"Mexicans Making Moves" compilation is out now

May, 8th was the official releaste date of a compilation called "Mexicans Making Moves". People that follow our social media platforms have already seen a video for the track "SD Originals" by Obnoxious featuring Chunks and LX. If you haven't seen the video yet click here. Earlier today I also stumbled across a video for the song "Regulators" by Silly Vicious which can be seen by clicking here. Overall the compilation features a huge list of artists such as Obnoxious, Royal T, Lil Grifo, Stalker Loco, Juan Carlos, Crhymes and many more. If you like the videos and songs you can get your digital copy from Google Play or iTunes. Physical copies should also be available in the streets. Here's the full "Mexicans Making Moves" feature and tracklist:

01. Obnoxious - Intro
02. Obnoxious - SD Originals (feat. Chunks, LX)
03. Obnoxious - Making Moves
04. Jodie Joe - South Bay
05. Ghost SBG - 805 On Mines (feat. Oxnard Pugz, Villain, Roudy)
06. Posterchild - Another Day
07. Chunks - Late Nite Thuggin
08. Lil Grifo - Welcome To SD (feat. Stalker Loco)
09. Silly Vicious - Regulators
10. Dmise - Bounce (feat. Rage)
11. Ricasshay - Waste No Time (feat. Obnoxious)
12. Obnoxious - Gangsters Don't Play (feat. Royal T)
13. Nando Q - In The Scope
14. Bang Thozz - Profiled (feat. YK, Talentd)
15. Milli Mike - Hard Life (feat. Jaz)
16. Cash Fraze - Only This Weekend
17. 3D - Chosen Few
18. Frank Peezy - Ain't The Same
19. Eddie B - Money On My Mind (feat. Crhymes, Bubba Tokes)
20. Juan Carlos - Here We Go Again
21. Savy D - Nothing Was The Same
22. Too Rask - Siguen Hablando (feat. Don Aero)
23. LX - Borderline (feat. Chunks)
24. Juan Carlos - Summertime Music (feat. Obnoxious)

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Selo released new solo album "The Gentleman" digitally only

In Febuary Selo released his compilation "Selo Presents... Late Night Requests". Now he's back with a brand new solo album called "The Gentleman". Features include D. Salas, Mob Fam, Rigo Luna, Damon Reel, Ese Daz from Spanish Fly, Ajay, Niki Diaz, Nino Brown, Clint Gamboa, Lil Cuete, Brown Boy and Zig Zag from NB Ridaz. There won't be any pressed copies of this release so head over to Amazon or iTunes to get your digital copy. In other Selo related new it looks like he will already release another solo album called "Stay" the next couple of days. For sure we will bring you more information about it once the LP is out. For more information about Selo you can also visit his official website selomusic.com.

01. So Many Nights (feat. D. Salas)
02. You & Me (feat. Mob Fam, Rigo Luna)
03. Are You Down (feat. D. Salas)
04. Maybe (feat. Damon Reel)
05. Girl I (feat. Ese Daz, Ajay)
06. Do You Miss Me (feat. Nikki Diaz)
07. Let You Get Away (feat. Nino Brown, Clint Gamboa)
08. Will He Love You (feat. Lil Cuete, D. Salas)
09. Baby Tonight (feat. Brown Boy, Damon Reel)
10. Candy Girl (feat. Zig Zag, Nino Brown, Clint Gamboa)

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Mr. Criminal released 3rd album of the year "All Eyes On Me"

After releasing "Palm Trees & Sunsets" and "The Crime Family Album" is Mr. Criminal already back with his 3rd album of the year called "All Eyes On Me". On his official Instagram account Mr. Criminal said that he chosed that name for two reasons, 1st it's a dedication to West Coast rap's all time great 2Pac, 2nd due to Mr. Criminal starring in a major movie with major stars it will simply be all eyes on him. If you want to buy the album get it over at Google Play, iTunes or all other digital stores and streaming platforms. In other Mr. Criminal related news he released a brand new video for "Palm Tress & Sunsets" called "Based On A True Story" which can be seen by clicking here about a week ago. We are pretty sure that visuals for "All Eyes On Me" will follow the next weeks, so keep an eye open!

