Last Man Standing

[2001, Hi Power Entertainment & Thump Records]

Mr. Capone-E - Last Man Standing Chicano Rap

Mr. Capone-E - Last Man Standing Chicano Rap

01. You Know My Name - Intro
02. Party Over Here (feat. Rocky Padilla)
03. Stay The Same
04. If Your B Choose Me (feat. ODM)
05. All About The Money
06. Homiee Prelude
07. California
08. Gangsters Don't Talk (feat. HiPower Soldiers)
09. Reality Check (For South Siders Only!)
10. On A Come Up (feat. Criminal)
11. Capony Style
12. Drink It Up (feat. Scrappy & Loco)
13. Outlaws
14. Radiolude
15. What's My Name?
16. Thump Radio
17. South Side Thang (feat. ODM)
18. Stuck 4 Life (feat. Frank V, Snapper)
19. Ouhh! Outro

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