Conejo's album #1 "Hood God" is out now

Conejo - Hood God Chicano Rap

When it comes to releasing new music Conejo finally started the year with his latest LP called "Hood God". The album consists of 10 all new songs and features Bugzy 2 Gunz as well as Misfit Soto and Baldacci who are both heard on the song "Presidential", for which they are going to release a video the next days. So keep an eye open for that. They released photos from the shoot and I need to say that it seems to be a really dope video, something different. From what I have heard Conejo will release at least one more video for the album after that. As usual you can get the digital version from the known online dealers such as Amazon, Google Play or iTunes.

01. We Back In (feat. Bugzy 2 Gunz)
02. Light Em Up
03. Cuerno De Chivo
04. Quicksand
05. Truth Be Told
06. Highs And Lows
07. 64 Bars Dos
08. Dinero Sucio
09. Let Off
10. Presidential (feat. Misfit Soto, Baldacci)

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Grinch-O released "Brown Stone Diary"

Grinch-O - Brown Stone Diary Chicano Rap

Hi Power Entertainment released Grinch-O's new album "Brown Stone Diary" January, 29th. Already last year Grincho-O, who is coming out of Pocaima, released 2 videos to promote the album. Both of them can be seen by clicking on the respective link below. "Brown Stone Diary" features Young Rask, Krypto, PD and Sapo Picasso. If you like what you hear and see in the videos you can get the digital version from Amazon, Google Play or iTunes. Over at the official Hi Power Entertainment YouTube page you are going to find an exclusive video interview with Grinch-O. Click here to watch it.

01. Intro
02. Emergency Call
03. Lifers 1
04. Snake Corner
05. The Mission
06. Perpetrators
07. Killas And Drug Dealers (feat. Young Rask)
08. 91331 (feat. Krypto)
09. What You Sayin
10. Judgement Day 1
11. Everything (feat. PD & Sapo Picasso)
12. Suicide
13. Thirsty
14. 40 Glock

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Only hard copies are available of new Crime Family Entertainment release

VA - Familia De Criminales Chicano Rap

In a time where most music is bought and heard online Crime Family Entertainment released a compilation which is only available as hard copies. Yes, it's not going to hit the usual digital music stores! The release features artists such as Mr. Criminal, Diablo, Crazy Boy, Annimeanz, Ese Lil G, Bangthozz, Wreckless, Piez, Latin Boss and many more. Check out Mr. Criminal's official YouTube page for videos for some of the songs. To order your copy move over to the Crime Family Entertainment website under Since the amount of copies is limited we advice you to not think twice and order your copy today.

01. Angel - La Familia De Criminals Corrido
02. Mr. Criminal - Family Biz
03. The Hood Affiliates - We Grew Up
04. Bangthozz - Radio Shack (feat. YK)
05. Crazy Boy - Stop My Grind (feat. Annimeanz)
06. Latin Boss - Al Tiro
07. Ese Lil G - Hate On It (feat. Dohboi, Diablo)
08. Bangthozz - Certified (feat. Crazy Boy)
09. Mr. Criminal - You Can Never Love Me
10. Crazy Boy - What You Know (feat. P Luv)
11. Diablo - From A Gang [REMIX] (feat. Krook The Felon, Oxnard Pugz, Mr. Criminal)
12. Piez - Bout That
13. Bugzy - La Familia De Criminales (feat. Mr. Criminal)
14. Bangthozz - Day 1's
15. Swifty Blue - Yellow Tape
16. Ese Lil G - Where You From (feat. Diablo, Mr. Criminal)
17. Wreckless - Cali Livin

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New compilation "Blue Reign Music Presents... 805ers" is out now

VA - Blue Reign Music Presents... 805ers Chicano Rap

Over the years the Chicano Rap game has seen many beefs, what it hasn't seen too often is unity. Crazy Boy is trying to change just that by putting out a project full of different rappers from the 805 called "Blue Reign Music Presents... 805ers". Featured artists include Dominator, King Trip, Chitty Cobain, Lil Bonez, Young Quicks, Jazz Brown, Cracshot and many more. As usual you can get the compilation which comes with not less than 34 songs from all digital music stores including Amazon, Google Play and iTunes. I was just skipping through the album on Spotify and need to say that it has some really dope songs, so don't miss it!

