Veneno aka Venom released 2 new albums

Veneno Chicano Rap

On Monday I added the Tattoo Ink albums "The Most Dangerous", "Realm Of Crime" and "Wanted Dead Or Alive" to the Chicano Rap discographies section in our forum, the CalifaRap Community. At the end of November Tattoo Ink member Veneno aka Venom released 2 brand new albums called "Cold December" and "Pyramids In The Sky... A Letter To My Son". "Cold December" consists of 10 songs including 4 features by Conejo. To get your digital copy move over to Amazon or Google Play. "Pyramids In The Sky... A Letter To My Son" consists of 17 songs including 7 remastered bonus tracks. To get your digital copy move over to Amazon or Google Play. Both albums were released through Veneno's own record label Toxikmusikk.

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Calmex Music Group is getting ready to release some new music

Calmex Music Group Chicano Rap

It seems that the CEO of Calmex Music Group, MTO, is coming full force in 2018. A lot of people thought that the label was slowly going under, but those rumors seem to be false. Calmex has signed Dream Nasty to the label and is releasing "Payed My Dues" on December, 13th. The song features ex Calmex artist Stalker Loko as well as Smokey Loco. The label also just signed regional singer Andres Reyna and is set to release the newest single "El Muro" which is sure to be an anthem to the Latino people, a powerful song vs. the president of the USA, Donald Trump. Calmex is also set to sign 3 more artist in January and set to sign 2-3 artist every month in 2018. The coming year is definitely going to be a great one for Calmex Music Group. You can stay updated on their official website at

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Conejo going to court again today

Conejo Chicano Rap

About a year ago Conejo was caught in Baja California after being on the run for more than a decade. Since then he's already been to court a couple of times. In response to a letter I sent him after one of his court dates he said: "Yeah, I did go to court the other day. ... I suppose it went well. That day I sent out 106 songs I had written.". Another court date is sheduled for today, so let's hope that this one goes well just like the other one. If you are interested in writing Conejo you can do so by sending your letters to the address posted below. I would also like to use the opportunity to remind you that you can get all his music from the known digital music stores. On Amazon you are also able to find pressed copies. As a little teaser check out his song "With The Homies" from the album "Crack House" which was released in 2015 by clicking here.

Terminal Annex
Jose Martin booking # 4845436
P O Box 86164
Los Angeles. California
90086- 0164

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Spanky Loco's "Ghetto Hit" finally hit digital music stores

Spanky Loco - Ghetto Hit Chicano Rap

Back in October Chicano Rapper and tattoo artist Spanky Loco released a video for his current hit single "Ghetto Hit" which can be watched by clicking here in case you haven't seen it yet. A couple of days ago the song, which was produced by Niles Davis from Germany, finally hit all digital stores. If you want to pick up you can buy it from Amazon, Google Play, iTunes or wherever digital music is sold. According to the info below the YouTube video the track is taken from Spanky Loco's upcoming solo album "Loco O.G". So far we have no information about when the album will drop but for sure we will let you know once it's out.

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Free and exlcusive Knightmare aka Ezko album download

Knightmare - Clasico Chicano Rap

Back in October we were able to bring you an exclusive song from Knightmare's, aka Ezko, upcoming solo album "Dia De La Independencia" which is supposed to be released early next year. Now we are back with another exclusive as you are able to download his album "Clasico... Early Raps" for free right here on CalifaRap.Net. The album which won't be for sale includes old recordings Knigtmare did around the age of 17 and were found by his producer the other day. The download contains the original version or his hit song "Watch It" featuring Knightowl called "Who's Who". Features include Minded and Clepto. Here's what Knightmare himself had to say about the release: "I want to give the Rap fans some real Chicano Rap before the year ends. It's free music, that way the fans get to know a lil' about my craft and my beginnings before I met Lil One, Knightowl, Pistol Pete, Seldom seen. The quality of the recordings is not top notch... then again those were my neighborhood raps but the album is solid.". To download "Clasico... Early Raps" click here.