01. Intro
02. Against All Odds
03. Where It All Started
04. Bangin
05. Straight Flowin
06. Interlude
07. All Eyes On Me
08. I Love The Summertime
09. Picture Me Rollin
10. Bout To Take Flight
11. Killers On The Payroll
12. You Know How We Do
13. The West Is Back
14. I Seen Death Around The Corner
15. Outro

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Barada's new album "Funk For Yo Trunk 2" is available now

Back in 2016 we were able to present you the exclusive download of Barada's single "Just A Memory" featuring Samantha Latino and Killa Cal. If you missed the download just click here to see the original article. Now after more than a year Barada finally released his whole new album "Funk For Yo Trunk 2". The album which is full of features from chicano rappers is produced by Makavelik, Funkmaster Forte, D. Salas, Dominator and O.G Playboy. Features include Wreck from Wicked Minds, Lyrik, Killa Cal, Lil Blacky, Dominator from the Central Coast Clique, Kozme, Weeto, Lil Vandal and more. To promote the release he has also released 2 videos which can be seen by clicking on the links below. You can pick up the album from Goole Play or iTunes.

01. Intro (feat. Wreck, Forte)
02. Summertime Cruising (feat. Lyrik, Killa Cal)
03. Flawless (feat. Lil Blacky, Dominator, Kozme)
04. Drinkin And Smoking (feat. Lil Vandal, Lyrik, Killa Cal)
05. Just A Memory (feat. Samantha Latino, Killa Cal)
06. Back In The Days (feat. Oso Vicious, Killa Cal)
07. We Miss You (feat. Lil Blacky, Samantha Latino)
08. One Night Stand (feat. Dominator, Killa Cal)
09. Hennessy And Weed (feat. Weeto, Lil Blacky, Forte)
10. Krazy

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Mister D's & Bobby Southland's collaboration LP "Real Brothers" is out now

May 19th SL Entertainment released its 1st album for 2017, the long awaited Mister D & Bobby Southland aka Ese Bobby collaboration LP "Real Brothers". Due to the distributor running late the digital version barely hit online stores and streaming portals yesterday. "Real Brothers" features West Coast legends Big Hutch aka Cold 187um from Above The Law, MC Eiht from Compton's Most Wanted, Squeak Ru from AllFrumTha I as well as Ese Saint, Lil Kasper aka The K.A.S, Lil Blacky, Proper Dos aka Frank V, Malow Mac, Hillside, Conejo, Enemy from Most Wanted Familia, Selo, DTTX from Lighter Shade Of Brown and Big Al. Just a couple of minutes ago they also released the 1st video for the song "Things Will Never Get Better" featuring Cold 187um and Ese Saint. To watch the video just click here. If you like what you hear you can get your digital copy from Amazon, Google Play or iTunes by clicking on one of the links. If you prefer a hard copy you should be able to get it from your local hood dealer. If you have troubles getting it you can also order it from the official SL Entertainment eBay page. Here's the full "Real Brothers" tracklist:

01. This Is It (feat. Ese Saint)
02. I'll Make You Famous (feat. Cold 187um, MC Eiht, Lil Kasper)
03. End Of The World (feat. Lil Blacky, Big Hutch)
04. Falling Into Danger (feat. Squeak Ru)
05. Things Will Never Get Better (feat. Cold 187um, Ese Saint)
06. I Can't Live Without You (feat. Proper Dos, Loomis)
07. That's Gangster Love (feat. Malow Mac, Cold 187um, Christina)
08. Streets Are So Cold (feat. Cold 187um, Christina)
09. Thinking About You (feat. Hillside)
10. Ups And Down (feat. Cold 187um)
11. I'm A Soldier (feat. Conejo, Cold 187um)
12. Hard Out Here (feat. Enemy, Cold 187um)
13. Tell Me What Do You Want To Do (feat. Selo, Breana)
14. Part Of My Soul
15. You Are Everything (feat. DTTX)
16. Things Remain The Same (Native American Song) (feat. Big Al, Loomis) [BONUS TRACK]

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Mr. Capone-E album #5 out of 12 is out now

It's the time of the month again where we are able to announce that Mr. Capone-E just released his brand new album "My Gang Related" to all digital outlets. LP #5 out of 12 features the Hi Power Soldiers and Lil Troubles. Yesterday Mr. Capone-E released a brand new video for the song "Throw It Up" which can be seen by clicking here. A couple of days ago he already released 2 full tracks to Youtube called "Hoodclips" and "Lil O.G" featuring Lil Troubles. To listen to the audio click on the links inside the tracklist. If you like what you hear and see you can get your copy from Amazon, Google Play or iTunes. In other news you can already be on the lookout for album #6 "California... All Eyez On Me" dropping June, 16th.