01. GBC Boy - I'm Dope
02. Lil Bonez - I'm Bout That (feat. Bizzo, King Trip)
03. Sicknotes - Cater 2u
04. King Trip - On My Hip
05. Cracshot - Set It Off (feat. Dominator, Explicit)
06. Jazz Brown - Coastin'
07. Abzzurd - Mary (feat. King Trip)
08. Trap God - She Ain't Mines
09. Jazz Brown - No Malice
10. Raziel Rtb - Smile
11. Young Quicks - Here Comes The Champ
12. Tz - Piece Of Paper
13. Aj Bishop - Determination
14. So Si - In The City (feat. Lorde Sanctus)
15. J-Rokk - Reminiscin Now And Then
16. Jbanks - Fade G Man
17. Ya Boy Bent - Strictly For Biz
18. Alvin Berkeley - Glock (feat. Billy Ray)
19. J-Rokk - Tha 805
20. Chitty Cobain - Ogcjm (feat. Crachsot)
21. Chitty Cobain - Hate Me Now
22. Young Kali - Rather Be Your Homie (feat. Ghost Sbg)
23. Savv - Thang On Me (feat. Nessie G, Tz, Mellowfasho)
24. Kody Balboa - On The Low (feat. King Trip, Lil Bonez)
25. Apor The Fallen - Out The Window
26. Dominator - The City (feat. Jazz Brown, Chitty Cobain)
27. Chitty Cobain - Feti Foldin' (feat. King Trip)
28. Lil Sketch - Tired Of Eating Beans
29. Binnebose - Trust Them Heux's
30. Bizzo - One Time (feat. Lil Bonez, King Trip)
31. Factor Rich - WCS (feat. King Trip)
32. Abzzurd - Frum Dusk Til Dawn (feat. King Trip)
33. O.G D-Loc - One The 5 (feat. King Trip)
34. Nine 7c - Wrong Direction (feat. Shorty Duwop)

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Mr. Capone-E starts the year with new album "Love And Hate"

Mr. Capone-E - Love And Hate Chicano Rap

After releasing 12 albums in 2017 Mr. Capone-E took a some time off from putting out new music. Now he's back with his latest LP "Love And Hate". The album features Pranx, J-One, ClumsyBeatz and VSBandit. The record also contains his controversial song "Fuck Mr. Capone-E". The video he shot for it was taken down from YouTube and was later re-released as "Forget Mr. Capone-E". Below you find the links to all videos which have been released so far. As usual these days you can get the LP from all digital music stores including Amazon, Google Play and iTunes.

01. Intro
02. Riding (feat. Pranx & J-One)
03. This Is Love
04. Fuck Mr. Capone-E
05. California Schoolin
06. Throw Your Hood
07. New York (feat. Pranx)
08. Animo
09. Mr. Capone-E Corrido
10. Love Me Or Hate Me
11. You Be The Judge
12. Struggle 2 (feat. ClumsyBeatz)
13. Pure Imagination (feat. VSBandit)
14. Player Needs No Love
15. Outro

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Mr. Trippalot returns with new album "OG Trippalot"

Mr. Trippalot - OG Trippalot Chicano Rap

Already 11 years ago Mr. Trippalot released his 2nd solo album "Reckless Life". Now he's back with his 3rd studio album called "OG Trippalot". Features include Spanky Loco, Tiny Loko, Chino Grande, Midget Loco, Mr. Yosie Locote, Payaso 915 and Slowpoke. The LP which was released by Doble Filo Entertainment can be bought from Amazon, Google Play, iTunes and all other digital music stores. The official press release reads like this: "The long awaited "OG Trippalot" album is finally here, after Trippalot served 7 hard years in the state pen. Mr Trippalot is explaining his transition to an OG in the streets as well as the rap game, .a true classic to add to the D.F.E collection.".

01. Born To Be A Gangster
02. L.A Sky Skrapers (feat. Spanky Loco, Tiny Loko)
03. Out Of Time
04. G Life
05. Built Tough (feat. Chino Grande)
06. OG Trippalot
07. Cali Geez (feat. Midget Loco)
08. Lil' Fast (Skit)
09. Mi Estilo (Doble Filo)
10. Puro Pa Delante (feat. Mr. Yosie Locote)
11. Do It My Way
12. Can't Change Me (feat. Payaso 915)
13. Dangerous Games (feat. Slowpoke)

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Sylent released his debut album "Insomnia"

Sylent - Insomnia Chicano Rap

Members of our forum, the CalifaRap Community, are well aware of Sylent, a constant poster since 2006. The same people are also well aware that the Norwalk native worked on his first solo album for more than a decade. Earlier this month the wait was over when "Insomnia" finally saw the light of the day. The album consists of 17 songs and comes with production by Sylent himself as well as Steve Vicious and L.A Hitman. The digital version can be bought from Amazon, CDBaby, Google Play, iTunes and wherever digital music is sold. CDBbaby also carries the physical release in case you prefer that. There's also an instrumental version of the album if you want to get some of the beats.

