Gangsta Ric states his "Hustler's Ambition"

Gangsta Ric - Hustler's Ambition Chicano Rap

The last time we heard from Pasadena native Gangsta Ric on CalifaRap was when he released his "West Till My Death" LP through Steel Banging Musick. Now he's back with a new EP called "Hustler's Ambition". The EP consists of 5 full songs as well as an intro and features Big Beezy, Lil Dena, Thug Angel and Midget Loco. A couple of weeks ago he releaesd a video for the song "Blue" which can be seen by clicking here. The digital version can be bought from Amazon, Google Play or iTunes. Please be aware that there's also a radio edited version of the EP. I linked to the explicit one.

01. Intro
02. Money (feat. Big Beezy, Lil Dena)
03. Hustler's Ambition (feat. Thug Angel)
04. Blue
05. Affiliated (feat. Midget Loco)
06. Wires

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Mr. Clever presents "Tha O.C Connection Project"

VA - Tha O.C Connection Project Chicano Rap

Mr. Clever released a brand new compilation called "Mr. Clever Presents... Tha O.C Connection Project". The album features a gang of artists out of the Orange County including rappers at least I haven't heard from for a while. Rappers you hear on the compilation include Mr. Clever himself, Young Drummer Boy, O-Creep, Enfamis 1, Chito Perro, Mr. Vic, Tiny Loco, Raider, Tha Kid Dream, Lonely One, Lefty, Lil Wicked, CrossxBones, Lil Chino, Sinek, Organized Cartel, Butch Cassidy and Kultura 714. Yes, Kultura 714 our forum member who also wrote some articles for our Throwbacks section. If you want to buy the LP move over to Amazon, Google Play or iTunes.

01. Tha O.C Connection (feat. Young Drummer Boy)
02. Rare Breed (feat. O-Creep)
03. All Night Long (feat. Enfamis 1, Bogo, Chito Perro)
04. Greatness (feat. Mr. Vic, Chito Perro)
05. Carteleros Way (feat. Tiny Loco, Chito Perro, Raider)
06. Charlie Sheen (feat. Chito Perro, Tha Kid Dream)
07. O.C Boogie (feat. Lonely One)
08. Fiesta En Santana (feat. Lefty)
09. Money Power Lust Fame (feat. Kultura 714, Enfamis 1)
10. Sipping On This Hennessy (feat. Lil Wicked)
11. Murda On My Mind (feat. Chito Perro, CrossxBones, Lil Chino)
12. Santana Ghetto (feat. Sinek)
13. Keep It O.G (feat. Organized Cartel, Lifestyle, Enfamis 1, Mr. Vic, Butch Cassidy)

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"The Final Ride" movie and soundtrack by Mr. Criminal are out now

Mr. Criminal - The Finale Ride Chicano Rap

Mr. Criminal released his long awaited movie "The Final Ride" a couple of days ago. You can watch the trailer by clicking here. A soundtrack hit the streets as well. Both products were released by Crime Family Entertainment along with Hi Power Entertainment. If you are interested in physical copies of the DVD and the CD hit up Mr. Criminal's official website The digital version of the soundtrack can be bought from Amazon, Google Play or iTunes. I haven't heard anything about a digital release of the movie but will let you know as soon as I've heard something about it.

01. Final Ride (Intro)
02. Choices
03. The Final Ride
04. Bless The Streets
05. Evolution Of A GGGGG
06. Lost In The Speakers
07. Think About It
08. Im A Hustler
09. Walk With Pride
10. SouthSide
11. Streets Got My Back
12. California Outlaws
13. Final Ride (Outro)

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Conejo's catalog keeps on growing with "West Adams" release

Conejo - West Adams Chicano Rap

Early March Conejo released his latest solo LP called "West Adams". The album consists of 11 songs and features Bugzy 2 Guns on 2 tracks. To promote the release there are visuals on YouTube including a double video for "Fugitivo Mi Suerte" and "Bossed' Up" as well as a video for "Shooter". If you ask me it's a really good album. If you like what you hear and see you can get your pressed copy including an autographed photo print from Conejo's official website by clicking here. As usual the digital can be bought from the known places such as Amazon, Google Play or iTunes.