01. Gang Related
02. Throw It Up
03. Rules Of This Mothafucking Gangsta Shit
04. Ready To Roll
05. SS HPG Roll Call (feat. Hi Power Soldiers)
06. Eye For An Eye
07. Hoodclips
08. Lil O.G (feat. Lil Troubles)
09. Handle Your Shit
10. I'm Hitting You Up
11. Listen Up Lil Homie
12. Crazy & Psycho
13. Gang Related 13
14. Bonus Plug

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13 Boyz debut album "Last Of A Dying Breed" will be out tomorrow

Tomorrow East Town Records will release the 13 Boyz debut album "Last Of A Dying Breed". Earlier today they released one more video for the title track to promote the record. Other songs they shot a video for include "Crazy Life", "Gangster Party Pt. 2" and "Running A Muck". To watch the respective video just click on the links below inside the tracklist. You can also click here to watch a video including more snippets as well as some words from the 13 Boyz and Toker. Features artists include Toker, Clever and Lady Benz. Pressed copies can be ordered from the official Brownside website by clicking here. The digital version can be bought at Amazon, iTunes, Google Play and all other digital dealers. Here's the complete tracklist including the promised links:

01. Intro Skit (feat. Toker)
02. Golden Rules (feat. Toker, Klever)
03. Crazy Life
04. The Click (feat. Toker)
05. Hood Life (feat. Toker, Klever)
06. I Remember
07. Last Of A Dying Breed
08. Domino Skit (feat. Toker)
09. She's Scanless (feat. Toker)
10. My Life (feat. Toker)
11. Active
12. Street Fame (feat. Toker)
13. Loyalty (feat. Toker, Klever)
14. Running A Muck (feat. Toker)
15. Crimies
16. Throw It Up
17. Gangster Party Pt. 2 (feat. Toker, Klever, Lady Benz)

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Solo Sinatra's 2nd album of the year "Between Two Worlds" is out now

In March Solo Sinatra released his latest album "Cash Over Ass". Now he's already back with his next LP called "Between Two Worlds". The new record features artists such as Rio, Clumbsy Boy, Sleepy Malo, Gangster Twist, Mocci, Mr. Spown, Ese Venom, Artimus Prime and his C.O.A Click partner Siete. As usual you can get your digital copy from the known dealers such as Amazon, CDBaby, Google Play or iTunes. According to Solo himself he will release even more new music later this year, so keep an eye open for more Solo Sinatra albums. In other M.O.B.G Entertainment related news you can also be on the lookout for Spanky Spank-A-Hoe's long awaited debut album "Spankeinstein Monster" dropping later this year.

01. Intro
02. Hoax (feat. Rio)
03. Allright
04. The Homies
05. Comfortable (feat. Rio)
06. Southside (feat. Gangster Twist, Clumbsy Boy)
07. Try To Find A Way
08. Ride With Me (feat. Sleepy Malo, Gangster Twist, Mocci, Mr. Spown)
09. Sangre Azul (feat. Sleepy Malo, Clumbsy Boy)
10. Help Me Live On
11. Circles
12. The Blues (feat. Rio, Ese Venom)
13. Run Dry (feat. Artimus Prime)
14. Help Me Be A Man
15. Waist Of Time (feat. Siete, Rio)
16. Sinnacle
17. O'Lord

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New Mr. Criminal album "The Crime Family Album" drops tomorrow

No 3 months ago Mr. Criminal released his latest solo album "Palm Trees & Sunsets", which was also his 1st release on his own record label Crime Family Entertainment. Tomorrow he will release a new album called "The Crime Family Album". The LP features artists such as Money Cris, G Wicked, Sick Minded Criminals, G Rask, Whyte Smoke, Ese Lil G, Diablo, Daffy Loco, Sckitz Felonz, Big Layzie, Blacky Montana and Crazy Boy. If you want pre-order your copy on iTunes click here. So far no video for the album has been released but I'm pretty sure that we can expect some visiuals for it the next weeks. For now you can click here to listen to a preview of the song "U Don't Know The Halfs" featuring Sick Minded Criminals.

