805 Clicka is on "The Come Up" with new LP

805 Clicka - The Come Up Chicano Rap

Cinco De Mayo 2017 Chicano Rap group 805 Clicka released their LP "Chicano Lifestyle". Now they are already back with their next album called "The Come Up". Over the last couple of weeks and months they've already released videos for 4 songs from the album including "Clicked Up Introduction", "Malditos Enemigos", "Ride'n" and "Money Motivated". All can be seen by clicking on the respctive link below. Interestingly the album comes with one feature by Enemy of Most Wanted only. As usual you are able to get your digital copy from Amazon, Google Play, iTunes and wherever digital music is sold. I have no information on if there will be physical copies or not. Here's the "The Come Up" tracklistng:

01. Clicked Up Introduction
02. Do Our Thang
03. Burn The Block
04. Cali Kush
05. Represent
06. Malditos Enemigos (feat. Enemy Of Most Wanted)
07. Statement
08. Ride'n
09. Another Day In The Hood
10. Work
11. Respect & Credibility
12. Minorities
13. What They Came For
14. Money Motivated
15. Crazy Real
16. Bitches
17. Keep It Bouncing

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Crazy Boy's "Better Dayz" LP is out now

Crazy Boy - Better Dayz Chicano Rap

On Monday Crime Family Entertainment did not only release Diablo's new album "State Raised" but also Crazy Boy's 3rd solo LP called "Bettere Dayz". Features include Oxnard Pugz, Dominator, T-Dre, P Luvv, Velasco, Whyte Smoke, Mr. Criminal, Tello, Lil Bones, Diablo, King Trip, Rich Bow, Bizzo, Mr. Shadow and Hollywood. Over the weekend the 1st video for the song "Overtime" featuring Diablo, King Trip and Dominator hit YouTube. If you haven't seen it yet click here or on the link below. If I'm not mistaken we can be on the lookout for at least 2 more videos hitting the internet the next couple of days, so keep an eye open for that. To get your digital "Better Dayz" copy from Amazon, Google Play or iTunes click on the respective link. Don't forget that he also released a single called "Cali Party" earlier this month which can be purchased as well.

01. Intro
02. The Game Cold (feat. Oxnard Pugz, Dominator, T-Dre)
03. Where The Game Is
04. A.a.O
05. What You Know (feat. P Luvv)
06. Real One (feat. Velasco)
07. Me And You (feat. Dominator, Whyte Smoke, Mr. Criminal)
08. Revived Skit
09. Shorty Be A Thug (feat. Dominator, Tello, Lil Bones)
10. If They Ask (feat. Diablo, King Trip)
11. You Been Hatin (feat. Rich Bow, King Trip)
12. The Get Down (feat. Bizzo, King Trip, Lil Bones)
13. Respect My Hustle [REMIX] (feat. Mr. Criminal, Mr. Shadow, Dominator)
14. Make It Rite (feat. King Trip, Hollywood, Dominator)
15. Outro
16. Overtime (feat. Diablo, King Trip, Dominator)

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Diablo's new album "State Raised" will be dropped tomorrow

Diablo - State Raised Chicano Rap

After releasing his Crime Family Entertainment debut album "T01200" and after touring the Southwest in 2017 is Diablo back with his new LP "State Raised". The album which will officially be released tomorrow features artists such as Mr. Criminal, Bams Sick Society, Crazy Boy, Shorty, King Trip, Paul Daniel, Necio, Sinner, Whyte Smoke, Romero, Youngster and Junebug. If I remember correctly songs from the album were recorded while he was on tour last year. So far no video for the album has been released but since Crime Family Entertainment has always been active on that I'm sure we should keep an eye open. For now you can pre-order the album over at Amazon or iTunes where you are also able to listen to snippets.