01. Fugitivo Mi Suerte
02. Bossed' Up
03. Cara Cortada
04. Giogio Armani
05. Poison
06. Big Guns
07. Shooter (feat. Bugzy 2 Guns)
08. Last Time
09. The Shipment
10. Skmob
11. Run The Jewels (feat. Bugzy 2 Guns)

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"West Coast Behavior" by D-Loc is out now

D-Loc - West Coast Behavior Chicano Rap

The last time we heard from D-Loc here on CalifaRap was when he released his video "Back With Somethin". If you haven't watch it yet click here to do so. In February he released his LP called "West Coast Behavior". There are only 4 features on the album from Trazel, Habitz, Jay Melody and Crazy Boy. I haven't heard the whole album yet but the single "Back With Somethin" is really promissing. You can get the digital version from Amazon, Google Play, iTunes and all other online stores. I'm not sure but pressed copies might be available directly through him over at his official Instagram account.

01. Warming Up
02. Hush
03. The Nite Show
04. Liqour Store
05. West Coast Banger
06. One Day It Will
07. Back Wit Somethin (feat. Trazel)
08. Automatic (feat. Habitz)
09. Everything Or Nothing
10. Calendar (feat. Jay Melody, Crazy Boy)
11. 100 Doobies

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Payaso returns with long awaited LP "Gang Signs"

Payaso - Gang Signs Chicano Rap

Payaso is back with his new album "Gang Signs". "New" might not be the correct word since the cover of the album has been floating around the internet for years and the songs have probably been recorded years ago. As usual, better late than never. The release marks the return of a true Chicano Rap legend. Being the son of the founder of Teen Angels Magazine, Payaso is known for his solo music, The Dukes Click, his label Teen Angels Records and the Latin Rap Magazine just to name a few of his ventures. When the album dropped I bought it immediatly and let me tell I have not been disappointed. To buy the record you can mover over to Google Play or iTunes.

01. Gang Signs
02. Code Of The Streets
03. Catch Me In The Hood
04. Still Payaso
05. Back Up In The Casa
06. Hate It Or Love It
07. Choose Your Path
08. Addicted To The Hustle
09. Open Up Your Eyes
10. Real Recognize Real
11. Blow Your Mind
12. Old English
13. Gangstas Round Here
14. Fuck These Haters
15. On The Line
16. Dukes Click Till We Die
17. Cruising Oldies King

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Wreckless finally released long awaited album "Recognition"

Wreckless - Recognition Chicano Rap

All the way back in September 2018 Wreckless released the video for his single "Cali Ridin'" featuring Victoria. Now the Santa Maria native finally released his album "Recognition" through Mr. Criminal's Crime Family Entertainment after being pushed back a couple of times. Besides Victoria you will also hear artists such as Erok, Lady Sinner, Aly, Busta, Grande and Triple C's own Dominator. All videos for songs from the album can be seen by clicking on the respective link below. If you like what you hear make sure to buy the album from Amazon, Google Play or iTunes.

01. Got It (feat. Erok)
02. Through My Eyes (feat. Lady Sinner)
03. I Remember (feat. Aly)
04. Take A Cruise (feat. Busta)
05. Cali Ridin' (feat. Victoria)
06. I Miss (feat. Busta)
07. Where I'm From (feat. Grande)
08. The Valley
09. Cold Streets (feat. Grande)
10. The West (feat. Erok, Dominator)

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Lil Sicko released "Savage Life" without any promotion

Lil Sicko - Savage Life Chicano Rap

One of Chicano Rap's "problems" is the lack of promotion certain releases receive and Lil Sicko's "Savage Life" is a good example for that. By coincidence I saw it on Spotify not long ago despite being released in the 4th quarter of 2019. The LP features artists such as Fern, Python, Young Travm Uno 420, Mak, Confidence, Sinek, Lil Blacky and Dat Boi T. The album which consists of 10 songs can be be bought from Amazon, Google Play or iTunes. When I stumbled across "Savage Life" I saw that he also released another record called "Stakin A Grip" but we'll get into detail about this the next days...