01. The Big One 3
02. I'll Be There (feat. Minded)
03. How Dare You
04. Hate On Me (feat. Minded)
05. Who's Who
06. Soy Tu Pesadilla
07. Aqui No Hay Amigos (feat. Clepto)
08. I Feel Sorry For You
09. Putas
10. Top Notch
11. Pretended [BONUS TRACK]
12. Someone [BONUS TRACK]

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Trish Toledo released new EP "Dedicated To The Ones I Love Vol. 1"

Trish Toledo - Dedicated To The Ones I Love Vol. 1 Chicano Rap

Soul and R&B sensation Trish Toledo released her new EP "Dedicated To The Ones I Love Vol. 1" through Silent Giant Entertainment November, 24th. The same day she also released a video for her single "Somebody Please" which can be seen by clicking here. Besides "Somebody Please" the EP includes 4 more tracks showcasing Trish's incredible voice singing some of your favorite Oldies. If you are interested you can get your digital copy from Amazon or Google Play. Over at the official Silent Giant Entertainment website you are also able to order your physical copy including an autographed 8x10 picture. For more information about Trish Toledo you can also check out her official YouTube page by clicking here.

01. Tell Him
02. I Do Love You
03. I'm Still Here
04. Somebody Please
05. I'd Rather Go Blind

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Mr. Capone-E album #11 out of 12 is out now

Today is the release date of Mr. Capone-E's 11th studio album of the year called "New World Order... Killuminati". The only 2 features of the album are Clumsy Beatz and Flash. Hi Power Entertainment uploaded two songs of the album to their official YouTube channel which can both be listened by clicking on the respective link in the tracklist. The 1st track is called "Prop 36". The 2nd song is called "Cases" and features Clumsy Beats. Mr. Capone-E himself called this LP his "political" album which makes the song topics a little bit different from what you are used to hearing from him. If I'm not mistaking he also announced the release of a new music video either for later today or for the weekend. For now you can get your copy from Amazon, Google Play or iTunes.

01. New World Order (Intro)
02. Falling
03. Prop 36
04. Lier
05. Cases (feat. Clumsy Beatz)
06. Why They Call Us Thugs
07. Killuminati
08. New World Order (Interlude)
09. I Wonder Why (feat. Flash)
10. Jealousy (feat. Clumsy Beatz)
11. New World Order (Outro)

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Selo's 3rd album of the year is out now

After releasing a compilation and 2 solo albums earlier this year is Selo already back with his 3rd LP called "All Or Nothing". The new album features artists such as D. Salas, Mob Fam, Nikki Diaz, Meg'n, Jacob G, Damon Reel, Next, Dave Biggs and Rigo Luna. Last week he also released a video for the song "Girl I Swear" featuring Rigo Luna which can be seen by clicking here. If you like what you hear you can get your digital copy from from Google Play or iTunes by clicking on the respective link and all other shops wherever digital music sold. In other news Selo is already getting ready to release his next music video called "Till The End Of Time" featuring Nikki Diaz. For sure we will post it in our videos sections once it's out, so keep checking back!

01. Never Meant To Hurt You (feat. D. Salas)
02. Can't Get Over You (feat. Mob Fam, Nikki Diaz)
03. Body Tonight (feat. Meg'n)
04. Good Love (feat. Jacob G, Damon Reel)
05. All You Want (feat. Nikki Diaz)
06. Touchin' (feat. Damon Reel)
07. Fienin' (feat. Meg'n)
08. I Can't (feat. Next)
09. There's A Song (feat. Damon Reel, Dave Biggs)
10. Girl I Swear (feat. Rigo Luna)

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Follow CalifaRap's playlist on Spotify

Chicano Rap fans on Spotify are used to C-Rap related playlists but now need to follow one more as I started one a couple of weeks ago. I've been adding songs like crazy ever since. While I'm writing this, the playlist already includes 760 songs which equals almost 50 hours of pure Chicano Rap. Featured artists include Knightowl, Wicked Minds, Wreck, Baby Wicked, Mr. Chino Grande, Charlie Row Campo, Mr. Midget Loco, Conejo, Mr. Sancho, Lil Bandit, Ms. Sancha, Ms. Krazie, Royal T, Lil Cuete, Mr. Criminal, Spanky Loco, Huero Snipes, A.L.T, Lighter Shade Of Brown, Nino Brown, Frost, SSOL, Brownside and many more. For sure I will add more songs and artists whenever I have the time to do so. For now click here to listen to it. Don't forget to hit the follow button!