01. These Days (feat. Mr. Criminal)
02. What They Came For (feat. Bams Sick Society)
03. For The Gang
04. Dippin (feat. Crazy Boy, Shorty, King Trip)
05. Everywhere I Go
06. Welcome To The City (feat. Paul Daniel)
07. Can I Do My Thang (feat. Necio)
08. They Ain't Ready (feat. Bams Sick Society)
09. Run Up (feat. Sinner)
10. Beast (feat. Whyte Smoke)
11. Get High (feat. Romero, Youngster)
12. Talkin
13. Game On Lock
14. Ridin (feat. Junebug)
15. For The $$$

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"Brown Pride Riders Vol. 5" is out now

VA - Brown Pride Riders Vol. 5 Chicano Rap

Yesterday Low Profile Records released the long awaited 5th volume of their infamous "Brown Pride Riders" compilation series. Featured artists include Royal T, Lil Bandit, Kush Boy, Rob aka OB, Bizz, Mr. Shadow, Mr. Sancho, Califa Thugs, DTTX, Proper Dos and more. To promote the album they arleady released a video for the song "Brown Pride Riders" which can be seen by clicking here. More videos are supposed to hit YouTube the next couple of weeks, so keep an eye open. It should be no surprise that you can get your digital copy from Amazon, Google Play and wherever digital music is sold. If you want to add the CD to your collection you can get it from their official online store over at lowprofilerecordsstore.com. I was able to listen to the album yesterday and need to say that "Brown Pride Riders Vol. 5" is really dope Chicano Rap album which every true Chicano Rap fan should have in his collection.

01. Royal T - Intro
02. Royal T - Brown Pride Riders (feat. Kush Boy, Lil Bandit, Rob aka OB)
03. Royal T - The Wicked West Coast (feat. Lil Bandit, Rob aka OB)
04. Royal T - Fuck Trump (feat. Kush Boy, Lil Bandit, Rob aka OB)
05. Califa Thugs - We Know Your Watching Us
06. Mr. Shadow - Natural High (feat. Royal T, Lil Bandit, Bizz)
07. Lil Bandit - Your Not A Gangster (feat. Big Twist, Rob aka OB)
08. Lil Bandit - Smoke With You (feat. Royal T, Mr. Sancho, Rob aka OB)
09. Royal T - You Really Wanna Know (feat. Kush Boy, Rob aka OB)
10. Big Swisha - Blaze It Up (feat. O.G Playboy, Royal T, Rob aka OB)
11. Kush Boy - If It Ain't A Chevy (feat. Royal T, Lil Bandit, Rob aka OB)
12. Mr. Sancho - Celebrate Tonight (feat. Lil Bandit, Royal T, Rob aka OB)
13. DTTX - Tonight's The Night (feat. Proper Dos, Lil Bandit, So Fine)
14. Bizz - Cruise Down To The Taco Shop (feat. Rob aka OB, Kush Boy, Lil Bandit)
15. Royal T - So Excited (feat. Rob aka OB, Lil Bandit)
16. Rob aka OB - We Gonna Bang On Em (feat. Royal T, Lil Bandit)
17. Royal T - Low Pro Mix 2018

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Crazy Boy released new single and is getting ready to release new album

Crazy Boy - Cali Party Chicano Rap

805 based rapper Crazy Boy released a brand new single called "Cali Party" featuring Magic Girl through Blue Reign Music/ Section 805 Records January, 4th. I've only been able to find the track on Google Play, so if you are interested in downloading it click here. Otherwise you can stream it from Spotify by clicking here. In other news you can also be on the lookout for Crazy Boy's 3rd solo album "Better Dayz" which will be released by Crime Family Entertainment on January, 15th. For sure we will let you know more about it once it's out. When I was looking for the "Cali Party" single on Google Play I saw that he also rerelased his classic debut album "Blue Reign" to the digital world in 2017. It was originally released by High Rollers Entertainment in 2004 and is a hard to get album if you are looking for the actual CD. Now you can download it from Amazon, Google Play, iTunes or wherever digital music is sold.

