Lil Cuete is officially part of Crime Family Entertainment

Lil Cuete & Mr. Criminal Chicano Rap

Early 2017 it already seemed like Lil Cuete got signed to Mr. Criminal's newly formed record company Crime Family Entertainemnt. However after that it got kinda quiet about the connection between them and Lil Cuete even released an EP with BTB Music Group called "Konflict" a couple of months ago. Now both, Lil Cuete and Mr. Criminal, released pictures on their Instagram accounts making clear that Lil Cuete got officialy signed to Crime Family Entertainment. According to Mr. Criminal's post a new album "Gunsmoke" is in the marking and supposed to be out later this summer, so keep an eye open...

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Check out Sikc One The Great's 10th studio album

Sikc One The Great - Not For The Average Mind Chicano Rap

Sikc One The Great, an independent artist from Bakersfield, released his 10th album "Not For The Average Mind" March, 9th. Featured artists are The Crazy Visionary and Eddie Brock. Sikc One The Great says about this project: "This album is different from all first projects, straight underground Hip Hop! On this one i showed off my lyrical and storytelling ability mostly based of me.". Over the last couple of months he has released 3 videos to support the release. Each video can be seen by clicking on the respective link below. The album can be bought from Amazon, Google Play or iTunes.

01. No Joke
02. Twisted (feat. The Crazy Visionary)
03. N4tam
04. The Devils Contract (feat. Eddie Brock)
05. Sky Trumpet Sounds
06. NBA
07. Arte Del Siglo XXI
08. Pray For Me
09. New World Order
10. Fuck Donald Trump
11. Cruzin Slow

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Veneno released all spanish album "Trap Mexicano"

Veneno - Trap Mexicano Chicano Rap

After releasing 2 albums at the end of 2017 is Tattoo Ink member Veneo aka Venom back with new all spanish album "Trap Mexicano". An official statement from the record label reads like this: "Veneno's debut album with Imperio Oscuro Music Group. Member of the infamous rap group Tattoo Ink whose members included Bandit, Bugzy and Conejo. Veneno is back with his first all spanish album. Stay tuned as this artist grows and develops.". As usual you are able to get your digital copy from all online stores including Amazon, CDBaby, Google Play and iTunes.

01. Nadien Me Va Detener
02. Dale Gas
03. Paga Lo Que Debes
04. Fuego 420
05. Perro Callejero
06. Fuera De Mi Zona
07. Amenaza
08. Silicon Carne
09. Tiempos Duros
10. Las Calles
11. Raperos De Carton

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Tone-E-Lokes returns to the Chicano Rap scene

Tone-E-Lokes Chicano Rap

All the way back in 2004 Harbor Area native Tone-E-Lokes released his debut album "Raise Up" through Hardlife Records. After that he signed to Hellafyde Records and was supposed to release his 2nd solo album "On A Mission". Unfortunately he was shot before they were able to release it. The last couple of weeks he has made his way back into the Chicano Rap scene by re-releasing his classic single "No Paper Stackin" and by releasing a previously unreleased song called "We From The Harbor" featuring his cousin Mr. Junebug and Downer. Both cuts can be bought from the well known digital music dealers such as Amazon, Google Play or iTunes. Accroding to our information he's currently working on a new record which will also include some of the unreleased tracks from "On A Mission".

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Dizzy Loc's "Strictly Business" is out now

Dizzy Loc - Strictly Business Chicano Rap

After releasing "Strictly Southern Music" back in 2016 is Dizzy Loc back with his new LP "Strictly Business". The LP which is released today features artists such as Sneeky Loko, Lil Blue, Baby Bud, Lil Cuete, Solo Sinatra, Mister Teaze, Ghost Realm, Y-Be and more. Over the last couple months 4 videos hit YouTube which can all be seen by clicking on the links below. If you like what you hear and see you can get your digital copy from all major stores including Amazon, Google Play and iTunes. People that are interested in the physical copy can get at Dizzy Loc over at his official Instagram page.