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Toker and Wicked back in the studio

On Friday Toker and Wicked, 2 of the original Brownside members, were in the studio recording their 1st song together in quite some time. Ever since Toker returned to the Chicano Rap game with the double disc project "Bangin Story'z" in 2016 fans were hoping that him and Wicked would team up again. After posting live videos of them on Facebook and Instagram Toker leaked 2 snippets of the song they recorded a couple of hours ago. Click here to check out some of the videos on the official Brownside Facebook page or click here to listen to the audio on Toker's official Instagram page. Since I haven't seen the all videos in total I'm not able to tell you if they also said where this song will be featured on and if they will record more songs in the future.

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New Cali Boyz single "Diamonds & Pearls" is out now

In October we reported that Low Profile Records is working on vol. 5 of their classic "Brown Pride Riders" compilation series. Today they are actually filmng the video for the 1st single which should be out soon. The whole album is supposed to be out early 2018. For sure we will keep you updated and post the video in our videos section once it's out. As a little surprise to all Chicano Rap fans out there Low Profile Records released a single by the Cali Boyz featuring Rob called "Diamonds & Pearls" out of nowhere a couple of days ago. The Cali Boyz consist of Lil Bandit and Kush Boy. If you want to pick it up move over to Amazon, Google Play or wherever digital music is sold. In my opinion you shouldn't miss out this banging oldie track that brings you the typical LPG sound!

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Classic Cell Block Entertainment compilation hit digital stores

13 Years after releasing the CD version of the classic Chicano Rap compilation "Cell Block Entertainment Presents... Affiliated... From The Streets To The Pin" did Cell Block Entertainment release the digital version a couple of days ago. The compilation features artists such as the CEO Wicked Willie, Sal Capone, Spanky Loco, Goblin, Seven, Mr. Capone-E, Mr. Hype, W/S Cartel and many more. Compared to the physical release the digial version is missing the song "On A Come-Up" by Mr. Capone-E featuring Mr. Criminal. As usual you are able to get your copy on Amazon and Google Play. In other Cell Block Entertainment related news don't forget to pick up Mexican Aztlan's debut album "J.A.V.I.E.R" which was released earlier this year.

01. VA - Intro
02. Wicked Willie - To Gangbang (feat. Sal Capone, Spanky Loco)
03. Goblin - In The Hood
04. Wicked Willie - Gangsters
05. Wicked Willie - Affiliated (feat. Seven)
06. Wicked Willie - Welcome To Cell Block (Prelude)
07. Wicked Willie - Cell Blocks Coming
08. Mr. Capone-E - Reality Check
09. Wicked Willie - Losing My Mind (feat. Mr. Capone-E)
10. Wicked Willie - From The Streets To The Pin (feat. Minor, Slick, Negro)
11. Big Crime - Fuck The Hard Hedz (feat. The Hard Hedz)
12. Wicked Willie - Salute To The Soldiers
13. Mr. Hype - Ryderz (feat. W/S Cartel)
14. VA - Outro (Gracias)

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Bay Area artist Al Gramz and High Caliber Records released "Blvd. Nights" earlier today