01. Wake Up Intro
02. Insomnia
03. Still
04. Old Dogg
05. The Last Laugh
06. Life
07. Seven
08. Kept You
09. Ain't Doin' Nothin'
10. Middlez Up
11. Smoke The Pain Away
12. My Dying Day
13. Amnesia
14. Last Breath
15. Dedication (The Truth)
16. Love After Death???
17. Midnight Prayerz

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Cuete Yeska released 3rd album right before Christmas

Cuete Yeska - If Not Now Then When Chicano Rap

Despite working on his acting career Cuete Yeska still found the time to release 3 new albums in 2018. He started the year by releasing volume 5 of his "Love Stories" series which was followed by "Your Thoughts Don't Count" in September. 6 days before Christmas he released another LP called "If Not Now Then When". The album features artists such as his former Wicked Minds partner Chino Grande, Carolyn Rodriguez, Ese Daz from Spanish Fly and more. As usual you can get the digital version from Amazon, Google Play, iTunes or wherever digital music is sold. I wouldn't be surprised if he will release pysical copies the next weeks as well, so keep an eye open.

01. Mas Firme Que Wow (feat. Fidel Bryan, Daphne)
02. Como Te Doy (feat. Jon)
03. Muerte (feat. Chino Grande)
04. Time Of My Life (feat. Jon, Carolyn Rodriguez)
05. Take Your Time (feat. Jon)
06. Without A Storm (feat. Jon)
07. If Not Now Then When (feat. Jon)
08. Tough Guy
09. Life Of A Gangster (feat. Jon)
10. Rappers Life (feat. Carolyn Rodriguez, Ese Daz)
11. So Long (feat. Chino Grande, Carolyn Rodriguez)
12. She Knows It
13. I Need A Gangster
14. I Wonder (feat. Carolyn Rodriguez)

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Trish Toledo ends the year with new EP

Trish Toledo - Dedicated To The Ones I Love Vol. 3 Chicano Rap

At the end of what was another successful year for Trish Toledo she released volume 3 of her "Dedicated To The Ones I Love" EP series. In my opinion that's the best issue of the series simply because it has the best selection of songs as it contains some of my favorite oldies such as "Confessin' A Feeling" or "Make It With You". To get the digital version move over to Google Play, iTunes or to wherever digital music is sold. To get the physical version move over to the officiel Silent Giant Entertainment website If you stay in the L.A area you can also get it from Norwalk Records.

01. Conefessin' A Feeling
02. Dry Your Eyes
03. Ooo Baby Baby
04. Make It With You
05. Darling Baby

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Snapper released new single called "Hoodratz Ain't Shit"

Snapper - Hoodratz Ain't Shit Chicano Rap

After releasing a single called "Our Father" featuring Young Buck earlier this year is one of Chicano Rap's most controversial artists back with a new single for the year-end called "Hoodratz Ain't Shit". To download Snapper's latest song move over to Amazon, Google Play or iTunes. Of course you can also stream it on Spotify. The song can also be found on his YouTube page by clicking here. So far I have no idea if and when he will release a new album but for sure we will keep you updated. You can also follow him on his official Instagram account by clicking here.

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Kultura714 teams up with O-Creep to bring you a single called "Heist"

O-Creep & Kultura714 - Heist Chicano Rap

Our CalifaRap Community member and throwback author, Kultura714, teamed up with O-Creep to bring you their new single "Heist". Both artists are from Orange County. Kultura, who makes his first appearance to the Chicano Rap scene calls the single a "rough and rugged Chicano Hip Hop track". The song was procued by the Underground Chemist. As usual these days you can get the digital version from Amazon, Google Play, iTunes or wherever digital music is sold. If you have heard the track feel free to leave some feedback in our forum, the CalifaRap Community, by clicking on the link below.

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Brown Boy's second album of the year is called "Radio Vibes"

Brown Boy - Radio Vibes Chicano Rap

In September Brown Boy returned to the Chicano Rap scene with his new album "V... Five". In November Thump Records released another new Brown Boy LP called "Radio Vibes". The album comes with an impressive lineup of artists including features by Baby Bash, Allen Paris, Zig Zag, Rigo Luna, YBe, Mr. Shadow, Fingazz, Carolyn Rodriguez, Mr. Criminal, Layzie Bone and more. Despite being a Thump Records release I have no idea if there are pressed copies available or not. What's for sure is that you can get the digital version from Amazon, Google Play, iTunes and wherever digital music is sold.