01. Active (feat. Sneeky Loko)
02. In The West Coast (feat. Ghost Realm, Lil Blue, Sneeky Loko, Mister Teaze)
03. Fuck 'Em All
04. Fully Automatic (feat. Ese Viper, Baby Bud)
05. Bumping Lips (feat. Lil Cuete, Sneeky Loko, Lil Blue, Baby Bud)
06. Rest In Peace (feat. Sneeky Loko, Baby Bud)
07. Just Another Day (feat. Solo Sinatra, Sneeky Loko)
08. On The Block
09. You Ain't About That Life (feat. Kalifa Chief, Mister Teaze, Sneeky Loko)
10. Mi Estilo (feat. Sneeky Loko, Ghost Realm)
11. I Can Only Imagine (feat. Sneeky Loko, Ghost Realm)
12. My Life (feat. Sneeky Loko)
13. Strictly Business (feat. Y-Be, Baby Bud, Ghost Realm)
14. Again (feat. June B)
15. The Hustle (feat. Di, Sneeky Loko, The Lils)
16. Thought You Heard (feat. Lil Blue, Sneeky Loko, Baby Bud)
17. This Time (feat. Ashleigh Munn)

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Check out CalifaRap's other sections

CalifaRap Chicano Rap

There hasn't been much to report about the last couple of days. However this doesn't mean that we haven't updated CalifaRap with the latest we and Chicano Rap have to offer. All new music videos can be seen in the Videos section. Today we also added new content to the CalifaRap Classics as well as the Throwbacks section. The CalifaRap Classics section contains old interviews we have done since we started this website. The latest addition is an interview with MTO which was recorded when they released their 2nd album "San Diego 2 Los Angeles". Other artists you will find in there include Lil Menace, Baby Wicked, Mister D & Ese Bobby, Cuete Yeska and many more. The Throwbacks section includes reviews of older Chicano Rap albums. The section is supposed to put these oldies but goodies back in the limelight. Most of the reviews are done by our member 2xDope who has some really good knowledge about the game. His latest update reviews "Here's To You" by Lawless. Names you will also find in that section include Lil Rob, LSD, Brown Pride, Norwalks Most Wanted and more. All mentioned sections can be reached by using the respective link in the main menu. Make sure to check the sections on a regular basis as new updates are not announced individually.

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Magic Girl released her debut album "Just The Beginning"

Magic Girl - Just The Beginning Chicano Rap

The first time I really paid attention to Magic Girl and her music was when she was featured on Mr. Capone-E's song "All Eyez On Me" which they also shot a video for. In May Magic Girl released a video for her song "You Did Me Wrong" and just a couple of days ago she released a 2nd one for "California Love". Both songs are taken from her album "Just The Beginning" which was released by Hi Power Entertainment June, 15th. Features include Dreamer, Clumsy Beatz, Payaso915 and Jone. As usual you can get your digital copy from Amazon, Google Play, iTunes or wherever digital music is sold. To watch the mentioned Magic Girl videos click on the respective link below. She's also featured in O.G Big Wicked's latest video "Cant Stop Wont Stop".

01. Just The Beginning (Intro)
02. Real Recognize Real (feat. Dreamer)
03. California Love
04. Never Gonna Let You Go
05. G Boogie (feat. Dreamer)
06. Gemini
07. You Did Me Wrong
08. Again (feat. Clumsy Beatz)
09. Yo Te Quiero (feat. Payaso915)
10. Lowrider Gangster
11. Live It Up (feat. Jone)
12. Just The Beginning (Outro)

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Calmex Music Group re-releases Aztec Tribe classic "Straight From Tha Zone"

Aztec Tribe - Straight From Tha Zone Chicano Rap

Today Calmex Music Group re-releases a Chicano Rap classic classic called "Straight From Tha Zone" by San Diego based group Aztec Tribe. Here are official quotes from the label and its CEO M.T.O: "Aztec Tribe was a well established rap group in the early 90s who gained fame with their early 90s release "Diego Town". Soon after in 1995 they would release this album ("Straight From Tha Zone"), that is being re-released and a remaster copy. San Diego independent record label Calmex Music Group releases a limited amount of physical copies and digitally worldwide for the fans to own a piece of Chicano Rap history. CEO of Calmex M.T.O released this statement to the Aztec Tribe members: "You guys are the reason I followed my dreams in my music career. So I owe this to the fans. You guys have real music and you guys need to take a chance on it. What you guys are. You guys are pioneers in the game. If it succeeds then it does. And if it doesn’t well at least we gave it a shot!!!". This remastered copy is worth owning. Produced and Mastered by legend Madman...". To get the limited physical edition check out the official Calmex Music Group website by clicking here. The digital version can be bought over at Amazon, CDBaby, Google Play and iTunes.