01. Lit 'Em Up
02. Not Maybe (feat. Money Cris, G Wicked)
03. Sick Minded Generals (feat. Sick Minded Criminals)
04. Get It How You Live (feat. G Rask)
05. Crime Ways (feat. Whyte Smoke)
06. U Don't Know The Halfs (feat. Sick Minded Criminals)
07. Still Im Risen
08. Stay In My Lane (feat. Ese Lil G)
09. When Im Riden (feat. Diablo)
10. Crime Family On The Rise (feat. Daffy Loco)
11. Where Im From
12. Criminals And Felonz (feat. Sckitz Felonz)
13. For The Family (feat. Big Layzie)
14. Ride Too (feat. Blacky Montana)
15. Where The Game Is (feat. Crazy Boy)
16. Crime Family Outro

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New 805 Clicka album "Chicano Lifestyle" officially drops Cinco de Mayo

Lompoc based Chicano Rap group 805 Clicka released its brand new album "Chicano Lifestyle" to iTunes a couple of days ago. The official release date is sheduled for May, 5th. "Chicano Lifestyle" features artists such as Mr. Criminal, Ericka Cash, Delux from legendary Cali Life Style, Crazy Boy, Wreckless and Tatt'd G. During the year they've already released 2 music videos to promote the release. The 1st video they released is for the song "Night Life" and can be watched by clicking here. The 2nd video they released is for the song "Death Row" and can we watched by clicking here. For now the album can be bought from iTunes but I'm sure other online retailers will follow on the official release date.

01. Chicano LifeStyle
02. They Don't Wanna See Me
03. Roll With The Real (feat. Mr. Criminal)
04. On My Mind (feat. Ericka Cash)
05. Thugged Out
06. Welcome To The 805 (feat. Delux)
07. Player In the Game
08. Like A Dream
09. California (feat. Crazy Boy)
10. West Coast Livin'
11. Night Life
12. In The Club (feat. Wreckless, Tatt'd G)
13. Death Row
14. They Know My Type (feat. Crazy Boy) [BONUS TRACK]
15. Answer Me

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Mr. Capone-E album #4 out of 12 is out now

Mr. Capopne-E - A Hi Power Smokeout Chicano Rap

A couple of days ago we brought you the news update about Mr. Capone-E's March release "Narco Valley... Dirty Money Never Lasts". On Thursday Mr. Capone-E already returned with album #4 out of 12 called "A Hipower OG Smokeout". As you can guess from the album title this LP is for all the weed smokers out there and follows in the footsteps of Hi Power Entertainment's classic compilation series "Southsider Smokeout". The new album features artists such as Clumsy Beatz, Jay Crook, Los Twiinz and more. To promote the release Mr. Capone-E already released a video for the song "Get Away" featurng Los Twiinz which can be seen by clicking here. As usual you are able to get your digital copy at Amazon, iTunes or all other digital music stores or streaming platforms.

01. Intro
02. Smoking
03. Medicated
04. We Got The Best Weed (feat. Clumsy Beatz)
05. Dirt Weed (feat. Jay Crook)
06. Stay High
07. Smoke With Me
08. Inhale Exhale (feat. Clumsy Beatz)
09. HPG Smokeout (Roll Call)
10. Blaze With Me
11. Tell Me
12. Get Away (feat. Los Twiinz)
13. Outro

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Knightowl speaks about new record and more in exclusive interview

Knightowl Chicano Rap

As you know Knightowl released his latest album "The Return Of The Kingpin" earlier this year. To give you an in-depth look into the record we are proud to announce that we are able to bring you an exclusive interview with Knightowl himself. For the 1st time ever we go through a whole album song by song. For each song Knightowl tells us what it means to him or how the recording process went down. If you ask me I think the only way to know more about the LP, than by listening to this interview, is by actually buying the album and listening to it. For sure you will also get to know what you can expect from Knightowl and Sawed Off Records in the future including the possible release of old songs he has with 2Pac and Eazy E. He also gives us the latest information about his long awaited "The Knightstalker" album which might be released next year. Overall it's another classic interview which you don't want to miss! To listen to it, check out our interviews section by clicking here.

