[1996, Ruthless Records]

Frost - Smile Now Die, Later Chicano Rap

Frost - Smile Now, Die Later Chicano Rap

01. East Side Rendezvous (Production: Monte Carlo)
02. La Familia (Production: Tony G, Julio G)
03. You Ain't Right (Production: Richard Rikko Preuss)
04. Mari (Production: Tony G, Julio G, Frost)
05. Nothing But Love For The Neighborhood (Production: Tony G)
06. Rest In Peace (Production: Tony G, Julio G)
07. La Raza Part II (Production: Tony G, Julio G)
08. Bamseeya (Production: Cold 187um)
09. Look At What I See (Production: Tony G, Julio G)
10. How Many Ways Can You Lose A Body (Production: Cold 187um)
11. Last Days (Production: Cold 187um)
12. Youseemurda (Production: Tony G, Julio G)

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