01. Back At It (feat. Fern)
02. Free The Solid (feat. Python)
03. Why You Mad? (feat. Young Trav)
04. City Streets (feat. Uno 420)
05. My Musick (feat. Mak, Confidence)
06. Walk Away (feat. Sinek)
07. Come Through (feat. Lil Blacky)
08. Been Through A Lot
09. On The Line (feat. Sinek)
10. All My Life (feat. Dat Boi T)

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SL Entertainment finally released the long awaited movie "A Southland Tale"

A Southland Tale Chicano Rap

SL Entertainment aka Southland Records is known to be one of the innovators in this Chicano Rap game. They were one of the first Chicano Rap labels, if not the first label to release an all oldies album ("Chicano Rap Oldies"). They were one of the first Chicano Rap labels, if not the first label to release a DVD ("Southland Most Wanted"). They were one of the first Chicano Rap labels, if not the first label to release a DVD/CD package consisting of music videos for every song of the soundrack ("The Games Begun"). People who know Mister D are aware that we wanted to shoot a movie since the mid 2000s. Now he has finally been able to make this project come true with the release of "A Southland Tale". Besides the Southland Gangsters the movie includes appearaneces by a gang of other people out of the Chicano Rap industry such as Kid Frost, Cuete Yeska, Richard the owner of Norwalk Records as well as East Side Records, Conejo and many more. In addition to the movie SL Entertainment also released a soundtrack which consists of more than 30 songs. For now the DVD as well as the CD can be bought from SL Entertainment over at their official eBay page by clicking here. Get your copies while they last, I'm sure this is going to be a collectors item soon.

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Don't miss Weeto's "Cloud Of Smoke" album

Weeto - Cloud Of Smoke Chicano Rap

Mid February Long Beach artist Weeto released his latest album "Cloud Of Smoke". The LP features artists such as Ronnie King, Mista Fonk, K Rider, Sinima, Ese Daz, Ze' Stone, DI' Artizt and Binky Womack. To buy the record move over to Amazon or Google Play. Thanks to Weeto himself I was able to listen to the album before the actual release and need to say that this is his best album yet. And just to let you know I've been following his career since his debut "Treez" which was released by Jonny U's Thick Skin Entertainment back in 2004.

01. Friend (feat. Ronnie King)
02. Love Crazy Thing (feat. Mista Fonk)
03. Baby Come Back [REMIX] (feat. K Rider)
04. Show You Babe (feat. Sinima)
05. Pasa La Lumbre (feat. Ese Daz, Sinima)
06. Cloud Of Smoke (feat. Ze' Stone)
07. White Wall Things
08. The Wandering One (feat. Ze' Stone)
09. Old Classy (feat. DI' Artizt)
10. Love Crazy Thing [REMIX] (feat. Binky Womack)

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Solo Sinatra returns with "Doppelgängers 2"

Solo Sinatra - Doppelgängers 2 Chicano Rap

Solo Sinatra from the infamous C.O.A Click is back with "Doppelgängers 2" 3 years after releasing the original. The album which is coming with 12 all new songs features artists such as Ojay The Great, his C.O.A Click partner Siete, Gangster Twist, Sleepy Malo, Midget Loco, Keyvous, Rio, Teck, and Trouble P. By no surprise you can get the MP3 version from Amazon, Google Play, iTunes and from wherever digital music is sold. I was skipping through the songs the other day and need to say that the album features some bangers, so don't miss it.

