (feat. Dominator)
14. When I Call You (feat. Dominator, Shanice Armenta)
15. California (feat. Bako Loco, Mr. Criminal)

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Young Trav released "War Paint" LP

Young Trav - War Paint Chicano Rap

Young Trav, one of Chicano Rap's hardest working artists when it comes to releasing fresh content, is back with his latest album called "War Paint". The LP which was already released a end of February features Seldom Seen, Cyco Bullet, Lil Sicko and Kozme. As usual these days you can get the digital version from Amazon, Google Play and iTunes. The other day Trav sent me the cover of his upcoming album "California Legend" which is supposed to be out soon. For sure we will let you know more about this release once it's available, so keep an eye open.

01. Feel The Shots (feat. Seldom Seen)
02. My Point Across
03. Speakin' On The Facts (feat. Seldom Seen)
04. This Ic Clique (feat. Cyco Bullet)
05. Went No Where (feat. Lil Sicko)
06. Closed Caskets
07. We Roll Strapped (feat. Lil Sicko)
08. My Own Lande
09. All Day & All Night
10. Enough Said (feat. Seldom Seen)
11. My Princesses (feat. Kozme)
12. Oh Honey

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Malvados Click member released new solo album called "Dirty Money"

Stilow Nasty - Dirty Money Chicano Rap

Malvados Click member Stilow Nasty already released an underground album "Diego Town Solider" a couple of years ago. If you haven't heard it yet you can hear the full LP for free over at his official YouTube page by clicking here. Mid May he released his 2nd solo album called "Dirty Money". Features include Derik Moralez, Lil ZigZag, Ro G, Phily Blunt, Necio, O.G Lyrics, Serio and more. Compared to "Diego Town Soldier" you can buy "Dirty Money" from digital music stores such as Google Play or iTunes. You can follow Stilow Nasty on his official Instagram page by clicking here.

01. Fallen (feat. Derik Moralez)
02. Bullets To My Back (feat. Lil ZigZag)
03. El Blind
04. Trankilo (feat. Ro G)
05. Estilow Humilde
06. Funktion (feat. Philly Blunt, Necio)
07. Mekieren Ber Abajo
08. I Do My Own Thing (feat. O.G Lyrics)
09. El Flakito (feat. Pato)
10. La Vida Me Enseno (feat. Serio)
11. Voladno Relax
12. En La Baja (feat. Biggz)
13. Im On A Mission (feat. MC Lil S)
14. Hands Up (feat. Crazy One)
15. No Somos Iguales (feat. Ese Dreamer)
16. El Sharkk (feat. Pato)

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