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German producer Niles Davis released new beats LP "Backyard Boogie Volume 1"

Niles Davis - Backyard Boogie Vol. 1 Chicano Rap

Producer Niles Davis released his brand new beat album "Backyard Boogie Volume 1" through The Real 310 West earlier today. Niles Davis, who grew up on the west side of Germany has been making beats since the early 90s. His music is heavily influenced by the West Coast and G-Funk sound. He's well known in the Chicano Rap game, producing for artists such as Spanky Loco, Stomper or Charlie Row Campo. "Backyard Boogie Volume 1" is his first solo LP and will be followed by more editions which all include released as well as previously unreleased beats. Yesterday he released a snippet video which can be seen by clicking here. If you like what you hear make sure to get your digital copy from Amazon, Google Play or iTunes. If you are rapper and if you are intersted in using one or more of his beats for your project you can also check out his official website under nilesdavisbeats.com.

01. We Some G's
02. The Lifestyle
03. Infected By Them Streets
04. Two Steppin
05. 24 Hours
06. Rep Yo Set
07. Up To No Good
08. Loccs
09. Kilos
10. Smoke You Out
11. Today Was A Good Day (In Tha Hood)
12. La Noche
13. Baby Let's Roll
14. Can't Stop My Hustle

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"Str8 Out Tha 9" by Young Drummer is out now

Young Drummer - Str8 Out Tha 9 Chicano Rap

Right before Christmas Young Dummer aka Young Drummer Boy released his new record "Str8 Out Tha 9" through by M.O.B.G Entertainment. Features include Devour, Compton, Chapo, Compton Av, Jooba Loc and Kiing Khash. According to posts on Instagram he's set to release a video for the track "Gangster Nation" tomorrow. Besides "Gangster Nation" he is also suppsed to release a video the song "For The People" featuring Compton Av. For sure we will post both of them in our videos section as soon as they are out. For now you are able to get your digital copy of the LP from Amazon, Google Play, iTunes or from wherever digital music is sold.

01. Intro / Felonies
02. Paranoid
03. On Me (feat. Devour)
04. Act Right
05. Can't Tell Me Nothing
06. Don't Give A Fuck (feat. Compton Chapo)
07. In Anyway
08. Hating On Nobody
09. For The People (feat. Compton Av)
10. Came From The Bottom (feat. Jooba Loc)
11. On Site (feat. Kiing Khash)
12. Like You
13. Gangster Nation
14. Outro

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Yung Blu's newest project "Nexxlevelofgame" is out now

Yung Blu - Nexxlevelofgame Chicano Rap

Late 2017 Frank Nitty's Grittystyle Movement released Yung Blu's (aka The Future Of California) latest project called "Nexxlevelofgame". For now the album can be bought from the official Grittystyle Movement website grittystylemovement.com. Proceeds from the album sales will be used to feed the homeless community. Features include Layzie Bone, Snoop Dogg, 10 Beats, Bad Azz and Jelly Roll. Already a couple of months ago they release a dope video for the song "Microscope" which can be seen by clicking here or by clicking on the link in the tracklist. Due to the festive period I've only been able to listen to the snippets of the album but they already showcase Yung Blu's ability to rap and that "Nexxlevelofgame" is a dope album you shouldn't miss.

01. Next Level Intro
02. Next Level Of Game
03. Not For Sale
04. This Way Of Living (feat. Layzie Bone)
05. Microscope
06. For The Better
07. Gods Plan (feat. Snoop Dogg)
08. Pull Me Down
09. Where Do We Go (feat. 10 Beats)
10. They Wasnt Ready
11. So What
12. What I Believe In
13. Everywhere I Go
14. Six Feet (feat. 10 Beats)
15. All Money Aint Good Money
16. Insecurities
17. Mamy Always Said
18. No Expectations
19. Skit
20. Been A Stand Out (feat. Bad Azz)
21. How Can I (feat. Jelly Roll)

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Lil Cuete signed to BTB Music Group and released a 3 part video interview

