My Ways

[2006, Low Profile Records]

Mr. Trippalot - My Ways Chicano Rap

Mr. Trippalot - My Ways Chicano Rap

01. My Ways (feat. Shifty)
02. Nevers (feat. Dinero)
03. Ready Or Nots (feat. Shifty)
04. Modo Loco
05. Tired Of This
06. Gang Bang Skit
07. Gang Bangs (feat. Royal T)
08. What We Dos (feat. Dinero, Shifty)
09. Known For Ridin's (feat. Risky)
10. Talk To Yous (feat. Garfield)
11. Little Fast Skit
12. West Side Livin's (feat. Dinero, Shifty)
13. Ride With Mes (feat. Diamyn)
14. Californias (feat. Lil Bandit, Bullet Loco, Diamyn)
15. Brown And Prouds (feat. Big Capone, Bullet Loco)
16. Its Like Thats (feat. Dinero, Shifty, Risky)
17. I Love You Loves (feat. Diamyn)
18. Enjoy A Trago (feat. Dinero)
19. Mix

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