01. Intro
02. Commin' In Stalkin
03. Everybody Bounce (feat. Lil One)
04. Something For The Homies
05. Madman
06. Step Into Tha Hood
07. Straight From Tha Zone
08. Rollin' In My Ride
09. Do Ya Wanna Funk
10. T.R.I.B.E
11. Caught Slippin'
12. Outro

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Mr. Criminal's new album is a true collectors item

Mr. Criminal - Redemption Chicano Rap

Yesterday Mr. Criminal released his 3 disc LP "Redemption" including features by artists such as Chino Brown, Roscoe, Fingazz, Spider Loc, The Game, Kam, Ese Lil G, Whyte Smoke, Bone Thugs-N-Harmony and many more. The phyiscal version, which can be bought from Mr. Criminal's official website, does include a free DVD which makes this a true collectors item. For sure you can get the audio from all digital music stores. Here's what's written about the album on his website: "Mr. Criminal’s “Redemption” chronicles the life of a man fueled by the struggle to survive in a world of violence and crime. From harsh realities on the streets of Los Angeles and the Inland Empire to his rise to fame as an internationally recognized recording artist with appearances on the silver screen, Mr. Criminal proves that anything is possible with enough will power and determination. Breaking down the barriers, and featuring a host of heavy hitting collaborators including Wiz Khalifa, Bone Thugs-n-Harmony, Fingazzz, Purps of 808 Mafia, and many more, this historically momentous release celebrates a new era of mutual respect and the opportunities that come to those who put aside their differences for the greater good.". Is this Mr. Criminal's best release thus far? You be the judge...

01. Intro (feat. Xzibit)
02. Redemption (feat. J. Hanlon)
03. Redemption Prayer
04. Killers Ride (feat. Vinny Clemente)
05. On The Run Prayer
06. El Chapo
07. Born To Ride (feat. Roscoe, Chino Brown, Fingazz)
08. Grimy (feat. Spider Loc)
09. Another Level
10. Mother's Cry Prayer
11. Ain't Nothin Changed (feat. G. Perico)
12. The Crown (feat. The Game, Kam)
13. No Love Prayer
14. Lies On Lies (feat. Gianna Ficarra)
15. Weside Ridin (feat. Jennifer Grimm)
16. Elevate (feat. Wiz Khalifa, Bone Thugs-N-Harmony)
17. Dreams Come True Prayer
18. The Latin American Dream
19. From The Deep (feat. Emmanuel)
20. World So Cold Prayer
21. Heaven Knows
22. The Good Life (feat. Jackson Uno)
23. Flossin
24. The Interview
25. Cruisin (feat. Fingazz)
26. F.I.P (feat. J. Hanlon)
27. Crime Family Bouncin' (feat. Ese Lil G, Whyte Smoke)
28. Addicted (feat. T.Q)
29. Impala Love (feat. Fingazz)
30. Unity (feat. Bone Thugs-N-Harmony)
31. If You Say It's Alright (feat. Fingazz)
32. She's A Mystery (feat. J. Hanlon)
33. Till The Daylight (feat. J. Hanlon)
34. Ain't No Fun (feat. King Trip, Lucky Luciano, Steven Velasco)
35. How We Do It On The West Side
36. The End

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Legendary Chicano Rapper Mr. Junebug returns with new single "Doesn't Matter"

Mr. Junebug - Doesnt Matter Chicano Rap

Last month saw the return of legendary Chicano Rap artist Mr. Junebug, 12 years after releasing his 3rd and so far last solo album "Hard Life". May, 1st he released a music video for his brand new song "Like This" which can be seen by clicking here. Yesterday he released a 2nd video for his latest hit single "Doesn't Matter" featuring Trish. To watch this video click here. If you like what you hear and see then you are able to buy the single from Amazon, Google Play or iTunes. I think that it's a really good song, so don't miss it! So far I have no information when his new album will be released but we will keep updated, that's for sure.

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Conejo released album #3 "Dope Fiend"

Conejo - Dope Fiend Chicano Rap

Just a couple of days after releasing his last LP "Favela IV" did Conejo release a video for the song "P90 Ruger". If you haven't seen it yet click here. Hard copies of the album are available on Now he's already back with his 3rd album of the year "Dope Fiend" which was released earlier this week. Some of the tracks can be previewed on the official Sinister Kingdom Music YouTube page by clicking here. If you like what you hear you can get the digital version from Amazon, Google Play or iTunes. Pressed coupies should be available soon, so keep an eye open if you prefer the real CD compared to the MP3s.