Earlier today Al Gramz dropped his brand new record "Blvd. Nights" through High Caliber Records. The official press release reads like this: "On "Blvd. Nights", Bay Area Latino rapper Al Gramz, revisits his Bay Area roots and teams up with Southern California's Ernie G - CEO of High Caliber Records and music pioneer from the 90's Latino rap duo Proper Dos. While Gramz was working on his craft from 2015 trying to perfect his style, "Blvd. Nights" symbolizes a coming of age for the rapper. “I came up with the title after thinking of ideas that symbolized our culture as young Chicanos growing up in California." he explains. "Boulevard Nights" is originally a crime/ drama film released in the late 70's. "It's one of the first films I watched growing up and I know a lot of us can relate to the storyline of the movie, the streets can be our playground… yet still be a battlefield". In the lead-up to 24-year-old Al Gramz' "Blvd. Nights" EP, the Bay Area rapper has shared a series of singles. "How Will I Know" found Gramz making moves from his hometown down to L.A, while he explains the amount of work he started with on "Started Wit a Zip". Additionally, audio singles "Cash Rules" and "Blvd. Nights" showcased Gramz working on the boulevard after midnight while giving you the reason why you either bang or get banged on. Executively produced by Ernie G, "Blvd. Nights" has a consistently street, laid back vibe that matches Al's smooth word play and rhythm. Al Gramz continues to work hard and is proud to release an album for the year of 2017, he also plans on networking with other Latino based artists in the near future. "Just like my first tape, it's a new year but I still got game for sale." Al says.". You can get your copy from Amazon, Google Play and iTunes.

01. Started Wit A Zip (feat. Razi Real)
02. Move Mean
03. Ziploc
04. Picture Me
05. How Will I Know
06. The Tax
07. Blvd. Nights
08. Cash Rules (feat. Sumo Brix)
09. Started Wit A Zip [REMIX] (feat. Razi Real)

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AceOneEight released his 2nd solo album "Kid Out Tha 8"

After releasing an interesting debut album by the name of "Valley Dreaming" in 2016 is 818 based rapper AceOneEight back with his 2nd solo LP called "Kid Out Tha 8" which was released a couple of days ago. Features include artists such as OYG Redrum 781 from the "Bangin On Wax" releases, MC Eith, Cold 187um aka Big Hutch from Above The Law, Squeak Ru from AllFrumTha I, Sleepy Malo, I Suppose and more. Yesterday I skipped through the record on Spotify and need to say that it's another really good album from him. If you are interested you can get your copy from Amazon, Google Play and all other digital music stores. Here's the full "Kid Out Tha 8" tracklist:

01. Kid Out Tha 8
02. Party On Tha Westside (feat. Bentley Hendrix)
03. Before The Years go By (feat. Praze)
04. Crazy Ways (feat. Praze, OYG Redrum 781, Razor)
05. My Side Of The City (feat. Sleepy Malo)
06. 818 In This (feat. I Suppose)
07. Type Of Way (feat. Praze)
08. All I Ever Wanted (feat. Razor)
09. City Of Dreams (feat. MC Eiht)
10. I Just Wanna
11. Mic Check (feat. Sleepy Malo, Reseat, Squeak Ru, Razor)
12. Get Me Wrong (feat. Praze, Razor)
13. Smile (feat. Praze)
14. Midnight Till Noon
15. Can't Get Enough (feat. Meruw, Praze)
16. Take Me For
17. Palm Trees [BONUS TRACK] (feat. Cold 187um, G-Luv)

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Mr. Criminal is set to release his final album on Hi Power Entertainment

Earlier this year Mr. Criminal started his label own Crime Family Entertainment which has already released a couple of albums including Mr. Criminal's "Palm Trees & Sunsets", Diablo's "T01200", "The Rise Of The Empire" by the Empire Riderz and more. Now he is set to release his final LP on Hi Power Entertainment, the label which was his home for more than 10 years. The record which is called "Dont Get Me Misunderstood" will be released this Friday, November, 3rd. Over the last couple of months Hi Power Entertainment already released 4 videos to promote the release which can be seen by clicking on the respective links below. More videos are supposed to hit YouTube the next couple of days as there should be a video for every song on the record. For now you can pre-order your digital copy from Amazon, Google Play or iTunes.

01. Intro
02. We Bang
03. Mafiosos
04. Let Off 5 In You
05. Click Click Bang Bang
06. Flannels
07. The Things I Seen
08. For My Hustlers
09. My Real Gs
10. Faded
11. Love It Or Hate It
12. Why
13. Outro

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