Lil Cuete Chicano Rap

Earlier this year pictures of Lil Cuete and Mr. Criminal working together made the impression that Lil Cuete might sign with Mr. Criminal's 2017 formed label Crime Family Entertainment. Now we are able to report that Lil Cuete signed to also newly formed label BTB Music Group (where the abbreviation "BTB" stands for "Beyond The Block"). A couple of days ago BTB Music Group released a 3 part video interview which can be seen by clicking here. According to my information Lil Cuete is set to release an EP soon. For more information about the BTB Music Group you can check their official website btbmusicgroup.com or their official Instagram account by clicking here. For sure I will let you know more about Lil Cuete's upcoming music once the information is available to me.

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Mr. Capone-E album #12 out of 12 is out now

Mr. Capone-E - Forever Oldies Chicano Rap

Today Mr. Capone-E releases his 12th album of the year called "Forever Oldies". As you can guess from the album title it's his oldies album for the year. Featured artists include King Trip, Clumsy Beatz, Magic Girl, Tyrant, Crazy Loc and and J-One. As a little exclusive the album includes a skit called "I'm Still Here (Free)" while the full song can be downloaded for free over at the official Hi Power Entertainment website hipowermusic.com. The release of "Forever Oldies" is also the end of a busy year for Mr. Capone-E where he released 12 brand new albums and more than 10 music videos. Click here to see a video where Mr. Capone-E talks a little bit about the reason why he released 12 albums.

01. Oldies (Intro)
02. The Town I Live In
03. Oh Yeah (feat. King Trip)
04. Sitting In The Park (feat. Clumsy Beatz)
05. Tell The DJ (feat. Magic Girl, Tyrant)
06. Hi-Power OG (feat. J-One)
07. Old School Low Lows Pt. 2 (feat. Crazy Loc, Tyrant)
08. I'm Still Here (Free)
09. Southside Oldies
10. I'm The King Of Oldies
11. Oldie Music (feat. Tucker Lives, J-One)
12. You Think
13. So Long
14. Oldies (Outro)

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SL Entertainment released new Lil Sicko album "My Neighborhood 2"

Lil Sicko - My Neighborhood 2 Chicano Rap

I.E based rapper Lil Sicko released his new album "My Neighborhood 2" through SL Entertainment already a couple of days ago. Sicko's newest LP features artists such as Lil Blacky, Big Tray Dee, Python, Frank V, Mister One, Iceberg, Villen, Mr. Fern, Mak, Synik and Kev Classik. According to my information the album will only be available online since no CDs will be pressed. So if you want to get your copy you can get it from Amazon, Google Play, iTunes and all other digital music stores. I just finished skipping through the record on Spotify and need to say that it has some dope cuts. Here's the full tracklist:

01. Pimp Rollin Is Back (feat. Lil Blacky)
02. Roll On
03. Anybody Killa (feat. Big Tray Dee, Python)
04. The Games Over (feat. Frank V)
05. Time Goes By (feat. Python, Mister One)
06. So Dangerous (feat. Iceberg)
07. From The Riva (feat. Villen)
08. I Thought You Knew (feat. Mr. Fern)
09. I.E Ride Um (feat. Mister One, Mak)
10. Ball (feat. Villen)
11. I Do It For The Money (feat. Villen)
12. Just To Get By (feat. Synik)
13. Run Up On My Enemies (feat. Villen)
14. Re-Up
15. My Ride Or Die
16. Waiting On Your Reply
17. Make It (feat. Kev Classik)
18. I Seen Better Day (feat. Kev Classik)

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I Suppose released new album "Happy Days & Lonely Nights"

I Suppose - Happy Days And Lonely Nights Chicano Rap

818 based rapper I Suppose released his new record "Happy Days & Lonely Nights" December, 9th. Features include Carolyn Rodriguez, J Craft, Wolvang and Loomis. The album also includes his latest hit single "Daddy's Little Girl" which addresses a serious topic - child abuse within families. To watch the video for the song click here. Back in 2016 he already released a video for the song "My Suicide Letter" featuring Wolvang which can be seen by clicking here. If you are interested in a physical copy you can hit up I Suppose's official website isuppose818.bigcartel.com. There's also a limited gold edition available for all the collectors out there. I was just looking for the digital version a couple of moments ago but was only able to find it on Google Play. If I'm not blind and the digital version is already available elsewhere I'm sure it will hit other digital platforms the next days.