01. No Tengas Miedo
02. Carlos Castaneda
03. Golden Bars
04. Puro Exportar
05. I'm With You
06. Yo Soy Conocido
07. Silencio
08. Do Low
09. There Goes Another Body
10. Nunca Voy A Cambiar

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Perro released his 3rd solo album "Aqui Estoy" 10 years after last one

Perro - Aqui Estoy Chicano Rap

Let's go back in the history of this website when it was still CaliRap instead of CalifaRap around 2002/ 2003. One of the 1st artists I was speaking to at that time was Perro from the Hit Squad, a group he formed with Cuete Yeska and which was affiliated with the Wicked Minds organization. Perro was also the 1st artist that I've interviewed. You are able to listen to this in the CalifaRap Classics section on YouTube by clicking here. Back then he also released his debut album "All Perro's Go To Heaven" which was followed by "Yo Soy El Perro" in 2008. 10 years later he's back his 3rd solo album called "Aqui Estoy". The new record can be bought from Amazon, Google Play, iTunes and all other digital music stores. Here's the full tracklist:

01. Aqui Estoy
02. El Mundo Es Mio
03. Tu Me Conoces
04. I'm Rick Tokes'n
05. More Bottles
06. Te Vas, Pero No The Vas
07. Baddest Bitch
08. Hot Girl
09. No Seas Malo
10. Como Te Amo

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Kronicly Connected Entertainment revealed Kalifa Chief's untold story

Kalifa Chief - My Untold Story Chicano Rap

Already a couple of weeks ago "My Untold Story" by Kalifa Chief was released through Kronicly Connected Entertainment. People might still remember him under the name Young Spanks which he used when he released his debut album "The Town I Live In" on Underworld 805 Records all the way back in 2003. Unfortunately he had to leave to early as he was killed in in 2015. The new LP features artists such as Dizzy Loc, Sneeky Loko, D. Salas, Ghost Realm, The Lils and many more. As usual these days you are able to get your digital copy from Amazon, Google Play, iTunes or wherever digital music is sold. If you are interesed in a pressed copy hit up Sneeky Loko on his Instagram page by clicking here.

01. I'm A Hood Boy Pt. 2 (feat. Dizzy Loc, Sneeky Loko, Lil Blue, Baby Bud, Ese Viper, D. Salas)
02. Better Days (feat. Ghost Realm, Sneeky Loko, Dizzy Loc, D. Salas)
03. Blowin' Herb (feat. Ghost Realm, Dizzy Loc)
04. Hood Raised (feat. Ghost Realm)
05. I'm A Rider (feat. Dizzy Loc, Sneeky Loko, The Lils)
06. Born To Ride (feat. Sneeky Loko, Dizzy Loc)
07. If I'm Wrong (feat. Ghost Realm, Dizzy Loc, Sneeky Loko)
08. Can't Break Us
09. Marijuano Muskc (feat. Sneeky Loko, Dizzy Loc, Ghost Realm, Mister Teaze)
10. Bounce And Shake That Boom (feat. Ghost Realm, Dizzy Loc, Sneeky Loko)
11. Do You Wanna Ride (feat. Ghost Realm, Sneeky Loko, Popeye)
12. All It Takes Is Time (feat. J. Melody)
13. Billionaire Como El Chapo

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"Cudahy Dope Boy 2" follows "Cudahy Dope Boy"

Annimeanz - Cudahy Dope Boy 2 Chicano Rap

Last October Annimeanz released "Cudahy Dope Boy" for free. If you haven't heard it yet click here for the download. Just a couple of days ago his latest project "Cudahy Dope Boy 2" hit digital music stores. Features include Jake, Papa, Big Sick Nasty, Drew, Daniel Peter and Smoke Major. Back in March Annimeanz already released a video for the song "Never Loved" featuring Big Sick Nasty which can be seen by clicking on the link below. You can get your digital copy from Amazon or iTunes. Pressed copies can be purchased directly from him by sending him a message on his official Instagram profile.

01. Intro (feat. Jake, Papa)
02. Never Loved (feat. Big Sick Nasty)
03. Thoughts
04. Getting Endz (feat. Drew)
05. Low Key (feat. Daniel Peter)
06. Premonition
07. Real
08. What You Know About (feat. Smoke Major)
09. Not The Same

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Check out the new Hellafyde Records single "Hell Yea"

Sevens Muzik - Hell Yea Chicano Rap

Every now and then Hellafyde Records returns to the Chicano Rap scene with fresh music. This time they released a brand new single featuring Sevens Muzik aka Seven, legendary ALT The Saint, Oso Vicious and Weeto. The track which is called "Hell Yea" can be bought from Amazon, Google Play or iTunes by clicking on the respective link. If you ask me it's a really banging song they put together. It's definitely about time that Hellafyde Records releases another full record. In case you've missed it, last year Sevens Muzik released another single called "I Can't Deny" featuring Sean Michaels and Killa Cal. Make sure to check this one out as well if you haven't done that yet.

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