01. Tormenta
02. Mad (feat. Ojay The Great, Siete)
03. This M.O.B.G (feat. Gangster Twist, Sleepy Malo)
04. Scoop You Up
05. Fully Focused (feat. Gangster Twist, Midget Loco, Sleepy Malo)
06. Hold My Hand (feat. Keyvous)
07. No Escape (feat. Gangster Twist, Rio)
08. No Worries (feat. Keyvous, Siete, Teck)
09. Tequila (feat. Siete)
10. Make It Bounce (feat. Gangster Twist, Trouble P)
11. Not Worried But Nothing
12. Its All I Know (feat. Trouble P)
12. On My Own

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Maldito released solo album "Brown Down & Dangerous"

Maldito - Brown Down & Dangerous Chicano Rap

With "Brown Down & Dangerous" Maldito, member of the Chicano Rap group 8ß5 Clicka, released his 1st solo album. The LP which was released end of January features Duke, Wreckless and Dopes. The video for the song "Wicked Life" featuring Wreckless can be seen by clicking here or by clicking on the link below. If you like what you head and see you can buy the digital version from Amazon, Google Play or iTunes. If you ask me it's another dope album coming from Clicked Up Entertainment, so check it out!

01. Brown Down & Dangerous
02. As Soon AS I Touch Down
03. Game Time (feat. Duke)
04. Don't Try To Step Up
05. Walk The Walk
06. Wicked Life (feat. Wreckless)
07. Gangsta Lean
08. Fuck The Law 2
09. Strap On The Side (feat. Duke)
10. Ghetto Life (feat. Dopes & Duke)
11. When I Die
12. Ride WIth A G
13. Bounce To This (feat. Dopes & Duke)

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Conejo went rock with "Planet Exile" EP

Conejo - Planet Exile Chicano Rap

Already a couple of weeks ago did Conejo release an EP called "Planet Exile". The interesting part about the EP is that it features Conejo rapping over rock music. If you ask me it's a really dope release which brings you a banging sound and definitely seperates itself from the "regular" Chicano Rap albums. The only bad thing to say about it is that it's an EP and hence only consists of 5 songs. As usual you can get it from Amazon, Google Play or iTunes. When it comes to Conejo doing rock music he was also featured on a song by C.F.T.C called "Body Bag". The video for the song can be seen by clicking here.

01. Communication
02. Put The Pipe Down
03. The One Above
04. Step Into The Octagon
05. Wars And Rumors Of Wars

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Tony A released long awaited documentation and started Roadium Radio

The Roadium MixTape DocuMIXery Chicano Rap

Already a couple of weeks ago did DJ/ producer Tony A Da Wizard release his long awaited documentation "The Roadium... MixTape DocuMIXery". The documentation which is dedicated to Steve Yano (R.I.P), a former store owner at the Roadium swapmeet and also the owner of Skanless Records, the label that released the first 3 Proper Dos albums as well as the "Latin Lingo" compilation series. For sure you also get to know more about the infamous Roadium mixtapes which were created by Dr. Dre and Tony A. Featured people include Ernie G, Kid Frost, Hi-C, Warren G, Kelvin Anderson (V.I.P Records), Melow Man Ace, Mr. Cartoon, AMG and more. For know you can't buy the documentation but it's available to stream at the official website In other Tony A related news he also started an interview series called Roadium Radio over at his official YouTube page. Already interviewed Chicano Rap artists include Misfit Soto, Mister D, Bozo, Spanish Fly, Akwid, Mr. Knightowl and Ernie G.

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Veneno's "Art Of War: Manifesto Uno" is out now

Veneno - The Art Of War: Manifesto Uno Chicano Rap

Original Tattoo Ink member Veneno aka Venom released his brand new record "Art Of War: Manifesto Uno" at the end of November. The LP consists of 10 new songs which are all produced by infamous Casper The Beat Bandit who made his return to the Chicano Rap game after taking a little break. As usual these days you can by the album from Amazon, Google Play or iTunes. If you ask me it's also about time that we finally hear a new Tattoo Ink album as well, now that Conejo is back in the US. Here is the "Art Of War: Manifesto Uno" tracklist:

01. Manifesto (Sad Track)
02. County Blues
03. Dont Give Up
04. Ride Or Die
05. Come Back
06. Take The Money And Run
07. Phenomenal
08. Crafty
09. Hiphop Classic
10. Last Batch

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