01. So Radio Forever
02. Blow My Mind (feat. Baby Bash, Marty Obey)
03. Boom (feat. Prima J)
04. Fly (feat. Melly Mell)
05. Be The One (feat. Allen Paris)
06. Down Ass Girl (feat. Zig Zag, Melly Mell, Rigo Luna)
07. Dip'n (feat. YBe, Mr. Shadow, Melly Mell, Fingazz)
08. Everything Angel (feat. Rigo Luna)
09. Chillen (feat. GT Garza, Allen Paris, Carolyn Rodriguez)
10. Hero (feat. Melly Mell)
11. Official (feat. D. Rae)
12. If You Want It (feat. Mr. Criminal, Layzie Bone)
13. Perfect Melody (feat. S.A Shorty, Big Gemini, Angie B, Marie, Fingazz)

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Earlier this year D-Loc released new album "Work So Hard"

D-Loc - Work So Hard Chicano Rap

Last year we introduced you to Bakersfield artists D-Loc. Already earlier this year he relased a brand new album called "Work So Hard". The album consists of 10 songs and features Trazel as well as Mr. TC Sale Dawg. To promote the LP D-Loc has also released videos for half of the album including videos for "Don't Recall", "Oh Lord", "Drug Addicts", "My Collective" and "Work So Hard". Each video can be seen by clicking on the respective link. If you like what you hear and see you can get the digital version from Amazon, Google Play, iTunes and wherever digital music is sold.

01. Don't Recall
02. Oh Lord
03. Everybody Stop
04. Drug Addicts
05. Be Careful (feat. Mr. TC Sale Dawg)
06. My Collective (feat. Trazel)
07. Money Loco
08. Runnin The Streets
09. Mack A Hoe
10. Work So Hard

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Sneeky Loko released his solo album "Streets Of Broken Dreams"

Sneeky Loko - Streets Of Broken Dreams Chicano Rap

After releasing the Kalifa Chief aka Young Spanks album "My Untold Story" and after releasing Dizzy Loc's album "Strictly Business" is Kronicly Connected Entertainment back with a new LP. This time they released Sneeky Loko's solo cut "Streets Of Broken Dreams". The release comes with a gang of features including artists such as Kalifa Chief, Dizzy Loc, D. Salas, Ese Viper, Ghost Realm, The Lils, Lil Blue and many more. As usual you can get the digital version from Amazon, Google Play, iTunes or wherever digital music is sold. If you want a physical copy please contact Sneeky Loko directly through his official Instagram profile by clicking here.

01. Streets Of Broken Dreams (feat. Kalifa Chief, Ghost Realm, D. Salas)
02. Welcome To The Ghetto (feat. Ese Viper, Dizzy Loc, Lil Blue)
03. Hear Them Gun Shots (feat. Kalifa Chief, Dizzy Loc, Lil Blue, Mista Teaze, Ghost Realm, Creeper)
04. Ain't No Sunshine (feat. Ghost Realm)
05. How Was I To Know (feat. D. Salas)
06. Somebody Tell Me (feat. Dizzy Loc, D. Salas)
07. My Daily Prayer (feat. Ghost Realm, The Lils)
08. Broken Hustle (feat. Dizzy Loc, Ghost Realm)
09. In Love With Mary Jane (feat. Ghost Realm, Dizzy Loc, Ricky Jay)
10. Throw 'Em Up (feat. Dizzy Loc, Lil Blue, Baby Bud)
11. Cleared Eye View (feat. Di, The Lils, Dizzy Loc)
12. The Cadillac (feat. Ghost Realm, Dizzy Loc)
13. Murder Musikc (feat. Dizzy Loc, Lil Jokes, Kalifa Chief)
14. Kalifornia Summer (feat. Dizzy Loc, D. Salas)
15. Still I Pray (feat. D. Salas)
16. Till I See You Again (feat. Otis R.)
17. Reflections (feat. D. Salas)

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Trish Toledo's "Santa Baby" single is out now

Trish Toledo - Santa Baby Chicano Rap

About 2 weeks before Christmas did Silent Giant Entertainment release a brand new Trish Toledo single called "Santa Baby". As you can guess, the song samples Joan Javits' classic from 1953. To download the single go to Amazon, Google Play, iTunes or wherever digital music is sold. In other Trish Toledo releted news, after the success of the 2 volumes of her "Dedicated To The Ones I Love" series she's about release volume #3 soon. A release date hasn't been announced yet but we on the lookout for it. If I'm informed correctly she will also start recoding some original music which we can be on the lookout for as well.

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