The Way Of Life

[2012, LayLow Inc]

Ese Lil One - The Way Of Life Chicano Rap

01. Westcoast Gangsters (feat. G-Funk)
02. What You Wanna Dp (feat. G-Funk, Baby D)
03. Represent (feat. Daze, Lil Panch)
04. Maryjane (feat. Dominator)
05. Soldier From The Streets (feat. Lil Yogi)
06. Staying On My Grind
07. Southside (feat. Loco Sniper, Maldito)
08. Summertime (feat. Dominator, SSOL)
09. Westcoast 805 (feat. SSOL)
10. Forever You And I
11. G-Banging
12. Growing Up In The Hood
13. Am'ma Ride
14. In This Life Of Mine
15. Cali 2 Carolina (feat. Dreamer, Low J Lokote)
16. Riding Low (feat. Maldito, Loco Sniper, Lil Yogi)

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Tags: Ese Lil One, LayLow Inc

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