01. Happy Days (Intro)
02. Puppy Love (feat. Carolyn Rodriguez)
03. You Look Better On Instagram
04. A Song For The Fans
05. We Don't Fuck With You (feat. J Craft)
06. Hip Hop Saved Me
07. Daddy's Little Girl
08. Love Yourself (feat. Wolvang)
09. Lonely Nights (Skit)
10. My Suicide Letter (feat. Wolvang)
11. A Love Miscarriage (feat. Loomis)
12. Without You (feat. Wolvang)
13. Does God Exist?
14. Moving Forward (Outro)

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Young Trav's new LP "One Of A Kind" is out

Young Trav - One Of A Kind Chicano Rap

Already a couple of weeks ago Young Trav released the physical copies of his new album "One Of A Kind". Late November the LP finally hit digital music stores as well. "One Of A Kind" includes features from Mr. Shadow, Nino Brown, Crooked I, Glasses Malone, Oside Blaze, Seldom Seen, Layzie Bone, Johnny Rourke and Sloan Bone. If you ask me that's what I would call a massive line-up. To get your MP3 version you can hit up Amazon, Google Play, iTunes and all other digital music stores. If you are interested in a phsyical copy you can hit up Young Trav directly by moving over to his official Instagram account.

01. Intro
02. Eyes Of A Killa (feat. Mr. Shadow, Nino Brown)
03. My Coast (feat. Crooked I, Glasses Malone)
04. Bump To (feat. Oside Blaze)
05. It's All Over (feat. Mr. Shadow)
06. Manhunt (feat. Seldom Seen, Oside Blaze)
07. How I'm Livin (feat. Layzie Bone)
08. My Grind Still (feat. Mr. Shadow, Seldom Seen, Oside Blaze)
09. How It Go Down (feat. Seldom Seen)
10. Bars
11. Where I'm From (feat. Johnny Rourke)
12. Step To (feat. Seldom Seen, Sloan Bone, Oside Blaze)
13. Hit Em'

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Veneno aka Venom released 2 new albums

Veneno Chicano Rap

On Monday I added the Tattoo Ink albums "The Most Dangerous", "Realm Of Crime" and "Wanted Dead Or Alive" to the Chicano Rap discographies section in our forum, the CalifaRap Community. At the end of November Tattoo Ink member Veneno aka Venom released 2 brand new albums called "Cold December" and "Pyramids In The Sky... A Letter To My Son". "Cold December" consists of 10 songs including 4 features by Conejo. To get your digital copy move over to Amazon or Google Play. "Pyramids In The Sky... A Letter To My Son" consists of 17 songs including 7 remastered bonus tracks. To get your digital copy move over to Amazon or Google Play. Both albums were released through Veneno's own record label Toxikmusikk.

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Calmex Music Group is getting ready to release some new music

Calmex Music Group Chicano Rap

It seems that the CEO of Calmex Music Group, MTO, is coming full force in 2018. A lot of people thought that the label was slowly going under, but those rumors seem to be false. Calmex has signed Dream Nasty to the label and is releasing "Payed My Dues" on December, 13th. The song features ex Calmex artist Stalker Loko as well as Smokey Loco. The label also just signed regional singer Andres Reyna and is set to release the newest single "El Muro" which is sure to be an anthem to the Latino people, a powerful song vs. the president of the USA, Donald Trump. Calmex is also set to sign 3 more artist in January and set to sign 2-3 artist every month in 2018. The coming year is definitely going to be a great one for Calmex Music Group. You can stay updated on their official website at calmexmusic.com.

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