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Gangster Twist released debut album "Neighborhood Watch"

Gangster Twist - Neighborhood Watch Chicano Rap

As you know has M.O.B.G Entertainment been really busy so far this year by releasing the long awaited "Pactown Riders Vol. 3" compilation and Solo Sinatra's project "Cash Over Ass" in March. April, 1st they already released another LP, Gangster Twist's debut album "Neighborhood Watch". Features include Sleepy Malo, Mocci, Mr. Spown, Solo Sinatra, Rey, Spanky Loco and Multi Plier Sync.While touring Japan with Sleepy Malo, Solo Sinatra and Spanky Loco they recorded a song and video with japanese artist Multi Plier Sync. To watch the video just click here. If you like what hear and see you can get your digital copy over at Amazon, CDBaby, iTunes and all other digital retailers. Here's the "Neighborhood Watch" tracklist:

01. Neighborhood Watch (Intro)
02. Welcome To M.O.B.G (feat. Sleepy Malo)
03. Neighborhood Watch
04. Heart Of A Shark
05. My Life
06. Dark And Lonely Nights
07. Los Malos (feat. Sleepy Malo)
08. Blue Dreams (feat. Mocci, Mr. Spown, Solo Sinatra)
09. Cloud 9
10. Hustlin' (feat. Rey, Solo Sinatra)
11. Payback
13. Highway
13. Gangster's Nature
14. My Love
15. Hop In My ride
16. Logic (feat. Sleepy Malo, Solo Sinatra, Multi Plier Sync, Spanky Loco)

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Frank V aka Proper Dos returns with "Chicano Rap's Finest"

Frank V - Chicano Rap's Finest Chicano Rap

Somestimes Chicano Rap is still a big enigma to me, or how can you explain that a true legend of the game released a new record and nobody really knows about it? Frank V aka Proper Dos did just that by releasing his new solo album "Chicano Rap's Finest" on his official website. The new LP features 14 all new songs. Features are very rare as only Mister D is featured on the track "Time Flies". Over the years I was able to listen to most of the tracks at Mister D's studio and let me tell you that this album includes some really dope cuts such as the intro track "Life Support" in which Frank V addresses the current state of Chicano Rap and his role as the doctor to save it. "Maybe" is probably one of the best Chicano Rap love songs that came out the last couple of years with one of my favorite lines: "... I ain't a millionaire, I ain't try to hide it... Now a new car, I probably can't buy... The moon, the stars, I can to provide it... But there's one thing money can't buy you... And if you got the demand, I'm the man to supply you...". Other really dope songs are "Modern Day Mobster" and "Time Flies". If you want to pick up the album click here to buy it of Frank V's website.

01. Life Support
02. Hey You
03. Life Is A Highway
04. Instrumental
05. Maybe
06. Modern Day Mobster
07. My Worst Enemy
08. They Don't Know Me
09. Ring Around The Rosie
10. This Goes Out
11. Smoke
12. U.S Blues
13. Time Flies (feat. Mister D)
14. Gate Money

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Mr. Capone-E album #3 out of 12 is out now

Various - Narco Valley Chicano Rap

I know I'm a little bit late but Mr. Capone-E released his 3rd release of the year March, 21st. To be honest it's not a real Mr. Capone-E solo album as it's the soundtrack for the soon to be released movie "Narco Valley... Dirty Money Never Lasts". The soundtrack does of course feature Mr. Capone-E along with Crazy Loc, Script Loc, Carolyn Rodriguez, Lazy Dubb, Frenchy Made, Miss Lady Pinks, Kokane, Compton Menace, Eastwood and more. A video for the song "Ain't Nothin'" by Lazy Dubb featuring Carolyn Rodriguez and Frenchy Made can be seen by clicking on the link in the tracklist. If you want to pick up the album you can hit up Amazon, CDBaby or iTunes. You can also already be on the lookout for album #4 "A Hi Power O.G Smokeout" which will drop April, 20th.

01. Mr. Capone-E - Thugs Mansion (feat. Crazy Loc)
02. Lazy Dubb - In My Shoes (feat. Kokane, Eastwood)
03. Frenchy Made - Dirty Laundry
04. Mr. Capone-E - Don't Sell Your Soul (feat. Script Loc)
05. Lazy Dubb - Ain't Nothin' (feat. Carolyn Rodriguez, Frenchy Made)
06. Flash - You Got The Wrong One
07. Frenchy Made - D.T.F
08. Lazy Dubb - In The Wind (feat. Compton Menace, Kokane, Eastwood)
09. Mr. Capone-E - Murder Murder
10. Frenchy Made - Numb
11. Mr. Capone-E - Don't Trust Nobody (feat. Script Loc, Miss Lady Pinks)
12. Frenchy Made - Grey Skies
13. Mr. Capone-E - Narco Valley Outro

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